Ask Twitter: Acoustic Guitar Repairs

Epiphone Texanrepair by luthier Graham Parker
I worked on a Kent farm for six weeks as a hop picker to buy my first professional guitar – an Epiphone Texan advertised in melody Maker that cost the huge sum of ยฃ78. Unfortunately there was no money left over for a padded case, and in my rush to take it over to Queensway and show it to my mentor Alexis Korner, I slipped and dropped it on the pavement, smashing in the front. Alexis, bless him knew an old Polish guitar maker in Ealing who was able to repair my Texan and made it good as new. Forty years later, my trusty Larivee P-01 parlor guitar is literally falling apart at the seams and will soon need major surgery. So who, I wondered, would my friends on Twitter recommend as today’s repair experts in the UK? Here, in no particular order, are the suggestions that came in….

LUTHIER in Lewisham, London
suggested by @TijuanaLondon “A top professional and lovely chap.”

LA GUITARS in Barnet, North London
@conniptions says: “ace in every conceivable way”

RED BARN Essex/Suffolk border near Sudbury
@manicminormusic: “Red Barn (specifically James Payze) is a Star, end of…”

DAVE WILSON in Haltwhistle, Northumberland
@hannahdingbrown says he’s “a guitar finisher but he fixes them immaculately too”

BRIAN EASTWOOD just north of Manchester
@bettybeckett tweeted “this man is a genius”

ALVIN DAVIES in Chelmsford
recommended by @rainbootlabel

HICKIES in Reading
@jrhardman: ” they’ve been a shop since 1864 and have two or three dedicated technicians who managed to fix my Ovation when i messed up the fibreglass back – thought i was on Struggle Street. Very inventive people, I never go anywhere else now”

HOBGOBLIN MUSIC in Central London
@PSB_HQ “Try Hobgoblin just off Oxford Street?”

PAUL GUPPY in Lancaster
@TheLongLostBand “highly regarded in our neck of the woods”

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK in Crouch End, North London
@oneeyedwayneuk say “rock around the clock very good.. We get ours done there”

KGB MUSIC at Pacific Arts Centre in Birkenhead
recommended by @mirglipyllib

@gigvert: “Tom’s guitar workshop in Kent. Tom was apprentice at Andy’s in Denmark street.”

GRAHAM HILL in Trowbridge
Alas no trace anywhere online ๐Ÿ™
: “fantastic and really cheap”

@dagwells says “Jimmy Moon makes & repairs for Scissor Sisters / Simple Minds / Bryan Adams / Dougie Maclean etc. Genius.”

GRAHAM NODENLondon, West End
@FractalGeekUK: “Graham Noden on Denmark Street does good work”

JIMMY COLE in Winchester
@Archangel_One: “Martin Stephenson’s mate Jimmy Cole is a master luthier”

MUSIC MATTERS in Maidstone
@markkalphone says “@MusicMattersUK will help ๐Ÿ™‚ they are gr8 x”

WILL RUSSELL –ย  Ealing, West London
Alas no trace anywhere online ๐Ÿ™
@TotalCurtis: “Hi Tom, can highly recommend Ealing based Luthier Will Russell, you can contact him on…” (number supplied)

in Southampton
Vince is the Martin Registered repairer for W.Europe, featured in ‘History Of Martin Guitars’ book.
NO WEBSITE but we found email addresses: or possibly
@louisbarabbas Best guy I know: he’s a magician.

@anthonylaneism says “Best guitar workshop in the westcountry for sure”

Tom Robinson

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  1. Excellent.
    Good people sharing the info,very useful ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow! Thats some response Tom and really good for us all to know/have contacts of.

    I still have my Epiphone, first guitar I bought quite a few years old now. I still love it…despite having now acquired 8 other guitars (I know a bit excessive…..and I am aware I DO have a bit of a problem where guitars are concerned…and probably should talk to someone about it!)

    Had a full size, no name, classical guitar that my parents bought me when I was 6, having pestered them to buy me one! I gave it to my close friends kids (2 twins) on their 6th birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Felix Wiedler

    Nice photo of a Epiphone FT79 on that bench. This one is actually pre-Gibson made, early 1950s I guess. Is this yours?

  4. I use a great guy called BIll Puplett. Stanmore/Harrow area. he has been going years, done guitars for The The, oasis, Zutons etc…. Great pride in his work

    +1 on Larrivee, i have an L03

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