Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars

Get Some Scare is the new single and video by London based band Lux Lisbon. The single will be included in the new EP of the same name that will be released on March 25th, a 4 tracks EP that also includes their already popular song Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist.  Lux Lisbon will be launching their “Get Some Scars EP” at the Bull and Gate on 14th March with Orlando Seale and the Swell. More information here

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Feldspar – The Flat and Paper Sky

From Feldspar’s new EP “The Flat and Paper Sky Vol. II”. Feldspar are a indie folk/rock band from London consisting of Will Green (Guitar and lead Vocals), Ben Lloyd-Evans(Keys), Jonny Burgess (Drums), and James Foster (Lead Guitar). Their music is based on beautiful vocals with acoustic melodies and remarkable folk roots. Growing military rhythms are used on some of their songs making their music very vibrant. You can stream the new EP at their bandcamp page here.

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Johnno Casson – Truth (Tom Robinson Remix)

What do you get if you take a nice wide glass and you add some frapped ice, a good liquor spirit and exotic fruits? Mmmm, it sounds like a nice cocktail. Now pretend that you take one of the best songs from the singer-songwriter Johnno Casson and all the ingredients included on that song are frapped and mixed by a music cocktail expert, our beloved Tom Robinson. Yeah, that is a true exotic cocktail!!! Enjoy

You can listen the remixes for the new album at Johnno Casson’s Soundcloud page here

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The Dirty Flaws – A Bit of Purpose (Download)

The Dirty Flaws are a 4-piece new band from Old Dean, formed in September 2012. A Bit Of Purpose is their first release and it is a gem itself. The band indicates to have influences from Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Red hot Chilli Peppers and Arctic Monkeys. I find however a certain influence of James Mercer (The Shins) in the singer’s technique and I wonder how it will sound all that great mix of influences in the new work of the band. We will have to wait, but it seams that this band could have a lot to show us.

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Scarlett Parade – March Of The Fallen

March of the Fallen. What a beautiful song and what a wonderful acoustic performance by London based duo Scarlett Parade. Geoffrey Tinkler, singer and pianist, and Adam Jones guitarist, formed their music project Scarlett Parade in 2011 in the Isle of Man, were they both were classmates at high school. The studio record of the song doesn’t differ too much from this acoustic version, although the possibility to see their performance in the video is what makes the big difference. This video was filmed at Mountain View Media Village on the Isle of Man (December, 2012).

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The Paper Shades – The Storm (Live from an igloo)

There are acoustic sessions recorded in countless ways and in countless places. From the famous van of “Bands in Transit” to the also famous French walks of “A Take Away Show“, there is a growing trend in acoustic recordings which invite all emerging artists of the moment. Nevertheless, the most original session I have seen up to date is this one that The Paper Shades recorded themselves for their song  The Storm. The light, the small igloo entrance and the beautiful sound of their music are the little pieces of a gorgeous video.

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