Six Degrees – (#2)

Welcome back to Six Degrees. This week I have been browsing past listening batches of Fresh On The Net and also new releases of the participating bands. I wish I had already finished all my subscriptions to bands, so I could browse all of them during the week. But that still requires some time to be completed. In the meantime, I have been listening to many songs and watching some videos that I bring here. You know now the format, 6 bands: 2 videos, 2 tracks and 2 live performances. Enjoy!


Animal Noise – Baddow

Animal Noise is a band that has everything for success. Its own sound, very good tracks, good live if they sound like this video, and a good image which is very important too. The broken rhythms marked by the drums are a clue to their music and their debut album “Run Loose” is fantastic. It catches you from the very beginning and you will want to play it several times. Baddow, the single, will be released on October 22, but the band just published the official video last week. Don’t miss “Burn, another track from their album that really deserves a listen, or more than one.

You can read their “2 & 1/2” minute interview with Johnno Casson in his first “Prick & Ding” article here.

Official | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Citizens! – True Romance

Released on September 25, the official video of this song by Citizens! has caught the attention of almost everybody. I would say that almost all my friends have seen it and every one have liked it. Video and track are just a part of an excellent work from a band of high standing. Originally from London and signed to the French label Kitsuné (Two Door Cinema Club, Delphic, Is Tropical), at Fresh On The Net we had the chance to listen to their music (listening batch 7) and of course, to appreciate their terrific work.

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Sanna Arvidsson – Locking The Door

Sanna Arvidsson is a mix of temperament and romanticism. Her music and her voice have these two singularities that make her special. Born in Stockholm and based in London, this singer-songwriter shared this song “Locking The Door” with all of us on the listening batch 10.

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Father Sculptor – Dysmirror

Dysmirror is the new track by Glasgow based band Father Sculptor. Following the same epic composition as in Rhein, however, this new song is more futuristic on its sound. Father Sculptor’s work is always complex. It could sound a little bit baroque or over elaborated if you don’t pay attention to it, but in my opinion, every element used on each song is an essential piece on their music concept.

Official | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter


Dry The River – Shaker Hyms (Sand dunes at Beach Break festival, South Wales)

There are many acoustic videos recorded in the strangest places. From forests to city parks, there is a trend to produce a certain kind of ecological vision, sometimes suburban, of band performances. Many of these videos are not so natural and bands look like they are overacting. But this is not the case of this video by Dry The River. Their performance is so real and the sound so incredible that they look like they were abducted from a stage and placed in this gorgeous beach in South Wales. Wonderful a capella voices and an absolutely beautiful song. Too short? Yes me too I want more: here.

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Gascan Ruckus – Trucker Filth (In Stores Now session #51)

If I don’t say their name you won’t recognize this Northern Irish band. Those good boys with coloured T-shirts that played that kind and innocent song (“Pieces“) were hiding a very wild soul. I said that I would include some groundbreaking videos occasionally. Well, this is one of them. If you are curious about how a punk rock gig with lots of noise and people jumping is like, then welcome to Gascan Ruckus live. A true virtual experience gathered in this video. Now I understand why the official video of Pieces was in slow motion. This is probably the only way to focus on them! 😉

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And that was all. I hope you liked these 6 bands and that you come back for more next week. See you again, right here!


  1. Animal Noise: Batch 12 (Indie Rock | Fresh Faves, Top Team, My 5)
  2. Citizens!: Batch 7 (Indie Pop | Fresh Faves; Different track)
  3. Sanna Arvidsson: Batch 10 (Singer-songwriter | Top Team, My 5)
  4. Father Sculptor: Batch 21Batch 22 (Indie Pop | Fresh Faves 22, Top Team 22, My 5; Different track)
  5. Dry The River: Batch 7 (Folk Rock | Fresh Faves; Top Team; Different track)
  6. Gascan Ruckus: Batch 26 (Punk Rock | Top Team, My 5; Different track)

Fresh Faves: Band on “Fresh Faves”; Top Team: Band voted by Fresh On The Net team; My 5: My own sellection; n/a: Not applicable, batch where I didn’t participate.



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