Fresh Faves: Batch 51

Abi Uttley

Afternoon all! How was your weekend? Did you go to any great gigs or hear any new albums? I was fortunate enough to power through a bout of illness and see Bird at The Garage in London. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen for a long, long time – on a par with Us Baby Bear Bones at The Prince Albert in Brighton.

And now, I’m super proud to be writing about 12 GREAT pieces of music today – and you should be super proud of voting for them. Because without you all taking the time to listen and vote then this platform for supporting upcoming artists would just not exist.

ABI UTTLEY – Like You Do

Bradford’s Abi Uttley has a voice that melts chocolate. An absolute joy to listen to. You all voted for her for the same reason, right!? No, probably because you also liked the vaudeville air to this track on top of strong songwriting and musicianship. Furthermore, she has done a cover of the Neighbours theme song on her Soundcloud!

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Another fantastic voice and song. This sent shivers up me. Sorry to geek out here: I’m a great lover of minor to dominant chord progressions and Anna sings over it perfectly. The change to the major / cycle of 5ths with xylophones at 1:28 and again at 2:15 with more strings is just sublime and harks at one of my favourite artists – The Mummers.

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Here are some delicious synth-laden sounds from tropical Leeds. Massively complimented by catchy and anthemic songwriting, I can just hear this being sung by thousands on a sunny (it can happen) day at Glastonbury. Londoners can catch them at the Dublin Castle on Saturday 20th April.

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CAMILA KILL – Pheromones

The Birmingham band Camila Kill (“four very long members and one lady member” apparently), enters with a stomping track. I could easily imagine this in the soundtrack to a film where humans are running away from some very hungry and very determined zombies. Keep up to date with the group over at their Facebook page.

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DRUNK MULE – Sunshine Stoners

Fresh on the Net friends and favourites Drunk Mule predict the weather for today – and the upcoming rise in temperatures of an extra 10C – by writing this totally dreamy, lush and feel-good track. Spring is here! Colourful and enchanting.

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We really are spoilt for beautiful female voices today! Here are Holly and the Wolf – frontwoman Holly Dearden, double bassist Alex Karban and drummer Robbie Jarvis – making some lovely, smooth sounds. Catch them at their residency shows upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s or on their Soundcloud where they have a song I love even more: Marzipan Reindeer.

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Reminding me of two of my favourite artists – John Grant and Embrace – Neuman & Ken Stringfellow have written one sublime piece of music here. Pensive, bleak, hopeful. Singing in English but based in Spain, these guys have yet to make it over to England. But perhaps with our backing, and hopefully yours too, Neuman should consider a road trip under the water.

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This sounds to me – in a good way – like music intended for television, films and adverts. I can totally hear this equally fitting the bill for either a Co-operative Bank advert or else the credits of a blockbuster Hollywood romance. Sublime! And – musicians please note – Beanz Rudden is always on the lookout for collaborators so why not get in touch on his Soundcloud!

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SEE EMILY PLAY – Let’s Go Get Away

ANOTHER beautiful voice, belle harmonies and just killer songwriting. This track proved very popular with our readers over the weekend and with good reason. Wanting  to make sure this wasn’t just a one-off, I listened to the other four tracks on Emily’s Soundcloud and would definitely recommend you head over there and hit play!

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Anything that is dance/electro/glitchy/trip hop is almost always going to be a hit with me, and this remix of Never Was by Cajita (aka Jay Chakravorty) is mighty fine. Make sure you check out She Makes War’s album Little Battles which you can hear in full and pay what you like to download. Minefields is my personal favourite. Also check out Cajita’s remix of Gabby Young’s ‘Walk Away’ for more of this greatness.

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THE GANG – Mania

Whilst some musical brothers just fight and throw things at each other, siblings Eric and Jimi Tormey (on guitar and drums respectively) join forces and make thrashing indie rock to throw at you. Sweet, crunching bass lines from close friend Joseph Hunt complete this lineup from Canterbury. Tasty.

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THE SON – 27

Comcluding our Fresh Faves for this week is The Son – not to be confused with Scottish one-man-band The Son(s), whose music we enjoyed in Fresh Faves 42. Or indeed Derby outfit The Sons, who are big favourites of BBC Introducing’s Dean Jackson in the East Midlands.  No, the band in question here is The Son (singular) – a Surrey five-piece fronted by Sav Campbell – whose versatile vocals create this gentle, yet hard-hitting track. Locals can catch them live launching the new Sazuka Club Night in Haslemere on Saturday March 30th.

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Massimo Zeppetelli
Fresh Faves reviewed this week
by Team Freshnet’s Massimo Zeppettelli

FROM TOM: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…


Massimo is a musician, producer, photographer, writer, footballer, cyclist and someone who loves computers and all things technological ever since he owned an Amiga. So basically a geek. He works at the quirky Bally Rehearsal Studios in Tottenham, North London where many of the bands mentioned on Fresh on the Net come to rehearse. Massimo lives in a hospital. You can find him on Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, and at

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