This weekend’s live pick from Team Freshnet’s Manchester correspondent

This week’s tip for the Jubilee weekend in Manchester is the British Wildlife All-Dayer that will be happening on Sunday (3rd June) at Manchester’s well established Night & Day Café. The place has been going now for 20 odd years, and believe it or not, only recently had beer on tap made available.

Anyway, to the event. British Wildlife have been putting gigs on now since 2006 in Leeds and have always given value for money, and this time round they have made the jump across the Pennines.

The line-up on Sunday will give you no less than 8, yes that’s 8 live bands, but the best bit is yet to come. All of this for just a fiver. That works out at 62 and half pence per act. Not bad eh!

On the line-up are are Galaxians, Well Wisher and Sex Hands (who have been played by Tom Ravenscroft on his 6 Music show and also recently packed out one of the venues at this year’s Sounds From The Other City Festival). These three acts alone are more than worth a fiver of anyone’s money.

Here’s the full line-up and a bit of blurb on each of the acts playing…

Bearfoot Beware

Bearfoot Beware are a three piece alternative band. Their aim is to produce unpredictable, dynamic music, taking a progressive stance on traditional norms.

FFO: Battles, At The Drive-In, Talking Heads, Foals, Blakfish, Maps and Atlases,


A three piece sing-a-long space-station of scratching, prodigious guitar rock fused with electric lemon Casioisms and 1977 Korg Micro Preset, tightly pinned to the floor by stadium-sized drums without the expected cheeseball outcome; Prince and Devo fanatics Cowtown make tasty and poisonous anthems. A brand new album out now on their own City Hands label.


Galaxians combine elements of classic New York boogie, early 1980s electro and synth-funk in songs such as ‘Fire And Magic’ and ‘Electroads’, to create a contemporary version of something which lovers of all things dance music would describe as old-school or familiar. Galaxians’ sound combines 606, 808 and 909 drum machine percussion, hand claps and snare drum sounds, programmed synth basslines, analog synth melodies played in real time and live acoustic drums. The result is unashamed party music.

Klaus Kinski

A firm favourite over in Leeds this is the post gay wave five-piece witch flop outfit Klaus Kinski (their words). These lads played a right banger at the Foot Village show at the Brudenell in July followed by another Jewel at Milo in September and it would be a sin not to have them play British Wildlife Festival on home turf, ENJOY!

Mucky Sailor

Dad and Lad Gus & Steve wear inappropriately tight white clothing and make mental synthy noises with clattering drums and a whole load of noise. Just think: in a parallel universe, the theme tune to Deal Or No Deal sounds like this. Get down the front to see their custom made ship’s wheel synthesiser in action, it really has to be seen to be believed! Mucky Sailor also contribute man power to psyche kraut-rock ensemble Nope.

Sex Hands

Alex, Edwin, Joe and Dylan doing lofi garage pop songs all about Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe.


Well Wisher are five guys who have been forcing people to dance inappropriately since 2009. Born from the ashes of other rowdy bands, this time the rowdiness is tinged with sweet pop jams. D-beat pop if you will.

“Music to make you thrust a claw skywards with one hand!”


Wooderson is a band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Formed at the end of 2007. Best of friends, best of enemies. They have played a lot of gigs, they have recorded some songs.

Their debut album ‘Let The Man Speak’ is set for release summer 2012.

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