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Amazing Radio
has been forced to pull out of DAB in the UK as of midnight last night. For a full explanation as to why we’ve been bullied off this platform read our Boss-Man Paul Campbell’s statement here. In a nutshell it’s all about money, they want more money and we’ve dug our heels in and said No.

Isn’t the point of DAB to have great networks like Amazing Radio on the air? We’re still going strong online and you can listen to us via our free mobile app too, all is NOT lost. In fact onwards and upwards – with groundswell support already from the industry, things can only get better!

What can you do? 

Tweet us @SaveAmazingDAB use the hashtag #SaveAmazingDAB

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PS Campaign logo artwork available from here:
Click for Amazing Radio DAB campaign logos

Ruth Barnes

The Other Woman is a new music blog and podcast, featuring a genre-defying selection of new music by women artists. Ruth is Tom Robinson's Girl Music Guru every Monday morning on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show and also presents The Other Woman on Amazing Radio Sunday evening's 7-9pm.


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