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We really need some proper advice here at FOTN on how independent artists can get reviews in the national press and music mags. When you’re on the radio if you don’t know the answer to something, the safest thing is to ask the listeners. But in this case, the only possibility was to ask Twitter.  And boy, was Twitter helpful.

The consensus seems to be:
1) send out your review copies 3 month ahead of when you want to be reviewed
2) have a “story” or “angle” which the reviewer can use when writing the review – make their job easier and
3) follow up in case they forget…

An artist friend asks: anybody know how long lead time is needed for an album for reviews to get press/national music mags? 3 months? 4?

really interested in the answer to that! Please will you tweet the consensus? X

I’m getting barely days at the moment even though I’m sure editors have had things for weeks!

3 months for monthlies, around a month for weeklies. That’s the average anyway!

Depends how creative the marketing is. A different approach can speed things up a lot. Journos are lazy so make it easy for em!

Would @AndrewMaleMojo know about lead time for reviews in magazines?

usually 3 months…but pestering helps in case they forget

am sure @davidhepworth would know the answer to that

I’ve always been told 3 months.

According to journalists, musicians need a marketable ‘thing’ to get a review. i.e they can’t tell quality by sound any more.

we @hiband did 3 months….

Running a DIY label full of impatient bands I’ve often had just 6 weeks. Mixed results but major mags tend to ignore us anyway. By far the hardest mag to get into without a good PR company or larger label clout is NME. Rocksound on the other hand are great.

I’ve had stuff in big magazines with a months lead in. I’m sure three is fine.

I was just reading about this. And the answer is 3 at the least, apparently.

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