Eclectic Picks: Batch 390

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Every week Signal Committee create an Eclectic Picks playlist. All tracks are selected from the full inbox of 200 tracks that are submitted each week to Fresh On The Net. Check out their picks from Monday 11th January below.


Our playlists are orientated to the alternative music fan. Lyrics are not essential, abstract ideas are embraced and the fusing of different genres is encouraged.


This week was always going to be mighty competitive after the 6 week break, and that shows with just over 90 minutes of eclectic picks in our opening playlist to 2021.

As always, there’s all sorts going on in this mix with the usual offerings of trip hop, electronica, ambient, indie rock, dreampop and lots of other weird and wonderful stuff.

First of all, hats off BLISS REPORT, CLUSTERS OF EYES and SKINNYBOY TUNES for also making this weeks ‘Fresh Faves’ – consider that ‘doing the double’, with the triple possibly in sight if you’re lucky enough to have caught Tom’s ears for the R6 Mixtape.

I won’t dwell on every track but put it this way…. if we picked your track, we liked it and inevitably others will too if you can keep plugging away to get your music heard! I will, however, give a few shout outs to:

  • CHRIS McCONVILLE, for going out of his comfort zone this week and dipping his toe into a bit of electronica – we’d like to see how that might develop!
  • LOHRD SNOHW, who somehow managed to bend the rules (I don’t actually have any rules) to make the list twice in the form of a guest vocalist, and also a collaboration with KATE BRUNOTTS.
  • BULZARA, who I noticed got his track below, Anuta Howl, on to his local BBC Introducing this weekend

As for the ZEROPOINT PROJECTS track, this is a track I came across a few months ago and frankly I’m fed up of telling everyone how good it is, so I’m not going bother to mentioning him, or his track. Not once.

But, seriously, there’s some absolute belters in the list below so if you’re reading this please put aside 90 minutes, give it a full blast through and drop a comment below with some positive vibes to all these emerging artists.


You can listen to this weeks playlist using the player below, or click here to open the Soundcloud playlist in a new window.

For the best listening experience… crank up the volume and immerse yourself in the music!


  1. THE ZEROPOINT PROJECTS – Resist (feat. Lohrd Snohw)
  2. CLUSTERS OF EYES – This Is Transformation (feat. Troy)
  3. JOSIE LOCKHART – One Second To Midnight
  4. THE JOHN MICHIE COLLECTIVE – I’ll Write Your Constellation
  5. DAVE DARK AND THE SHARKS – Entanglement
  6. SKINNYBOY TUNES – Sunk Foul Brother
  7. PUNCHLOVE – Disappointment Of The Tropics
  9. FINS A LUMINOUS – Human Bones (Single Version)
  10. LEAN LOGIC – Solsbury Hill
  11. S:BAHN – We Move
  12. THE ACTIONS – Leap
  13. SLEEMO – So Much A Man
  14. ANDREW VAN GARRATT – Back To The Abyss
  15. LOHRD SNOHW & KATE BRUNOTTS – Call Me Deadly
  16. ROKE – Two Yards
  17. PORTAMENTO – Just Drive (Original Mix)
  18. MATTHEW JAMESON – Tape Machine Broke (Live On Cheese Packet)
  19. BLISS REPORT – Pivotal Orbit
  20. SLOW BONES – Amsterdam
  21. CHRIS MCCONVILLE – Hope Twenty Twenty One
  22. SIMON ALLEN – Closing In On You
  23. BULZARA – Anuta Howl


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Signal Committee

Signal Committee are a four piece band from Bury, England. Their influences include the likes of New Order, Radiohead, Bowie, Jon Hopkins and Massive Attack.


  1. Really enjoyed this, especially THE JOHN MICHIE COLLECTIVE – I’ll Write Your Constellation and CHRIS MCCONVILLE – Hope Twenty Twenty One, ive been following the progress of both these artists and its great to find them on here! Thanks for posting such a great selection of music!

  2. fave here was BLISS REPORT – Pivotal Orbit
    Also PORTAMENTO – Just Drive (Original Mix) and
    FINS A LUMINOUS – Human Bones (Single Version)
    but there was something that my wife complained about and I had to turn it down!

  3. Mark R.

    Loving these. Really enjoyed Skinnyboy Tunes and Lord Snohw.

    However, my very favorite is the John Michie Collective! I’ll write your constellation is 🔥🔥🔥

  4. John Michie

    Glad to be on the list but these ones below I wish I had written

    Lohrd Snohw – Call Me Deadly – Kate Brunotts & Lohrd Snohw
    Darwin and the Finches – Lover
    Lean Logic – Solsbury Hill
    Verbcops – Roke – Two Yards

  5. Great to make into your ECLECTIC PICKS! Really enjoyed listening to the playlist this morning on my errands. About half way thru. Looking forward to the rest this afternoon and over the weekend! It has a great flow and there’s loads of great varied music on there! Easy to see why these tracks made it in!!

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