THE SCHOLARS – Love The Thunder

This video was directed and edited by Sam King Recorded. The Scholars’ music was performed live. The Scholars are an indie rock band from Banbury, Oxfordshire. With influences by The Boxer Rebellion or Twin Shadow,  The Scholars formed in 2008 and they have been supporting bands like Two Door Cinema Club, The Boxer Rebellion and Chapel Club.

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MELLOR – In The Water

Mellor’s second single ‘In The Water’ was released on November 26th 2012. The video was  recorded at Harris Arcade, Reading, where this four-piece band are from. Mellor is signed to Top Notch Records.

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HIGH SAFARI – Hey Hombre!  (Download)

High Safari are a band from London. “Hey Hombre!” is the single from their album Skylight, released last year. Download for free Skylight at their Bandcamp page.

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Mechanical Elephant is a one man London music project consisting of ambient soundscapes and electronic textures.

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THE ADELINES – Alleyways (Live)

There is a while we didn’t know anything about The Adelines. This band from Swansea formed in 2011 and named after their next door neighbour’s cat, just uploaded this live session performing “Alleyways” at Silver Street Studios in Reading. This seams to be a new song from the band and as they said on their Facebook, there could be more coming. Enjoy!

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DENNIS – Ella (Live at Dublin Castle, London)

DENNIS are a 8-piece indie rock/pop band from Hetton.  Watch the band performing Ella at Dublin Castle in London, December 2012. You can stream the original studio song here.

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    The Adelines update: As they said on their Facebook, The Adelines posted a new studio record video. “Park The Car (Live)”. Enjoy! 🙂

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