Six Degrees – (#3)

Another week on six degrees and another opportunity to bring the music of the participant bands of FOTN. Every Tuesday I’ll bring you six bands to enjoy a little moment of music. Two videos, two tracks and two live performances from our “fresh” bands.


Big Wave – Only You

Big Wave is releasing their debut single Only You” on November 5th (official release date). Nevertheless, this five piece indie pop band from Torquay has already a remarkable work on its background, with two EP’s that include very good songs like Another Year of Two, Circumstance and Dying on the Vine. Their new single will be released on a “beer” colour vinyl with the songs “Only You” and “Living Room“. The single will be launched with a show at London’s Buffalo Bar on Sunday 28th October with special guests Hella Better Dancer, The Tuts & Young Romance.

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Izzi Dunn – Picture of You

Cellist, singer-songwriter Izzi Dunn participated in our listening batch 34 with this wonderful cover by pop singer Mr Hudson. The question comes to us immediately. Should artists submit covers to FOTN? I don’t know what to say. I guess it depends on the kind of cover and what the artist did with it. On this cover by Izzi Dunn, I think that the artist shows a big respect by the original song, but at the same time, she completely transforms it giving to it the voice of her cello and the perspective of a woman. Listen to the original song here.

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Sea Stacks – Dancing with Lions

One of my favourite tracks that appeared on the listening batch 30 of September 14. Sea Stacks is the music project by Londoner Davy Berryman. His music integrates a big instrumentation and it has influences by artists like Bon Iver, Death Cab For Cutie or Frightened Rabbit. Watch Sea Stacks in this live video performing Pink Toes

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Slacker73 – Sucker Punch Love

Slacker73 are one of our more participative bands on FOTN. With a retro 70’s sound, this band from Glenrothes, Scotland, combines different styles of rock, psichedelia, blues and even some Americana notes in a very personal sound.

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Mina Tindle – Henry (Live)

Mina Tindle is on tour presenting her debut album Taranta. She visited London on October 28th and July 3rd and during her visit, the music of this french singer has been recorded several times in different live videos. In the last hours some of these videos have been published, like the one for the song “Bells“, recorded in a church in London, or this one of the song “Henry“, both included on the album Taranta.

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Jennifer Left – Paper Trails

Jennifer Left at Clockwork Owl Studios on July 2012 performing one of the tracks from her new album Hushabye. Jennifer released already two singles from this album: Black Dog and  Diggory. Watch the new offical video of the second single here (Diggory) and another video for this live session here (performing When Doves Cry, Prince cover). 

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  1. Big Wave: Batch 34 (Fresh Faves, My 5). Indie Pop.
  2. Izzi Dunn: Batch 34 (Top 30). Singer-songwriter.
  3. Sea Stacks: Batch 30 (My 5) Indie rock/pop
  4. Slacker73Batch 33 (Top 30). Indie Rock
  5. Jennifer Left: Batch 9 (Fresh Faves; Different track). Singer-songwriter
  6. Mina Tindle: Batch 27 (Fresh Faves; Different track). Indie pop/folk.

Fresh Faves: Band on “Fresh Faves”; Top 30: Band from any listening batch; My 5: My own sellection;



Hi, I'm Mar, a member of the Fresh On The Net team. I am a biologist, and I work at a research laboratory. I became interested in music as a child and studied Music Theory, Piano and Choral Singing for more than one decade. Although the circumstances steered me into Biology, I have never been cut off from the music. Since always I've had a predilection for Scottish, Irish folk, Breton and Galician music, but I have a large collection of world music. With my trips to Brazil I added from Bossa to Samba, Samba Reggae, Pagode, Sertanejo..., but above all, a wide range of current Brazilian rock musicians, entirely unknown in the international market. Hence, when I returned to Spain, and later moved to Los Angeles (California), I was bored by the monopolized commercial music that was on the radio. This, the gradual disappearance of good record stores and the possibilities offered by the Internet, sparked my curiosity for other forms of music and the independent music media. Following that path I founded “Jungle Indie Rock” with my best friend, a music blog where we have fun and we feature independent bands and artists. I still travel a lot, looking for new sites, sounds and rhythms. I currently live in Madrid and landed here in 2012 at Fresh On The Net :)


  1. Jim

    Excellent follow-up on previous faves again Mar.

    Big Wave – Dying on the Vine, was an great track, so glad to hear the new one keeps up the quality.

  2. Mar

    Hi Jim, hi Slacker73. I follow Big Wave for a long time now. It was a nice surprise to find their music on Fresh On The Net this week.

    Slacker73, it toke me a while to choose one song. I like “Cowboy” too.
    Ps: Guess where I am! 😉

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