The A.B.See Of Gentleman Rhyming

The week’s live pick from Team Freshnet’s Manchester correspondent

Now I know I normally bring you a weekday recommendation of a weekend gig in Manchester, but this time flip things around and give a weekend recommendation of a weekday show you should head to.

I reckon some of you will already have had the pleasure of knowing who Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer is, but on for those who haven’t here is why you should make a B line to see him.

A (or Eh) – This is a term that you will be unlikely to hear ever being used by Mr B, as this could be considered bad English. Proper pronunciation is key!

B – Well of course this is his name, but of what does the B stand for? The answer to this is that I don’t know. But I do know for sure you shall B entertained by his own style of Chap-Hop music.

See – His short stay in Manchester will happen on Tuesday (10th) at a classically English boozer called the Lass O’Gowrie.  B there or B square. Let B entertain you!

Mr B’s influences are as follows… De La Soul, Flanders & Swann, Noel Coward and George Formby.

Simon Poole

Well this is probably the worst way to start off a biog of about myself, but the first thing I should admit to is that I’ve got some terrible taste in music. But panic not, I love music and my varied taste ranges from the bad to really great new music out there, and it is the latter I want to share with you at Fresh On The Net. Find out more...


  1. Sandra

    I’ve seen the gentleman himself, highly recommend you do the same!

  2. woodmanstone

    Many years ago a man at a record company invited me use my first two influential records as the starting point for a new project. He looked askance when I proffered Noel Coward’s “Mad Dogs and Englishmen…” and our relationship was never the same again. Poor fool.

  3. I can highly recommend seeing Mr B live after playing alongside him as Snippet recently.

    He is actually a great singer with fine repartee and songs that had the crowd rocking.

    This chat is well worth venturing out for tonight.

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