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How much great new music can there be out there? We think there is absolutely loads, and hopefully our Listening Post and this Fresh Faves selection are proof of that.

New music is the gift that keeps on giving, like a bruiser that doesn’t know when it’s beat — new music artists keep coming back and giving more, more, more.

Here are the reviews by Johnno Casson AKA Snippet (with big thanks to Steve Harris for all his work) of our top 10 tracks as chosen by you from our weekend Listening Post, hope you enjoy them and please check out these artists further.

Thanks to all the artists who sent in music and a tip of the hat to the Fresh On The Net Moderating team who take the time to listen to the hundreds of tracks we receive in our inbox each and every week. You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.


With ‘In My Mind’ I am transported to another era. It’s the 60’s, I have taken off my kaftan and am wearing a beautiful flowery cotton shirt in many colours, my jeans are well worn but generous in the ankle region, joss sticks mask a sweet yet smokey pungent smell from nature, I am happy, I am at one with the world and I am about to blast my brain with mind altering substances, this music will help take me there.

The slow build of the song matches the beat of my heart, it teases like my half naked friends who sway in a blissful fug around me. At 1 mins 40 I am Dave Davies, I am Pete Townsend, I am the god of hell fire. By 2 mins 18 I am out of my fecking mind, my mind is awash with outer body sensuousness and by 2 mins 48 I have found I have the ability to stretch my arms across the room and massage the necks of the sweet people merging to watch the sun come up. I feel special, I feel alive, I feel amazing, nothing can touch me but blissful spirits from nature. I know nothing of Holy Thursday other than their music touched me in all the right places.

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JOHN LEWIS – What Kind Of Love Is This

I confess, this type of music isn’t anywhere near my default listening preferences, it’s true my preferences are wide but the rockabilly music I used to dance to was quite different to this, BUT here’s the thing, John Lewis does it so well and with such conviction I may need to change my tune and adjust my habits — big respect John.

John has been on the road for 30 years and has released 15 albums and played across the world-more respect that man.

There is a great YouTube video of John doing this song live which really resonated with me. You guys loved it of course — hey, you know your stuff 🙂 John has a pledge campaign currently to help fund his next album so please check it out via the link below.

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Garnering the most votes this week was the rootsy reggae bliss of Heroes by K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade. At turns jazzy, afrobeat and old school funky, I think people would be raving to the rooftops if this was Findlay Quay’s new tune. Brilliantly played with some delicious changes and movements, this song is delightful and is the perfect example of the power of brass players on your tune.

Sheffield should be proud of this band, they make great music and put a K.O.G spin on it that’s all their own; I can really see why people loved it, I did too.

The musicianship and joy in making it shine through. I bet they are great to watch live, I urge you to go and search them out and let the good into your world. This is brilliant people music for the world.

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KEVIN PEARCE – The Tired Fighter

Ooh the groove, nod to the voice, bang to the beat, respect to the choice. Mistley’s curly haired sweet minstrel of song is back with a bang, a great album in Dynamite and dates all over the continent.

This ain’t folk music, this ain’t pop music, this is new Mistley soul. He’s like a 70’s guitar troubadour is Kevin Pearce, a young fellow with an old soul, wandering the lanes and byways of this gorgeous land with his stories and his strong tone of voice. I know him as he’s only up the road from me in Colchester, he works hard and continues to develop his craftsmanship, he’s making great progress on his journey and like many out there he’s only 3 minutes away from doing something really amazing.

The Tired Fighter is a good song and one that resonated with you dear FOTN friends. It’ll be his voice that’ll be the key and when matched with the right song it will really spell lift-off and I can’t help thinking that America should have the opportunity to get to know him better, as they may well go ape for this man.

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Brighton’s soulful blissed-out electronica of Kudu Blue is a perfect accompaniment to eating and playing in the sun, and it’s just my luck that’s it’s pouring with rain (sorry barbecue buddies), but the tune was that powerful that even the Colchester rain and a soggy bag of crisps can’t dent my enthusiasm for their lovely sound. They do a cracking live version of the song on this video. Sweet jazz enthused soul with a pop sensibility — salute.

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LYVES – Shelter

What a beautiful voice and great tune, soulful, simple and effective. Lots of synth goodness on this week’s Listening Post, a big salute to all the artists featured, really enjoyed listening through all of the tracks — new music is winning isn’t it?

I can’t tell you much about the artist other than I believe the singer is called Francesca Bergami and that they have been smart in the spelling of their name — imagine searching for ‘lives’ on Google (other search engines are available, even if no one uses them). I sit here on a Sunday afternoon to a sound coming out of my speakers that is just lovely, it’s not ground breaking — it doesn’t need to be — it’s solid new age alt soul that connects to an emotion and delivers it to your soul in 2 minutes 49.

Full of promise, Lyves will continue to grow and conquer your senses. Swoon.

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I really rate Mattie Ginsberg, I loved his song Headache, which appeared on Fresh Faves 129. Skip is so old school blues in its stylings it just stands out from the crowd.

IMO he will make many recordings to send this to the shade but that’s only because he has so much promise, not because it’s not a good tune — IT IS! There is just that something about this man that oozes ‘I don’t give a f**k’ confidence.

Welsh artists are bringing some of the best new music out there ATM and Mattie stands beside them in offering so much potential. You only have to listen to Adam Walton’s brilliant Saturday night show on BBC Radio Wales for proof of the great new music coming out of Wales.

Well done Mattie, keep them tunes coming, they are reaching!

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MAYBE THE MOON – Hammers See Nails

How wonderful, it’s like a 21st century outfit have pilfered the tone of Karen Carpenter and matched it with a wonderful off-kilter urban pop song. They dress like Sade meets Swing Out Sister and act like they will soon inherit the pop kingdom. Maybe The Moon are from San Francisco and it’s very good to welcome the odd non UK act onto the Listening Post, not that they are odd you understand, just good’n’fine’n’dandy. It’s a very well done to the duo Karmen Kimball and Alex Lasner, this music is very refreshing. I do have a complaint though, their sub-bass loosened me bloody fillings. Tip top gorgeous.

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THE TENFIVESIXTY – Dashboard Light

Proving popular with our listeners this week are The TenFiveSixty aka Rick Hornby and Jen Bailey. This is 80s infused guitar led indieness, swooping, diving, crashing and burning like a swooping diving crashing burning thing.

They love lost romanticism, soundtracks, 60s girl groups, 80s hooks, good footwear, attention to detail, and the darker side of classic British guitar pop.

I could easily see this music being slipped into a moody scene in an 80s brat pack movie (The Breakfast Club?) and working perfectly, or even better a 21st century version, well-played guys and much luck on your journey.

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VANWYCK – Tanned Legs

Ey oop, Vanwyck have arrived via Amsterdam just in time to leave us with a gorgeous gentle acoustic love bunny of a tune to complete this week’s Fresh Faves. Damien Rice influences glide above me and make me feel sexy, tingly and very special — a dangerous combination for a man of my size, age and nervous disposition. This is music for the down at heel, with sounds to warm the coldest of hearts, it’s not a little lovely and quite a lot wonderful, I’m smitten.

I can’t offer much information about Vanwyck other than they are from The Netherlands, which in my opinion means they are highly likely to be wonderful people. Search them out and be smitten too.

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The TenFiveSixty

PS from TR: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Listening Post you’re welcome to re-submit it another week. If your music has appeared on the Listening Post but not in our Fresh Faves, feel free to send us an even stronger track another week.

But if we’ve recently featured you in our Fresh Faves – or on my BBC Introducing Mixtape – please wait three months before sending us another track, so we have space to help other deserving artists… For more info see Robinson Has A Good Old Moan.

Johnno Casson

Johnno Casson is a London-born/Colchester-based singer, musician, songwriter and show-off. He also compiles and releases compilations and is a serial supporter of new music. Johnno releases his own music as Snippet ,Old Tramp and also under his own name Johnno Casson.. As far as we know he was the most-played artist ever on Tom's legendary late night Fresh On The Net radio shows on 6 Music - having been featured no less than 18 times and appearing as an interview guest. You can also find Johnno on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube...


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely 😀

    Three out of my top five made it through this week 🙂
    Great Reviews JC and some fabulous music too!

    If your band was featured in this weeks fresh faves then please drop in again and give your feedback to other artists every weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday You can vote till 6pm (wine-O-clock) on a Sunday 😀

    HH xo <3

  2. Top tunes indeed. A fab listen . Well done all of ya!!

    Brill job on the review writing Mr Casson.

  3. Mattie Ginsberg

    Hello there I would like just say a big thank you to Johnno for his kind words. Not only that I do enjoy your writing style mate, it’s refreshing just to have some no thrills writing that comes from wherever it comes from, instead of all that jargon like bullshit that is usually affiliated with those who review music (fockin annoying). Anyway all this comes as a big welcome for me as an artist that is self obsessed and lonely (checking sound cloud every day to see if my plays went up from 23 to 24). what I’m trying to say is that it is nicer to receive some confirmation in this form than even being played on the radio sometimes. Thank you Johhno for being a normal bloke and thanks to the Freshnet team for the long suffering I have imposed.
    All the best the
    Mattie Fatty x

  4. Mattie Ginsberg

    Fock I just read that pile of shit above and I think I should lay off the wine sorry!

  5. Drink more wine I reckon,love it Mattie 🙂

  6. Thanks also for the words Herbert,Glenn & Mattie.

    I’m a music maker too,some might say DIY and we are all self obsessed and trying to make our way in the world – in a massively over saturated market place.Personally I’ve abandoned the ‘music industry’ and spend my time working in the ‘music community’,its a lot nicer,it doesn’t centre around money and how many likes or plays you have this week,you meet lots of great people,you can measure your own success and membership is free.
    I hear what you are saying Mattie and happen to believe you possess something special,will everyone feel the same? no (though a growing many will),we often win them one at a time.I’m dead chuffed you are there doing what you do , so thanks to you too mate


  7. John Lewis

    Well said Mattie just wanna say thanks as well and what a buzz for me to have been picked. Adam Waltons show is amazing he supports so many of us Welsh act with his top show. ps the link did work so here another
    cheers and Iechyd da (health good)
    again John

  8. Thanks John,Adam Walton link updated

  9. Dear Johnno,

    Here’s a belated reaction from Amsterdam – how wonderful you write. What a sweet surprise to now find out I made this list, I was stuck on a mountain without internet and had no idea. Now safely back on the dutch planes, can I quote some of those wonderful sentences?

    Your gentle acoustic love bunny,


  10. Hi VanWyck

    Glad you are back around(safely)

    Of course quote me at will,its what the internet is for,continued luck with the music


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