Fresh Faves: Batch 77

April Towers at BBC Nottingham

This week’s Fresh Faves are reviewed by Team Freshnet’s Mar de Miguel, the Madrid-based co-founder of Jungle Indie Rock.

Our Fresh Faves today feature the nine most voted-for bands/artists of weekend. Not included in this article – but also with many votes from our readers – I would like to give honourable mentions to We Are Knuckle Dragger (from Newcastle Upon Tyne), Heroes Of Popular Science (from London) and the Czech band Latimer House.


April Towers are an electropop duo from Nottingham consisting of Charles Burley and Alexander Noble. Tel Aviv is included in the EP “Peaks” released just 3 hours ago. There is not too much information about them at the moment but the duo recorded an interview with Dean Jackson  (BBC Introducing, Nottingham), that you can hear in full this Saturday at The Beat.

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Once upon a time there was a Austrian singer-songwriter named, Claudia that moved to London…One of my favourites this week, the work of Heidegger in this song “Tell Me Your Dreams” sounds with the sweetness of a medieval fairy tale, telling stories about life, love, fears and hopes. Tell Me Your Dreams is included in her debut EP ‘The Other Side‘, released in May 2013.

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CRAIG ELLIOTT – Dead By Way Of Boredom

New Zealand lo-fi artist Craig Elliot combines his love (and voices) for Elliott Smith with a noise performance of alt punk guitars. Based in London, Craig has released a full album in Bandcamp, not including this new song Dead By Way Of Boredom.

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FELIX HAGAN & THE FAMILY – My Lords And Ladies

My Lords and Ladies, is the first cut of Felix Hagan & The Family mini album String Up The Entertainer. Probably because it is the craziest song included in that work, it was not selected as first nor second single, although, it is, in my modest opinion, the best one. Latin rhythms and dynamic lyrics, the voice o Hagan sounds hysterical, almost apocalyptic and in the border of a psycho thriller. Too risky and complicated for a video as well, it must be an spectacle to see the band performing this theme, which is absolutely brilliant and funny.

Felix Hagan & The Family are a 7-pieces theatre-flavoured rock and roll band founded in London in 2012 and signed to Debt Records.

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Jess Harwood is a singer-songwriter from Blackpool. Maybe new for our readers at Fresh On The Net, Harwood has shared her work with us in different occasions and it is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to write about her. Jess is one of these singers which voice can be adapted to any music style. Listening to songs as “You Don’t Care”, “Every Little Thing”, or “Finally Realised” you will appreciate her versatility and the big talent of this singer at composing.

My life is the new single by Jess Harwood and it was self released on September 1st, 2013.

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Skin by Razmataz Lorry Excitement was my favourite song from our recent listening post. Beginning with late 90’s dance beats, nevertheless the song encloses new music influences that will break your first impression. Featuring singer-songwriter Natasha Haws, Skin will make you to think in a combination of other music projects like Love Ink and LCD Subsystem.

Razmataz Lorry Excitement is Newcastle Upon Tyne musician Kev Dosdale, touring member of Mercury prize band Field Music. On December 2012, Kev released a nine tracks mini-album called “If It Takes Me All Night Long”, followed in 2013 by a remixes EP of the song “China Town”, including the rework by Field Music. Skin is a new single and it will be officially released in October 21st 2013.

Official | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube || Natasha Haws

SHOWROOM DUMMIES – If You Wanna Feel Good

Listening to Showroom Dummies is like a flashback travel to the early 80’s. Techno pop sounds, acid voices and experimental arrangements, “If you Wanna Feel Good” begins as a vintage song and finishes with a rainbow of new indie rock influences.

Showroom Dummies are a London based power trio founded in May 2013. “If You Wanna Feel Good” is included in their ST demo EP, released one month ago in Soundcloud.

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The gravity Drive are singer-songwriter Elijah Wolf and Ava Wolf. Married in the real life, the artistic duo formed in 2011 and they name influences by Radiohead, The Beatles or Fleetwood Mac.

The gravity Drive is working on their debut album, Testament, mixed by Peter Schwier (Pet Shop Boys, Dexys, Electronic) and produced by Paul Knight-Malciak and The Gravity Drive. Circles is their new single and it will be officially released on October 27.

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Dead Zone by Dubliner “band” The Pickled Onions was the most voted song this weekend. And I say “band” because I can’t find any information about them. For the voices and instruments I would say that there is more than one person involved in this music project, but nowadays that you can play with a virtual orchestra at home, who knows? In any case, “Dead Zone”, as well as other tracks like “Please Please”, “Let Me In” or “Another Fine Mess”, sounds like a solid work ready to be packed and delivered inside a ST debut EP.

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FROM TOM: if you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t been selected for our Listening Post you’re welcome to re-submit music to our inbox the following week. However, if you’ve been voted as one of our Fresh Faves, please hold back for 2-3 months before submitting a new track. After all – if our favourite keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…


Hi, I'm Mar, a member of the Fresh On The Net team. I am a biologist, and I work at a research laboratory. I became interested in music as a child and studied Music Theory, Piano and Choral Singing for more than one decade. Although the circumstances steered me into Biology, I have never been cut off from the music. Since always I've had a predilection for Scottish, Irish folk, Breton and Galician music, but I have a large collection of world music. With my trips to Brazil I added from Bossa to Samba, Samba Reggae, Pagode, Sertanejo..., but above all, a wide range of current Brazilian rock musicians, entirely unknown in the international market. Hence, when I returned to Spain, and later moved to Los Angeles (California), I was bored by the monopolized commercial music that was on the radio. This, the gradual disappearance of good record stores and the possibilities offered by the Internet, sparked my curiosity for other forms of music and the independent music media. Following that path I founded “Jungle Indie Rock” with my best friend, a music blog where we have fun and we feature independent bands and artists. I still travel a lot, looking for new sites, sounds and rhythms. I currently live in Madrid and landed here in 2012 at Fresh On The Net :)


  1. A honour to be one of this weeks fave’s xxxx

  2. Great to be a part of this list, thanks to all the bands involved some great music here 🙂

  3. Amazing!!! Super fresh music from all the bands!
    Thanks for the support 😀

  4. Thanks for the votes and thank you, Mar, for the ‘honourable mention’. We’ll be back soon with another song for your consideration… Cheers, Joe at Latimer House

  5. Well done to the bands who made the faves – I missed the votes but I want to mention Pickled Onions for a great atmosphere and melody and Showroom Dummies for their brilliance.

  6. Thanks Mar, for the honourable mention! Well done to all the artists in this weeks fresh faves – great stuff!

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