Pisces – Voodoo

Sarah Negahdari is the guitar-toting frontwoman of LA psych-rockers Happy Hollows who themselves have a new album on the horizon but more on that later. This is her side project, more whimsical folk and psychedelic than what she does with HH, Pisces is what you’d get if you stripped back the noise and chaos of HH with Sarah’s voice fore-fronted. Beautiful stuff.

Forgetful Florence aka Companyun

Forgetful Florence
Yes, this is from 2009, so not ‘new’, but new material is on the way from this folk-pop artist so a reminder about Forgetful Florence (above) is in order. There’s not much around about who Cindy is, but this 21 year old’s debut solo project went largely under the radar on it’s release. She says: “Inspiration was my music making friends (Garrett Johnson from The Wicked Awesomes) and my social awkwardness and shyness. Song writing gave me a voice.”

Thankfully London indie Damnably secured it’s digital release in November 2011 to give it a new lease of life – ‘Look’ and ‘I Think I’m Full’ are personal favourites. On digging further Forgetful Florence has also recorded as Companyun:

Ruth Barnes

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