Eclectic Picks: Batch 438

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Every week Signal Committee present an Eclectic Picks playlist. All tracks are selected from the full inbox of 200 tracks that are submitted each week to Fresh On The Net. This week, however, all the credit goes to our guest curator, Mirage.

Our playlists are orientated to the alternative music fan. Lyrics are not essential, abstract ideas are embraced and the fusing of different genres is encouraged. If you used to write band names on your pencil case at school, you’ll probably like our playlists.


Once upon a time Mirage stumbled on our own music, most likely via Lucas Gil’s Supernova radio show, and got in touch to say he liked it. Naturally, we reciprocated by checking out Mirage’s music. We discovered Another One, and we have held his music in high esteem ever since. More recently, you will find Mirage’s remix of Aeqorea IV, originally by Michael Donoghue, a regular face here on Freshonthenet. This is all testament to the underground world of unsigned music that is underpinned by Freshonthenet and the Twitter community. If you are reading this, you are already part of that world.

In Mirage’s own words he produces ‘tribal, funky, beautiful breaks music for break dancers and street dancers across the Globe’. Needless to say, that ethos is well reflected by his choice of tracks this week as our guest moderator!


DISCO IN SOCHI – Die Neu (Diva) 3:48: It’s like being slapped across the face. Big attitude, moody bounce, relentless drum groove with great fills and strained vocals of pure insanity. Oh yes please!

NOODLE BEARD FT. HANNAH REEM – Deception 4:05: This track feels like a James Bond theme tune. A memorable vocal overlaying high quality production. It made me feel like I was waltzing through Saltzberg. Be careful, their name is Beard, Noodle Beard.

STUDIO KIND OF GREEN – One In A Million 5:04: A plethora of strange sounds & wind instruments hooked into a nonchalant groove. Repeat, repeat, repeat – I could listen all day. It’s from a Rick and Morty dimension. Made for sunshine and I like sunshine!

98 POLY – Beneath The Blinds 5:05: This track is a real builder that reels you in right from the very start. Beautiful, haunting vocals, very Kate Bush-esque. The vocals are given plenty of space as the song grows in atmosphere. And there’s a nice, smooth beat throughout which gets the thumbs up from Mirage.

GOMRUND – Remove Disease 4:56: This track is from the States and born on the streets. It’s Breaks music for street dancers and lo-fi connoisseurs. Broken funk, plenty of samples and scratching – this is my cup of chai.

CHIHUAHUA – Gimme Your Gun 3:50: Electronic psychedelic weirdness with a driving beat with a mixture of real instruments, amazing wind sections and percussion. You can’t help but feel energised and ready to go and smash some windows. Music to loot to!

EVIE ASIO – Turning Time 6:05: I tossed and turned considering whether to add this track into an eclectic mix – at its source it’s a beautiful piano and vocal driven singer-songwriter pop track. It’s absolutely stunning, so it could make any serious song choice list. What a voice, what amazing production, warm and uplifting – just what we all need right now.

GEORGE CHEETHAM – Talent Pool 2:34: My grin was as wide as a watermelon when listening to this beaut. If you’ve been job hunting recently, have a listen and know you are not alone. Thank you, George, for warming our hearts.

LAURA MULCAHY – The Affair 3:45: You know it’s wrong…but The Affair tells the story of the excitement of such a tryst. I was spellbound, feeling like I was somewhere between watching a theatrical performance and investigating a weird, new planet. Strange, captivating, and clever. Thank you, Laura.

CHIEF SPRINGS – La Cienega 3:04: Such a rich sound from such an accomplished band coming out of Leicester. I was left with full body tingles – the lead singer’s voice seems to wrap their arms around you and tell you everything is going to be just fine. More please Chief Springs!

ROCK CAKE – Get Away 2:57: Rock Cake’s profile on Spotify simply says, ‘Turn it up!’. So, I did as I was told and fell in love with this raucous little slab of attitude. I suggest you do the same.

BLACKSHEEPLAD – Zombie Romance 3:41: We can all relate to this – all our family and friends becoming zombies and taking over the world. How would we react? Well, Blacksheeplad has a plan and I’m with him!

FREYA LILY – Reaching (Part 2) 2:36: This track by Freya Lily makes you want to float around your flat while you’re doing the hoovering. It’s gentle, caressing and sublime. If piano-led, ambient soundscapes are your thing, improve your life by inviting Freya Lily into your home.

YLLWSHRK – We Rave So You Don’t Have To 1:30: The song title got me interested, then I had a listen. Help me out here – is this genius? It’s definitely eclectic and experimental – or simply insane? – you decide. It’s the kind of tune a gurning DJ puts on about 5.37am at a flaky after-party.

BOSTOCK – Initialize 5:51: I’m sure we’re all in agreement that there is simply not enough high quality, mid-tempo techno in the world?! This gem had me dancing around the bedroom, feeling like Bruce Parry on a shaman high, hooked into the groove, getting my ass into tribal mode. Let yourself go… HEKTOR – Valentina 5.48: Blissful electronica from down under. The kind of tune you could listen to in bed, watching a lazer show at a festival and busting your moves on a podium in your local nightclub. Whatever… it will make you smile and feel like a warm croissant.

FOX EVADES – Strange Forever 3:02: Crafted beautifully with eerie vocals, Fox Evades is a solo project and the track comes together like only a multi-instrumentalist can do – silky, wondrous, and hypnotic.

HARUN RUNE – Krule Love 3:48: A seamless combo of smooth, street hip hop vocals with a wicked beat produced by Ta-Ku which hypnotises you in the background. I love the way this track rolls with the early rap, which fades, leaving the electronica to do its thang.

BLAME CLUB – Narcotic 4:00: “Blame Club write songs together. Everything else is just weather.” That’s what they say, I suggest you check out this mysterious song and find out more.

PRIMA QUEEN – Invisible Hand 4:24: Part country, part indie, part rock…this delicious track by the ladies from Prima Queen is a real sing-along delight. Absorbing lyrics, beautiful voices and a full sound, it’s easy to see why Prima Queen are a hot band right now.

HOME COUNTIES – Back To The 70s 3:34: For a bunch of young guys, these fellas are clued up on the state of the UK. Punky edge, with well-considered lyrics, a touch of ska and the all-round effect is boisterous genius. There’s a touch of Sleaford Mods, The Specials & their own unique formula.

THE CHOCO LA’S – The Invisible Kind 3:45: They call themselves a folk-rock-psych-pop trio. Sounds good to me. This is music with feeling, nice harmonies and driving guitars. The lead singer Bryony Dunn is simply awesome.


You can listen to this weeks playlist using the player below, or click here to open the Soundcloud playlist in a new window. For the best listening experience… crank up the volume and immerse yourself in the music!


  1. DISCO IN SOCHI – Diva
  2. NOODLE BEARD – Deception (Hannah Reem & Noodle Beard)
  3. STUDIO KIND OF GREEN – One In A Million
  4. 98 POLY – Beneath The Blinds
  5. GOMRUND – Remove Disease
  6. INOCHI – Chihuahua: Gimme Your Gun Remix
  7. EVIE ASIO – Turning TIme
  8. GEOREG CHEETHAM – Talent Pool
  9. LAURA MULCAHY – The Affair
  10. CHIEF SPRINGS – La Cienega
  11. ROCK CAKE – Get Away
  12. BLACKSHEEPLAD – Zombie Romance
  13. FREYA LILY – Reaching (Part 2)
  14. BOSTOCK – Initialize
  15. HEKTOR – Valentina
  16. FOX EVADES – Strange Forever
  17. HARUN RUNE – Krule Love Prod. by Ta-Ku (Cloudy Remix)
  18. BLAME CLUB – Narcotic
  19. PRIMA QUEEN – Invisible Hand
  20. HOME COUNTIES – Back To The 70’s
  21. THE CHOCO LA’S – The Invisible Kind


We all have ambitions to get on national radio, but in the meantime there are loads of great, independent radio stations that are always looking for new music of the alternative variety. They offer no promises, but the following hosts tell me they that, if you made this list, they’d like you to get in touch to be considered for their show:

  • Chris Watts, presenter of “In The Moog” online on NCCR (UK) (Twitter: @chriswatts1965.  Electronic/synth-based tracks (mp3 &/or WAV) to, together with artwork &/or band pic and your Twitter handle).
  • Lucas Gil, presenter of Supernova on Glitterbeam Radio (Twitter @lucasgil, apply by his website here)
  • Joe Figueira of North Manchester FM (Twitter @moretonguy, apply with MP3, short bio & twitter handle by e-mail to


If you’re on Twitter, IG etc make sure you put a link to your social media pages on your soundcloud profile. It’ll save curators, moderators, radio folk etc lots of time letting you know you made the cut. On the other hand, maintaining anonymity might lead to a cult following in a remote location that you don’t find out about until someone from Svalbard FM hunts you down 20 years later to do a Searching For Sugar Man-esque documentary.

Signal Committee

From Bury, UK. Influences include Radiohead, New Order, Arcade Fire, Bowie, Jon Hopkins.


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    Such kind words, made my week and such wicked tracks this week thank you! Big love – H

  2. Thank you Mirage for your kind words and for adding Talent Pool to the playlist! Fantastic songs on here and chuffed to be beside them.

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