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Ivy House Gig Montage

Three Artists with Fresh on the Net connections play a new live event in South London.

Three artists with connections to Fresh on the Net are appearing at the inaugural Demerara Records Presents… event at The Ivy House on the borders of Nunhead, Peckham and East Dulwich in South London on 2nd August 2018. The gig is the first in a bi-monthly series on the first Thursday of the month. Demerara Records are aiming to build a scene around the Ivy House for fans of what their head Neil March calls “…the wide musical space where contemporary classical, ambient, experimental and related genres converge”.

The opener on 2nd August sees recent Fresh Fave Jon Samsworth headlining along with his full band plus two Fresh on the Net moderators Kerry JK and Environmental Sound Foundation (a.k.a Neil March). Kerry will be playing a unique solo piano and vocal set which he described as “Punk Jazz” interspersed with story-telling and poetry. It will be a great chance for the Ivy House crowd to experience Kerry’s combination of exuberant personality and considerable musical talent. Check out the video for Kerry’s track Be True on YouTube.

ESF will play a set of instrumental “Electro-Dub-Funk” laced with atonal and modal harmonic concepts, polyrhythms and a lot of recorded environmental noise used both to produce actual pitches and harmonies and also for pure ambience. Check out the forthcoming single 200 Seconds on Soundcloud.

Jon’s set will showcase his diverse influences which place him somewhere in that unclassified territory between contemporary classical music and leftfield experimentalism. View the showreel for Jon’s track The Bellringers here.

All three have had their music played on BBC Radio 6 Music in the past few months. Environmental Sound Foundation and Kerry JK have both been recent inclusions on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape Show.

The audience will be able to sit at low-lit tables and drink, eat and chat while being entertained. The aim is for it to be about listening in comfort to original and experimental sound. Tickets cost £8 in advance from the Demerara Records Presents… web page. Depending whether there any tickets left, there is a small possibility that attendees will be allowed to pay £10 on the door. However fans are advised to buy early as numbers are limited.

It will hopefully represent the first in an ongoing series that will provide the ideal focus for a diverse and open-minded scene. For more information and links to social media pages, visit

Guest Post

One of a series of guest posts from bands, bloggers and other colleagues reviewing our Fresh Faves, sharing their expertise, and writing about their current projects.


  1. Tom

    Great lineup this – and having played a gig at The Ivy House myself last year, I can’t recommend it highly enough – a great venue with a unique history, beautiful period decor and a brilliant vibe.

  2. Thanks Tom. It will be all the more inspiring knowing we are playing a venue you were performing at recently too. 🙂

  3. Thank you Tom! I’m looking forward to it…

  4. Many thanks, Tom & all – really looking forward to this one! 🙂

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