Bear In The Soup Kitchen

This weekend’s live pick from Team Freshnet’s Manchester correspondent

As I said in last week’s recommendation Soup Kitchen seem to have their finger on the pulse of some good stuff at the moment, so once again I find myself choosing a gig they are hosting as my tip for the weekend. And by pure coincidence, which I have only just realised, the chosen act is from Brooklyn, again. I’ve not yet looked at who next week’s choice will be, but I will do my damnedest to ensure another part of the world is represented.

This week I’m putting forward Bear In Heaven who have a much more electronic poppy feel than my previous choice. As I pointed out they are Brooklyn based trio, who have now released their third album I Love You It’s Cool. It was only after the release of their second album Beast Rest Forth Mouth back in 2010 that things started to take shape. Rather than sitting on their backsides and seeing how the album was received they took to the road with some 200 shows around the world.

Now most bands would be quite happy to get home and have a rest, but not Bear In Heaven. They got themselves into a practice room and got cracking on some new tracks. Eventually after months of hard work they produced their third full length offering I Love You It’s Cool.

Guitarist Adam Wills says of their music “You come off of a tour, and you have ideas of what you found yourself enjoy playing over the last years, it felt good when people would dance. We tried to turn that into a record, to emphasize that. But there’s still an absolute need to take the pop song and ruin it.” If you’re in the mood for a last ditch attempt at stretching out your weekend in Manchester – and having a dance to drain away any remaining energy levels – then Sunday night down at Soup Kitchen should do the trick nicely.

Simon Poole

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