Fresh Faves: Batch 13

This week’s batch of Fresh Faves: the most-liked tracks rated by you our readers on last weekend’s Listening Post – which includes return entries by the ever-reliable Ninetails and Fold…

CHRISTA VI – Long Way Home

Christa is an an Australian / German singer-songwriter, based in east London. This folktronica artist is one of those bright young things who cite a super impressive producer on their work. In this case it’s George Shilling (Coldcut, Yazz, Primal Scream etc) so what you’re hearing is beautifully executed and there are also some interesting remixes knocking around online. This comes out at the end of July, watch this space.

DECADE IN EXILE – Patti’s Town

I know Tom R. has a thing about long intro’s. I think it comes from listening to a lot of new music and impatiently moving the little orange Soundcloud line to where you can visibly see on the waveform that the song gets interesting. We have to wait roughly 52 seconds for the vocal to come in on this, and guys, it’s not like that’s a killer intro you’ve got yourselves there. Get into the meat of it asap! Because the meat of it is a delightful whoozy pop song channelling some New Order/ Echo&TBM loveliness.

FOLD – We Must Speak (feat. Dr Martin Luther King Jr)

Now, I’m going to make a slightly narky comment about letting other artists get a look in. Fold is one, and Ninetails who’ve snuck in again. I’ll refer you to my previous review of Fold, here. In a nutshell, yes, we love this – now let the others have a go!

BLACK DANIEL – People Watchin’

And now for something completely different… Black Daniel ooze confidence and a give-a-damn attitude. They courted mainstream success in 2008 when they supported Kasabian then fell headlong into some label trouble. It’s good to see them ‘back’ although they never went anywhere in the first place – thank goodness.

LUNCH – Beach Song

Tom, Josh, John and James are Lunch – three chaps who make rollicking indie pop for the discerning listener. Everyone loves lunch, they say, and now they’re giving you another reason to love Lunch! They’ve already supported the likes of Dutch Uncles, The Rifles and Spotlight Kid so expect some headline dates of their own soon.

MODEL STAGGS – Magnetic People

Ash and Tom write and record their records in an old sewing shed and old upholstery factory back room. DIY style through and through but you wouldn’t guess it. The results are polished pop tunes with a lush vocal, a sound that belies the fact that there are only two chaps in the band.

NINETAILS – Blue Bottle Flu

Another 45 second intro. Just sayin’. ‘Mathpop’ and ‘post-rock’ are used to describe this band on Facebook, and yes, this tune certainly ticks all the current music buzz boxes. Ed, Jordan, Jacob and Philip have made an extremely radio/festival friendly tune in Blue Bottle Flu, expect to hear ‘em on a wireless near you soon.


Yup, this ticks all my boxes. Polly is one of those independent artists who’ve made their mark on the wider music world. Supporting big names (Jamie Cullum, Coldplay etc) and playing festival slots under the wing of One Little Indian Records, she’s now releasing on her own label Wild Sound and Leaves from the Family Tree is imminent. If this song’s anything to go by we’re in for pure folk pop genius.

SONS BETWEEN GUNS – Start The Day Anew

Less is more. Written, produced and mixed by Paul Trivett and Thomas Whitelaw and a grand job done on this track. Not much about these two around except that they make ‘lo-fi’ music, that’s for sure, and this track ambles along with that simple synth riff and unaffected vocal until the strings come in and it builds to a lovely climax. Take some time to listen to the other tracks on Soundcloud, well worth it.

THE ADELINES – Little Games

This Swansea foursome are headed up by Jennie Morris on lead vocal and guitar and Little Games is a neat tune. Personally I find there’s a distinct lack of melody driven indie rock about at the moment. To hear Jennie’s vocal really take off in the chorus of this song followed by a lovely jangly guitar riff is a welcome relief. Expect to hear this on a TV show near you soon: Hollyoaks? Lip Service? Could soundtrack an angsty montage brilliantly.

THE WINTER OLYMPICS – I Prefer The Early Stuff

And suddenly, we get LOUD. Lovely to hear the opening crashing bars of this track. This London five piece make classic rock ‘n roll, the type that you’d expect Green Day fans would flock too in their droves. It’s not my cup of tea, but it gets a nod from the Listening Post team and I reckon if they were given a spot at Download the kids would go nuts.

WHITE ARROWS – Fireworks Of The Sea

Lots of votes for this lot: love it or loath it, this track is completely infectious with it’s catchy what-the-hell-are-they-on-about chorus and flat, nasal vocals. According to their Facebook page, these five guys from LA are ‘the blackest ‘white’ band’, which must be a nod to the tribal chant of a chorus and the guitar stylings that sounds like Vampire Weekend when they ripped of West African guitar-pop the first time round. One, two, three… Bounce!

Ruth Barnes

The Other Woman is a new music blog and podcast, featuring a genre-defying selection of new music by women artists. Ruth is Tom Robinson's Girl Music Guru every Monday morning on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show and also presents The Other Woman on Amazing Radio Sunday evening's 7-9pm.


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  2. That’s done now and it’s been really great listening to what you’re up too!

  3. Thanks Ruth for the lovely write up..
    we have our debut e.p Red 1 e.p out now on itunes.
    and our next e.p Yellow 2 coming out in 8 weeks.

    Sons Between Guns

  4. Thanks for the kind words Ruth. Appreciate it!

    The Winter Olympics

  5. Wow Ruth thank you so much – great to be here amongst these fantastic artists.

  6. Massimo Zeppetelli

    Nice writeup and some great tracks which have been chosen by everyone!

  7. Thanks Ruth and the rest of the FreshNet team. Privalidged to be chosen in this list with some fantastic other Artists. Great songs.

    Lunch. X

  8. Thanks for the lovely review!

  9. Thank you Ruth and the Freshnet crew for having us, look out for a new album this year. x BD

  10. JAZZ

    Nice collection.

    Especially the beautiful Interpol-esq guitars of THE ADELINES & the BLACK DANIEL stomper.

    Again, Niiiiiiiiiiice.

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