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Welcome back to Six Degrees, our music and video section featuring 6 bands every week. Today I am writing from the beautiful city of Salisbury in Wiltshire, having some days off with the family. Beautiful city, nice people, great gastronomy and good beer! ūüėČ Beer? Oh! This sounds good. Let’s have one together! A toast for the bands of Six Degrees. Cheers!


Nudybronque – Talking Pretty

I don’t know how many times I have seen this video. Many! It is funny, simple and I love the track. But it is not a new video. The band released it on May 2012, being their debut video from their EP “Bottled Blonde”. The band, Nudybronque, are from Wootton Bassett, and I couldn’t avoid to remember them this week, as I am at Wiltshire and I passed by their town just yesterday, on the way to Bath. Nudybronque music is very natural. It has that freshness as bands like Madness and their crazy lyrics. They are a band that I have known after their participation on Fresh On The Net, and I am waiting for their new stuff. Hopefully they will be back to this blog soon, sharing their new records with all of us. ¬†At least the band is working on new songs. We will have to wait to see what they are doing. My first toast of the day goes for them.

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Clockwork Radio – Resolver

Clockradio¬†releases a tribute music video for the Northern Soul movement using footages from¬†rehearsals for “Northern Soul: The Film” (read more¬†here). The track is included in their EP “Ubuntu”, released on May 2012 and available for free download at their Bandcamp page¬†here. The song is really good and the mix of images for this video is very dynamic. Great combination.

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Robin Adams РLosing You

Loosing You is the new single by Scottish singer-songwriter Robin Adams. Released on October 22, this melancholic song of unhappy love combines the beauty of Robin voice with his acoustic guitar and a soft harmonica in a tender melody. Gorgeous song about a dying romance that still lives in the words and the heart of the singer. One of the most beautiful songs that I have heard in a long long time.

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Cara Winter – Rebecca

Inspired by the famous novel of the English writer Daphne du Maurier, Cara Winter composed this song for her album “‘Do You Have A Heart?”. ¬†This is the third release of this pianist and singer-songwriter from London. A beautiful ballad that express the sadness of a young woman that married a man that lives weighed down with the memory of his late wife, Rebecca. An extraordinary novel by du Maurier, a master piece directed by Alfred Hitchcock and a wonderful song composed and performed by Cara Winter and cellist Nick Cooper.

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Lux Lisbon – Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist (Live)

Your Heart Is A Weapon (…) is one of the most popular songs from this 5-piece band from London. This live version was recorded at Bull & Gate on February 2012. Again an amazing band that I have known thanks to Fresh On The Net and one of the ones that I would love to see playing live. And they know this, as I had the chance to interchange some words with them at Facebook when they were preparing their gig at Hyde Park for the Olympic Games. A pity that I am not staying in the UK time enough to see them. Maybe in another moment. Definitely I have to come back! ūüôā

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CLEAVERS¬†– Brian Johnson’s Hat (Live)

Some music genres are not an easy listening thing. This is for example, the case of punk, metal or hardcore music. You love it or you hate it. But it is always interesting to listen to them and to take them into account. Many of the bands playing on these styles are keeping alive a kind of music that is not following the standards. Reason enough to express our respect for their work; especially nowadays that money and flat hits are damaging the progress of music. The band CLEAVERS are one of these bands that are not taken the easy way and they follow a line marked by other pioneers. With strong guitars and crazy vocals, this young band from Elgin, Scotland is trying to get their space in a difficult environment composing and performing their music with a brilliant result. Hopefully we get more bands like this one and these genres at Fresh On The Net, although I recognize that it is not easy at all to evaluate them. Advanced level for advanced ears.

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  1. Nudybronque: Batch 11 (Fresh Faves, My 5; Different track). Indie Rock.
  2. Clockwork Radio: Batch 11 (Fresh Faves, My 5; Different track). Indie Pop
  3. Robin Adams: Batch 8 (Fresh Faves; Different track) Singer-songwriter, Indie Folk
  4. Cara Winter: Batch 26 (Fresh Faves; Different track). Singer-songwriter
  5. Lux Lisbon: Batch 12, Batch 14 (Fresh Faves, My 5; Different track). Indie Pop
  6. CLEAVERS: Batch 12 (Top 30; Different track). Punk Rock, Black metal.

Fresh Faves: Band on “Fresh Faves”; Top 30: Band from any listening batch;¬†My 5: My own selection;



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  1. Jim

    Great stuff Mar. I especially loved the Nudybronque video.

  2. Mar

    :)Thanks Jim. They are so funny. Some times you don’t need too much to have a video.

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