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These Fresh Faves were picked by our readers over the weekend – and reviewed by Fresh On The Net’s Louise Toal this week. You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.

Good day all, from a fine Autumnal morning in Belfast. I’m feeling rather lucky today to have such a great range of tunes to review. It can be a daunting task but always helps when the artists keep bringing us tracks of such high quality. I have my trusty cuppa in hand so time to crack on!


It’s perhaps no secret to some that I tend to struggle a little with Jazz as a genre. What surprised me with this track, is that on my first listen from the main inbox I picked it out straight away, and I have become quite smitten with it. I love the arrangement and playfulness of the saxophone and drums. I think I’m on my fourteenth listen and still smiling! Am I coming round to Jazz?! Watch this space…

Haven’t Meta Yet is a collaboration featuring Ant Law (guitar), Alex Hitchcock (sax) and Eric Harland (drums) and it’s taken from Ant Law and Alex Hitchcock’s upcoming album Same Moon In The Same World. From what I see on Bandcamp the album features a range of interesting collaborators and it’s available to pre-order now and to celebrate the release of the album there is a live performance from the Ant Law/Alex Hitchcock Quartet featuring Jeff Ballard in Band On The Wall on the 6th December. You know what to do, people!

Ant Law:
Official | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp

Alex Hitchcock:
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Eric Harland:
Official | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp

ALIEN CHICKS – Woodlouse

Alien Chicks are a Brixton based, post-punk power trio: Joe (vocals & guitar), Martha (drums) and Stefan (vocals & bass). Their music touches on a whole mix of genres including jazz, rap, and math rock. They take influence from the likes of Black Midi, A Tribe Called Quest and Denzel Curry.

Woodlouse is right up my angry street, the track switches between dark vocals to a more melodic sound throughout and I love the juxtaposition, it suits the subject matter of the song perfectly. If you like energetic and sophisticated music, this is the band for you.

If you want to catch them live you can do so at The Grace (London) Oct 13th and Rainbow Venues (Birmingham) Oct 22nd. I get the feeling they aren’t a band to be missed if you’re in the vicinity.

Linktree | Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp

B OF BRIZ – Nineties Girl (ft Rachel Maxann)

B of Briz is a Bristol based rapper and producer who delivers “philosophically inclined rap to you from the future for all womankind and our allies to enjoy with our ears, minds and bodies.” She has teamed up on Nineties Girl with Memphis, Tennesee-based vocalist Rachel Maxann.

Nineties Girl gives me all the nostalgic feels because I was one! It’s a homage to the likes of Neneh Cherry, Alanis Morissette and Sophie B Hawkins, to name just a few, and our connection to women in music. B of Briz says: “It’s about having the world at your feet, and not being ready, physically or emotionally to step out into it but wanting to anyway.”

It’s a clever track and Rachel brings an earthiness and warmth to it that makes it all the more endearing. Sublime stuff.

Official | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp


Liverpool-based Disco In Sochi are a collective made up of Alex Allen (writer, player, singer) and Rory Ballantyne (producer), self-described as “A heavy, alternative pop outfit which meets to the likes of Chk Chk Chk & Jack White.”

Shake is definitely a hip shaker! It’s as fun as it is infectious and I’m LOVING it! Poppy synths along with experimental percussion and a sexy vocal to boot. For me it’s reminiscent of the jangly magic of Snapped Ankles, which can only be a good thing.

Disco In Sochi have gained support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and Radio WigWam. I’ll be keeping my beady eyes on what the future holds for these guys as well as singing Shake for the rest of today!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp

GABRIEL MORENO – Dreams Of The Poor

Gabriel Moreno is a London-based poet and singer/songwriter. He is also the Cultural Ambassador of Gibraltar of 2022. Think “alternative folk with a Mediterranean touch.” Dreams Of The Poor brings me back down to earth with its highly topical theme and melancholic tone. A sad and poignant song reminding us of the ever increasing issues of injustice, inequality and a very broken system. We all know, right?!

Gabriel has had support from BBC 6 Music’s Cerys Matthews, who describes him as “an offshoot of Leonard Cohen and Neil Diamond.” High praise indeed.

Official | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp

GEMMA ROGERS – First World Problems

First World Problems comes from London-based musician, Gemma Rogers’ debut album, No Place Like Home.

Described on Bandcamp as: “A witty raconteur, a strange and compelling presence in England’s visionary avant-garde,” Gemma uses humour, romance, heartache and social commentary to bring us her ultra quirky sound. First World Problems is the little kick up the bum we need sometimes! It’s especially apparent having listened to it directly after the previous heartbreaking song. It has a great hook and a whole lot of sass and I’ll actively make an effort to whine less, for today at least.

If you go to Gemma’s Bandcamp page you’ll not only find some tasty vinyl you can get your mitts on, but you’ll see a picture of her wearing the coolest outfit! Where’d you get that green dress, Gemma? It’s class! Also check her website for a list of upcoming gigs.

Official | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp


Well now, with a song title like that you have my attention! Based in Morcambe, Lancashire, Indifferentmonkey started releasing music in September 2021 and say they are heavily influenced by: TripHop, Heavy Rock, Funk, Jazz, Electronic and Pop. I can hear a strong Jungle influence in this track too, which makes me more than happy. Bullish, dirty beats are exactly what I order for most Monday mornings and Filthy Dirty delivers. I was taken with this one on my first listen too, gloriously frantic, much like my life most days. Keep em coming please…

Indifferentmonkey are: Pippa (vocals), Joe Lowe (Instruments, writer, producer) Jack Willan (drums, percussion, bass and guitar) and Brendan Syson (guitar) and they have gained support from BBC Introducing and KCRW in LA.

Official | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp


British band Monster Florence consist of: Dream McClean, Wallace Rice and Alex Osiris (vocals) and producers and musicians: Tom Donovan, Cameron Morrell and Jonny Poole. What was meant to be a one off festival performance has turned into a full time project due to their undeniable chemistry on and off stage. Monster Florence manage to twist and defy genres over distinctive beats and raw lyrics.

When I was listening to Borstal last night it caught the attention of my 14 year old son and stopped him in his tracks. He likened the sound to Sampha, who I now have to investigate. The kids know! It’s a brilliant track and if it has the power to grab this old ,44 year old and a young and hip 14 year old you’re doing something right.

Official | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp


South Manchester based, Alternative Rock band Neutronika, are: Davvvo, Clive & D Maggie B. Formed in 2019, they started their journey writing, collaborating and playing together. They say their three very different styles merged into one and influences span from the 60s to date.

High Time is a nice indie style love song. What strikes me most about Neutronika is the sophisticated guitar work. You can tell they like branching out and experimenting with different sounds, riffs, licks and basslines. The vocals have a lovely shoe gazey feel that reminds me of a lot of the bands I was listening to in the nineties, but with a more modern edge. I’m very much liking their sound and looking forward to hearing what’s to come from them in the future!

Official | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp

TAPES – OK, Now What?

Tapes are the beautifully harmonious collaboration between Milo Gore and FARE. The Bristol based duo combine Milo’s natural ability for poetic storytelling and FARE’s organic lyricism and melodies.

OK, Now What? is a delightful track to finish up on. I like its soft eccentricity. It feels like an effortless and natural partnership, like it’s meant to be. The harmonies are elegant and charming. I’ve been having a listen to their EP Silly Little Songs, and it’s a delight. If you like it mellow, go check it out. Lovely stuff!

Official | Instagram | Twitter


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Louise Toal

Louise was a cellist in a previous life before reality got in the way! Her unwavering passion for all things music means she listens constantly whether at home or work, attending as many gigs as babysitters allow. Read More. Find Louise on Instagram and Threads @weeblade.


  1. Thanks for your review and comments. Chuffed! x

  2. Geat reviews as always Louise. I’m pleased you are coming round to Jazz. So much exciting contemporary jazz around at the moment and that Hitchcock/Law/Harland track is a great example. Once again it was a really strong and diverse set of faves which is heartening to see. Well done to all the artists. 🙂

  3. Louise Toal

    Thanks, Gabriel and Neil! Yes, snazzy, jazzy new me?!! 😉🎷

  4. YEEEEAHHH. Thank you so much. We always get dead excited about lovely stuff like this. Made our day! If anyone is in Lancaster (Lancashire) on 15th OCT we are playing two gigs that day on the Lancaster Music Festival. Gig 1 “Kanteena” 3pm Gig 2 (a bit more intimate) at The Golden Lion 8:30pm. Come and watch us get “Filthy Dirty” on stage!

  5. Louise Toal

    Glad you’re happy with it, Joe and if I lived closer I’d be all over those filthy gigs! All the best with them. Loving your work.

  6. Great reviews Louise! Well done to those who made it!

  7. Thank Louise. Got our first major Festival booking for 2023 (and a mini tour of Belgium) so exciting monkey days to come. If anyone can help us get more gigs (especially in the North West (and Leeds areas) please DM via Twitter @indifferentM . We just did a headline with the iconic Hawkwind in Morecambe and found out our music is meant to be on a big stage! It was ACE.

  8. Louise Toal

    Exciting times ahead! I’ll keep an eye/ear out on the gig front and shout if I see anything. 👍

  9. nice one…thanks Louise!

  10. Love these reviews Louise and the music is chocker fantastic

  11. Andy Page

    Great read as always Lou, nicely personal…and what a great week of new music!

  12. Thanks for your review, Louise!
    And thanks to everyone who took the time to listen and vote- I really appreciate your love of and support for new music and emerging artists.
    Also super stoked that so many people enjoyed the track…. Plenty more where that came from, my debut EP ‘Forty-two’ just dropped!

  13. Huge thank you Louise for your valuable feedback and to the listeners who voted for us ❤️. Davvvo is still buzzing following your remarks on his guitar playing 😉. We’ll look forward to submitting again in the future, back to the Studio this week! Best wishes, D Maggie Bee, Neutronika

  14. Louise Toal

    Thanks all! You’re not just a talented bunch but a kind bunch too 😉
    L x

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