Fresh Faves: Batch 33

Reviewed by Team Freshnet’s Simon Poole

A while back a comment had been left saying that there doesn’t seem to be much diversity in the genres of music being chosen in our listening posts, well this week should dispel that comment. There’s a great mixture this time round so feast your ears with another 10 tracks chosen by us and more importantly you the dedicated Fresh On The Net listeners.
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CATSFORPERU – Three Brothers

If it’d been up to me and I’d have had any input into 6 Music’s Sheffield Weekend then I’d have happily stuck CATS:FOR:PERU on the playlist. The boy/girl/boy/girl/boy five piece were apparently brought together by their mutual love of post rock and independent pop, but what they have created supersedes either of those two genres.

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What a voice Charlii has. It’s one of those voices that will have you listening to her over the content of the lyrics. Charlii is based in Stockholm and was until recently the former lead singer in Swedish 70´s rock band Fixx- Aztridh and it would appear that on the strength of Some Way Out she has certainly made the right decision. She’s described as having the voice of an angel on her website, possibly an angel on 20 cigs a day with a slug of JD as well.

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KAMAU LYON – Little Dragonfly

Kamau Lyon is making all the right noises, and not just with his music. With regards to my later comments (see The Lucky Face below) about giving possible new fans what they want (and writers/bloggers too) as well as great music, Lyon’s Soundcloud page is filled with plenty of info on this highly talented multi-instrumentalist Londoner. Little Dragonfly does have similarities to the Little Dragon track Ritual Union, but Lyon’s soulful vocals make this the winner out of the two for me. Check out the full length version over at Soundcloud.

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LACES – To The Bone (Sandpaper Hands)

There’s not much information on this Ilkley based four piece, but I’m guessing from their photo they are quite young. There’s an obvious comparison in the music here to Radiohead, but thankfully for me (someone who has tried and failed several times to ‘get’ Radiohead) the distinctive vocals separate them enough to give them their own sound.

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PAUL MURPHY – Out of Babel

If you keep still while listening to this track, then it’s quite possible you are dead. From what I can gather from the world wide web, which isn’t much on this one, Out Of Babel is a track by Paul Murphy of the Turbo-folk-mega-Balkan-punk-polka-poetry Birmingham based band The Destroyers. There’s not much else to say about this one apart from it’s a right rollicking knees up of a track.

The Destroyers – Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


Wow, what a great track from a debut EP. Racing Glaciers are a 4 piece from Macclesfield in Cheshire, and knowing the area quite well myself it would appear the rolling green landscape has found its way into their music. Right from the outset the track is building, with vocals and all other elements slowly being added. Once the trumpet kicks in we’re off and the three minute track seems all too short.

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THE LUCKY FACE – The Lonely Way

C’mon, we all thinking the same here aren’t we. This lovely summer filled song would have made Paul Heaton or The Housemartins very happy had they written it, and not just as an album track, but surely as a single. Now frustratingly on Fresh On The Net and some of us Team Freshnet are always harping on about the need for bands/acts to give lots of info on the many internet platforms available to them, Unfortunately The Lucky Face does not seemed to have taken any of this advice, for this is the complete biog on Facebook…. ‘Debut album released 6th June 2011’. So come on The Lucky Face, help us out here eh, you’ve done a great track so let us know who you are.

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The Fresh On The Net listening public has spoken. This track didn’t make my top five from this week’s thirty, but I can see why it was chosen by many others. These London boys can certainly put together a decent indie-rock track for sure and they seem to hit the mark each and every time if you check out their other tracks too. They say on their biog ‘Built over a decade, this is an expression of our survival, preserved in art. It’s our vanity. Our inspiration. Our fears and hopes.’ If this is the case then hopefully they will continue to gain new fans over the next decade too.

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If ukuleles, old retro electronics and clever lyrics are your thing, then The Skunk-Boy Project is for you. Once again this track didn’t make my top five, but after a few more listens he’s now a contender. The rule of ‘do I like it, yes or no’ is definitely the right way to go about choosing, but when I found that The Skunk-Boy Project is the solo project of a 20 year old lad from the small market town of Melton Mowbray, it has changed the way I hear the song, and only in a good way.

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ZAHRA D + JASON RISK – Bleed Me A River

On this one Australian London based DJ and producer Jason Risk has teamed up with Plymouth’s Zahra D to create an urban pop track to rival many others out there. Zahra’s album ‘Life’s a B’ Is set for release on Itunes on the 1st of November 2012 which features Bizarre of Eminem’s D12.

Jason Risk – Facebook | Soundcloud | Zahra D – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Posted by Simon Poole 8 October 2012
Reviewed by Simon Poole

FROM TOM: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…

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