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Darke Horse


DARKE HORSE – Text Me Back

I have to recognise that when this song starts I thought somebody was calling to my cell phone in that right moment and the sound was interfering with my speakers. Joking apart for this original introduction, the song by Darke Horse is an alternative rock piece that could be traced by Bon Jovi although the band is naming influences by Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy, Biffy Clyro and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their work is certainly fresh and catchy for the genre

Darke Horse is a 4-pieces band from Leeds/Sheffield formed in 2009.

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DUSTY STRAY – Drowning Horses

Dusty stray is the music project founded by Taiwan multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Brown. Included in his third album “Family Album”, Drowning Horses is an ethnical folk song full of exotic sounds and melodies. A road trip by other lands and other worlds.

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FLIES ON YOU – Josephine

Post punk duo from Leeds Flies On You is debuting with the album “Nothing To Write Home About”, released on September 3rd 2012. Without any doubt, it is one of the most original bands from this week at Fresh on The Net. Josephine song migrates from deep punk to post punk sounds without almost transitions and creates an industrial atmosphere repeated over and over by the chorus and lyrics. Amazing piece on itself, this song will make happy to some advanced listeners.

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GIBSON BULL – Skin And Bones

London singer song-writer Gibson Bull was the most voted participant this weekend, and it didn’t surprised me at all. I felt attracted by his voice and his song at the first listening. It always makes me to feel very special when I get to feel identified with the sound and the lyrics of a song. This melancholic song produces that kind of feelings and I think that we all noticed it and we get captured by it.

A good friend helped me to get the lyrics of the song and I want to share them with you all, repeating his words while replaying it. This song is as sweet as a little master piece.

I know how your feeling, it`s hard to stay
I don`t mind you leaving, but don`t run away
Left for being misleading? I know you`re afraid
After all that`s happened, you can`t be blamed
We`re only skin and bones, too often on our own
It`s no use running when you feel alone
You`ll still be skin and bones
There`s no use running, you`ll get so far
Until you find you standing, back at the start
Lights will come shining , winds will change
Thoughts will grow clearer, scars will fade
Were only skin and bones, too often on our own
It`s no use running, when you feel alone
You`ll still be skin and bones
We`re only skin and bones. Too often on our own
It`s no use running. When you feel alone
We`re only skin and bones. Too often on our own
We`re only skin and bones. Too often on our own
I know how your feeling, it`s hard to stay
I don`t mind you leaving, but don’t run away

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L.A. SALAMI – Another Shade of Blue

Lookman Adekunle Salami, singer songwriter from London. What a voice, what a personal and unique style and how many registers for an acoustic performer. This is one of those artists that could create influences for the music of nowadays bringing us the very best of the old school ones as Neil Young. A pleasure to listen and to discover.

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NEW ARCADES – Stay Awake

Stay Awake is a Synth pop song with a touch of 80s and an echo of a Glasvegas’ influence. Performed by electro pop London duo New Arcades, this song will transport you in a flashback trip to the rainbows and shadows of the electronic music of two decades.

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SERA – These Walls

Folky song performed with an acoustic guitar, a banjo and a gorgeous duo of voices in which Laura Louise Owen (aka Sera) sounds with the taste of an American singer and the sensibility of a Welch soul.

This singer songwriter from Caernarfon with influences by Alanis Morissette, Heather Nova or The Cranberries, has already a brilliant career, playing in many cities from different countries and being selected by BBC New Talent Songwriting Academy. She will be releasing a new album in November, her forth work after the release of two albums and one EP.

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Solar Taxi was the band in charge to bring the vibrations this weekend at our listening post. Gung Ho is a pop dance song full of energy that comes by the hand of two experienced musicians, Aisling Browne (vocalists) and Peter Vogelaar (bassist), and the brilliant work of producer Peter Vogelaar.

This overwhelming 5-piece band from Waterford, Ireland have opened for Roxette at the O2 arena in Dublin and shared stage with 50 Cent & The Faithless Sound System.

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SOLO – Alone Tonight

SOLO (aka Solo Major) is an indie pop band from London. Their song “Alone Tonight”, from their “Daytime” EP has a complex acoustic introduction that moves to lighter dream pop sound, by the use of many layers of voices in a catchy melody.

The band, EP with influences by bands like Wild Nothing, Beach House or Grizzly Bear, seams to be formed in 2012 and debuted with a demo EP.

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TIJUANA & STUART ROBIN – Parties In Awful Places

Acid techno funky song with a remarked metric given by the lyrics. Tijuana is a musician and producer from London. His work, in collaboration with Stuart Robin, keeps that funky style in other records that you can find at their Soundcloud page. But there is not too much information about this music project, so I guess that we will have to wait still a little bit to see how they are going to develop their music.

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WE’RE NO HEROES – Distort The Air

Electro pop band from Cardiff “We Are No Heroes” has shared this unreleased song “with us. Grating guitars, deep bass, electronic base and a strong back up of voices, are part of the ingredients of “Distort The Air”.

The band has published a documental video with live footages and different comments about their previous work “Quiet Colours EP” released in 2011. It is very interesting to see how the development of their ideas has defined and outlined the sound of the band with a solid result.

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FROM TOM: if you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks please hold back for 6-8 weeks before sending us another one. After all if you keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…


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  1. Great reviews Mar. Brill tracks as always. Roll on next week’s fresh faves.

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