Now Playing At 6 Music Blog Awards – FOTN Award


Thank you to everybody who contributed to the comments on this. We are delighted to announce the winner from our very strong shortlist of the 2013 Now Playing At 6 Music – Wisdom Not Waffle Award is…

Make It In Music

Make It In Music is a phenomenal resource for new bands, artists and labels alike – in fact anybody starting out in the music industry. And amazingly it is free. Have a look, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, if you want to know more about all things music business then all of the shortlisted sites (see below) are well worth checking out.

You can hear the whole show on 6 Music for another week here.




This Sunday marks the second Now Playing at 6 Music Blog Awards and we are delighted to tell you that Fresh On The Net has been asked to join the likes of The Quietus, BBC Introducing and The 405 in hosting an award. After much discussion it was decided that we would like to champion those great sites out there who offer an incredible amount of advice for free to help artists steer a true course through the often confusing music industry. And thus we have called it:

The Wisdom Not Waffle Award

wise words on the web for emerging artists

In the spirit of the Fresh Faves that you all so kindly vote on each week, we thought we would do the same with the blogs and put to you our shortlist. All you have to do is pick your favourite – just one – from our shortlist and leave a comment below naming your champion.

So here is the shortlist – all great websites offering fantastic amounts of advice. Voting closes at 12 noon on Friday.

BBC Introducing
Make It In Music

Thanks for voting!

Al & Team Freshnet

ps if you’d like to tweet about this please do. We are @freshnet and the awards are #Blog6Music


I am a player, producer, label boss and staunch supporter of the independent community. In the interests of transparency, should I post any of my own material, my labels are Ambiguous Records and CRC Music. I am also on the board of AIM which is the trade body that looks after all the UK Independent labels. Read More...


  1. Make It In Music is my choice.
    I aint in a band, but if i was i’d be on the site regularly. Seems to explain stuff in simple ways.

  2. Make It In Music is brilliant. I’m always recommending that our artists read it. They never do…

  3. Al

    Yup definitely feeling Make It In Music too. Hats off to all though. Cracking sites

  4. Mutado Pintado

    BBC Introducing for me thanks

  5. It has to be Make It In Music. An amazing resource.

  6. I’m kind of torn with this – between BBC Introducing & Generator – Generator are an incredible resource for musicians in the N.East, providing excellent conferences/seminars, courses/workshops & a host of opportunities for musicians; their website is also excellent & if you miss e.g. the conferences they always post videos on their site after the event.

    And BBC Introducing is similarly excellent – and I think I have to vote for BBC Introducing above Generator because of the opportunity it has specifically provided me over the past year via its brilliant upload server giving opportunity for local (and national) radio producers to hear and play your music on air.

    The web resources for BBC Introducing are also outstanding from general advice & tips in video form from musicians, producers, A&R folks/labels as well as support and promotion of under the radar musicians who have been invited to play live sessions for BBC Introducing.
    Truly fantastic – as is the recent weekly, national slot/programme on a Saturday dedicated to soley to
    BBC Introducing musicians – brilliant – and more so in light of funding cuts across services. So, in my un-brief way – my vote goes to BBC Introducing!

  7. As it would be vulgar of me to vote for my own blog (thank you very much for the nomination!) I’ll have to doff my cap to BBC Introducing. I’ve sent many artists that way to some brilliant articles up there.

  8. For straightforward and very practical advice I’m a regular reader of both the Sentric and BBC introducing blogs. Both extremely helpful.

  9. Sentric all the way… lots of great advice presented in an easy to digest manner…

  10. Jimmy Coultas

    Sentric blog all the way. It’s boss at delivering what musicians need.

  11. Patrick Cloherty

    Sentric Music gets my vote, straight forward helpful tips for musicians such as how to correctly send music to labels & publishers. Little things that make a big difference.

  12. James W

    All very good but Sentric music is the best I think. Very practical and useful advice.

  13. After immersing myself in all the sites til the early hours MAKE IT IN MUSIC just pipped the rest to the post for me. All great sites but I just felt that this was the essential first port of call for all musicians. Great explanations of how to use essential things such as Reddit and Youtube which, even though I’m not a musician, will come in extremely handy. Hats off to all the sites though.

  14. BBC Introducing all the way.

  15. Their blog is full of information bands & artists need to know!

  16. Sentric Music. Cracking advise for artists and full of puns. What more could you want?

  17. Stephen B

    My vote goes to Bemuso. Fantastic blog.

  18. Sentric for me…..good advice, good crack, just plain good!

  19. Easily readable, useful advice for musicians.

  20. Johnny R

    Bemuso gets my vote – always right on the money.

  21. Sentric Music for sure

  22. Craig Meehan

    Sentric Music gets my vote, great range of tunes and a lovely northern accent to welcome you

  23. Bemuso – explains the tricky stuff better than anyone else, including why you have to know it in the first place. That site actually makes you money, by getting you not to make any mistakes in the first place!!

  24. Ian

    Errm, I’m a bit overwhelmed to be listed here.

    Trying to pass on what we know and use in our day jobs is a labour of love and we feel like we have only just got started.

    Many thanks

  25. Android Nine

    Bemuso. The original. The Best.. the … warmest !
    Great Twitter too !

  26. James Cherry

    Has to be Sentric for me. Superb, honest advise.

  27. I have a small recording studio in Belgium where I come into contact with many young and inexperienced artists and bands. I always point them in the direction of MAKE IT IN MUSIC when the inevitable questions arise relating to all things ‘Industry’

  28. Annika Walsh

    Sentric Music is always the first blog I recommend to new bands – their advice is always spot on.

  29. Marcus Roberts

    Make It In Music is definitely my choice! Great resources, great tips, great emails, blog…

  30. Make It In Music is my choice. Given that this is a private initiative and they are willing to share their top-notch industry knowledge with aspiring musicians for nothing, my vote is easy to cast!

  31. duncan king

    Make It In Music for me. Great advise and info from people actively involved in the modern music industry

  32. Ian @ Make It in Music is a great guy, full of great advice, it’s my first stop every time.

    A tip of the hat to BBC Introducing too, although some articles are a little dated now.

  33. Make It In Music gets my vote. Clear, concise and USEFUL information. Email reminders when you haven’t checked a blog which is useful as I’m sure we’re all way too busy. Even with these reminders they manage to send just the right amount of emails that are polite and well written.

  34. Marie

    Make It In Music gets my vote too. Very detailed, comprehensive information; a must for any musician. BBCI and Sentric also have great resources, and I visit all three regularly.

  35. Make It In Music … GREAT ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Egil A. Frøysadal

    Make It In Music really makes you feel you CAN… make it!
    And that’s what it’s all about.
    I absolutely agree with the advice I get –
    and even “recognize” some…

  37. Stefan Sebechlebsky

    My vote for Make It In Music. Highly valuable information and advices, extremely useful.

  38. Make It In Music gets my vote – great advice always

  39. For me Making it in Music has been really useful. Ian has been a constant source of knowledge and tips. I have had numerous emails with grand suggestions.

    Steve Stylusboy

  40. MAKE

  41. Mar


    Very professional, big perspective, great collaborations.

  42. Make it in Music its my choice for me

  43. For all the supports its given me on my musical travels:-
    BBC Introducing

  44. helen

    Sentric Music gets my vote for sure. Such a helpful blog, and always an enjoyable read.

  45. My votes for Make it in music. Honest, useful top notch advice always

  46. Andy TJ

    Make it in Music gets my vote. Essential advice and tips for the aspiring musician. I use it and recommend it always.

  47. Colin

    Make it in Music gets my vote

  48. Louisa Muhsin

    Defo Sentric Music!!!

  49. Michael Zablocki

    Make it in Music is a great site and resource. It gets my vote. Thanks.

  50. Michelle

    There are lots of websites I unsunscribe from due to my busy schedule, and Make it in Music is NOT one of them! They have my vote for sure! =D

  51. Make it in Music is a brilliant resource!!! Great website. I’m all about Make it in Music! 🙂

  52. Glen Wisbey

    Make it in Music, is for me an excellent resource always full of great help and advice.

  53. Rokks B

    Make It In Music is a great resource for up and coming artists! I would recommend them to everyone!

  54. Make It In Music has my vote. Ian’s shared information is very helpful!!

  55. Definitely Make It In Music
    Owe my website to one of the MIIM guides
    Lots of SOLID SOLID advice

    Egil A. Frøysadal said above…
    “Make It In Music really makes you feel you CAN… make it!
    And that’s what it’s all about.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

  56. Make it Music really are the best. I NEVER miss a post!

  57. Well, I have read and learned from all of the sites, but Make it in Music definitelly has the most, and most relevant articles.

  58. Make It In Music would be my choice, it’s laid out in a nice easy to use style and full of good information for up and coming musicians! It also gives great encouragement and a very positive vibe. Very much recommended!

  59. Very happy with this website and through their advice have steered myself into places I never knew even existed much to my gratification. They are doing a great job!

  60. Noel Murphy

    Make it in Music!

  61. Make It In Music. They offer great advice!

  62. For all the support it has to be BBC INTRODUCING for us. Closely followed by SENTRIC

  63. Shane Beales

    Got to be SENTRIC! Love those guys!!!

  64. Shane Beales

    SENTRIC! Love those guys!!!

  65. It’s got to be Make it in Music… hands down!

  66. Make it in music is my choice,it’s easy to use and have excellent advice for all musicians.It’s a good blog and I always recommend it.Make it in music deffo!

  67. make it in music!!
    I’ve been following this site\blog for a few years and it has helped me loads!! Fantastic information, and great delivery!!

  68. Jenn Howard

    My vote’s for Sentric. Cracking blog.

  69. my vote goes for Make it in music

  70. Make It In Music has excellent advice for indie musicians. I vote for Make It In Music!

  71. I will have to go with make it in music. I dig the info and I have gotten lost in it just like one can do with youtube videos. Make it in music has more links than google it seems like you read one article then next thing you know an hour goes by from all the links in that article which makes a light bulb go off in your head and next thing you know you are researching some other helpful website or link and you finally end up having to stop yourself so that you can finish checking your email inbox that you completely forgot about since you clicked on the make it in music email. So thats my spill in a nutshell.

  72. Ian Feather

    Sentric for me – hugely improved my knowledge of the way the industry works and how to give yourself the best chance of success.

  73. As I’m being trained to manage a music business enterprise by Generator, and I get a lot of my resources from their website, I have to vote Generator. They rock.

  74. Make It In Music is a great resource there is always something interesting.

  75. Will Wright

    Make it in Music is my choice, this website comes from guys who clearly have plenty of experience within the industry and break it down for you

  76. kate

    definitely Make It In Music… gave me the motivation to do things independently and explore other independent routes, even outside of music.

  77. Make it in music is my choice he is the reason am were i am today in music, he is a great man he want me to make it in music as if am his blood brother thank you God bless you

  78. Nicole

    I vote for Make it in Music. I only wish I found them sooner than I did! All their posts are noteworthy and are similar to what you would find in a music marketing course!

  79. All worthy contenders but locally biased (perhaps) towards Generator who, and anyone interested in music in the North East and possibly beyond will confirm this, are a fantastic resource for all emerging musicians and show genuine regard for all those involved with it.

    If that makes no sense, it’s because I have a headache, but they’re ace and they get my vote, that’s all that matters.

  80. Paul T

    Bemuso for me, very detailed and accurate resource.

  81. Martyn Whitfield

    I vote for Make It In Music as the help and advice is so clear and practical.

  82. Crystal hart

    Make it in music is my vote! They always have such a matter of fact approach that helps a TON.

  83. Elie Luccin

    Make it in music for sure, so far theire advise have help alot.

  84. All great sites for music industry information, so thanks for highlighting them. I point all my Music Business students at Northbrook College Sussex, from diploma up to BA Degree to these useful advisers. If pushed, I’ll vote for the wise outsider Bemuso, whose blog is always insightful and experienced about the latest developments, where the other sites tend towards more general, but still brilliantly useful info for up and coming music biz entrants. The key to a good music industry site? It will never, ever advise you “how to get signed”.
    I vote for Bemuso.

  85. Definitely Make It In Music. Seems like anytime I need help understanding a music marketing channel, Make It In Music has the answer. Invaluable to any indie musician no matter the genre.

  86. Make it in music!

  87. Steve T

    It has to be Sentric. I think it just pips BBC introducing to the post.

  88. Jc

    Make it in music, great advice always relevant.

  89. Doc9

    Bemuso !!!!

  90. Always informative, generally witty, this gets my vote.

  91. Make it in Music hands Down, 5 stars plus a big part of my team, Love Make it in Music and is my vote


  92. We vote for Make It In Music. Great advice and articles.

  93. Make It In Music is my choice. Straight, easy to follow advice that works

  94. Kate F

    Gotta be Sentric for me. Really sound and genuine advice wrapped up in a delightful package of witty banter. What more can you want.

  95. Make It In Music. Very helpful tips. Not familiar with the other sites.

  96. Make it in Music gets my vote, one of the most informative, professional and honest resources for aspiring and established musicians and anybody with an interest in making music.
    David Durant – Head of Live & New Music
    Under The Radar on Brooklands Radio

  97. Make it in music’s my choice.
    Some of the best info for musicians trying to better themselves out there. Highly recommended.

  98. Make it in music

  99. Make It In Music!

  100. Jamil

    MAKE IT IN MUSIC has been very sincere and has offered VERY useful advice and other wonderful help. I’m sure all the others are cool too,
    but I vote for MAKE IT IN MUSIC! THANKS!!

  101. So grateful for all the insights I get in my emails from Make It In Music!

  102. Christian

    Great Stuff Ian. Thanks so much

  103. Clint

    Great tips by MAKE IT IN THE MUSIC. Found them to be very helpful, keep up the good work Ian

  104. Chris salt

    Bemuso is brilliant as it contains info on the music business you just can’t find anywhere else.

  105. Sentric’s podcast is absolutely essential reading for anyone who wants success in the music industry.
    It consistently lays out in very clear terms what bands, artists, managers etc should be doing if they want good results.

  106. Theo Penwater

    Bemuso – Have been corresponding with the author for many years and know from experience that he is fanatical about accuracy, passionate about music and verging on the evangelical in his support for DIY artists. Its a fantastic logically laid out resource and a goto reference for anyone from symphonic production composers to swaney whistle bedroom groovers. Love it!

  107. Massimo

    Without a doubt it is the Sentric music blog! Inspiring reading

  108. This is a great idea, I hope we see more of these resources highlighted. I use the other 4 here myself from time to time (and I’ll probably nick some layout ideas from MIIM for my next site revamp :). Thanks to FOTN for the nomination, thanks to my readers for voting, and congraggers to MIIM. It’s very difficult to pick a “best” blog because we all do something slightly different but my vote would go to BBC Introducing for their access to a wide range of industry insiders.

  109. Melissa

    I’ve been on Make It in Music’s email list for a couple of years and appreciate how much effort then put into what they do.

    I wasn’t familiar with the other sites before, so I guess I’ll go check them out too and add them to my resources library for the artists I work with.

  110. Gavc

    I’ve used Bemuso quite a few times, great resource – gets my vote 🙂

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