Eclectic Picks: Batch 486

Every week Signal Committee present an Eclectic Picks playlist. All tracks are selected from the full inbox of 200 tracks that are submitted each week to Fresh On The Net. This week all the credit goes to our special guest curator, Caitlin LM.


Our playlists are orientated to the alternative music fan. Lyrics are not essential, abstract ideas are embraced and the fusing of different genres is encouraged. If you used to write band names on your pencil case at school, you’ll probably like our playlists.


Caitlin LM first came on to our radar back in July 2022 with her track, I Know You Know, quickly followed up with When Was The Last Time, and Evergreen, also making the Eclectic Picks. Obviously we liked what we heard, but the truth is that she had us at ‘Bjork and Thom Yorke’ (influences).

Originally from our neck of the woods, Caitlin LM has since left the cotton mills of North Manchester and now seeks refuge in the shires of South Manchester. Catlin LM produces electronic music, but will take up any opportunity to bring out the sax or the flute on stage. That said, her finest instrument is the one that lives inside of her, and there are plenty of opportunities to check out those ethereal vocals at live gigs around Greater Manchester. Until then, check out Caitlin LM’s picks this week….


  1. KASSIAN – Akkala Falls (DJ Counselling Remix)
  2. MIRI – Clock Ft. Ethan James
  3. MAX HOMBERGER – False Summit
  4. QUIET HOUSES – Kiss and Run
  5. EUAN BLACKMAN – Cherry Stone (feat Ben Stafford)
  6. HARBOTTLE AND JONAS – Mingulay Boat Song
  7. PAO PESTANA – La Perla
  8. MARCH – What Does That Make Me?
  9. JOHN ROHEK – Honestly, Don’t Get Up
  10. HONEY STILL – Don’t Talk
  11. BOSSYKING – Colours
  12. NIGHT HOUSE – Seatbelt
  13. LEMONGEL – Some Nights I win
  14. ARPRAXIS – ENERGY is the REMEDY (non-stop edit)
  15. SEAN AT THE HOTEL – I Don’t Want To Listen


Kassian – Akkala Falls (DJ Counselling Remix)

This track perfectly accompanied my morning coffee and got me shuffling. The sense of space created with the different synths and samples is delicious, it all bubbles away in a really satisfying way. 

Miri – Clock Ft. Ethan James  

Love this! Immediately filled me with a warm glow. The live instruments sit so nicely against subtle but gorgeous production, and the guitar is expressive but never OTT. I could happily listen on repeat!

Max Homberger – False Summit

As soon as I heard the reverby synth chords was over the beat, I knew I was going to be really into this track. Each layer of carefully considered samples and synths creates a sense of urgency and determination, it’s so so good.

Quiet Houses – Kiss and Run

I just want to be driving along, blasting this song as the sun sets somewhere beautiful. With gorgeous vocals and lovely production, it always feels controlled and still quite delicate even when it makes you want to dance.

Euan Blackman – Cherry Stone (feat Ben Stafford)

This really scratches a few itches for me – tasty guitar tones, gentle but intriguing production, and bittersweet chord changes. Gorgeous!

Harbottle and Jonas – Mingulay Boat Song

I love a bit of folk and oh my gosh this is a beautiful rendition of this lovely folk tune. There is an moment of immediate satisfaction when close low vocal harmonies join in on the first line, only to be taken away and keep you locked in, eager for more. The whole arrangement is sublime.

Pao Pestana – La Perla

LOVE this track. The slightly disconcerting (but REALLY cool) heavily effected mallety sounds underneath sit so nicely with the pitter patter of percussion. The vocal performance is gorgeous, and the chorus is such a bop. The bridge made me pull some serious ‘oo hell yeaaahhhh’ faces. Great track!

march – What Does That Make Me?

I was already drawn in by this track then I heard her beautiful vocals float up on  ’study eachother’ and was hooked. Layers of airy vocals cradle your ears, melancholy harmonies pulling you into this story. I had tears in my eyes by the end. A tender but powerful song.

John Rohek – Honestly, Don’t Get Up

This is so good – I love those tippy tappy Thom Yorke-esque drums and the slightly manic sampled vocals floating off in the distance. The use of space across all the whole track is really creative, it never feels static and there are such interesting subtle shifts the whole way through. One of those where each time you listen there is more to dig into, it just keeps on giving.

Honey Still – Don’t Talk

This is such a sunshine chill out track. My head was bobbing the whole way through this one – a real hug for the ears and the heart. The groove is delicious, the vocals are like butter, and the production transports it all to an even higher plane. Yummy.

Bossyking – Colours

I love all of the layers across this track, it creates such an awesome sound world. The vocals float so nicely on top, and the distortion as they lead into the absolutely bopping end section is great. A really unique track that builds in a way that keeps the listener really intrigued.

Night House – Seatbelt

This is such a tuuuune! Think of a lovely spot somewhere between Christine and the Queens and Kate Bush. 80s flavour drums and synths combine with super satisfying strings and vocals to create an excellent pop bop. Great stuff!

lemongel – Some Nights I win

Love the whole vibe of this track – the playing is so tight, the writing is great and the production is so on point. Sexy but in a kind of moody, melancholic way. Very very cool.

ARPRAXIS – ENERGY is the REMEDY (non-stop edit)

BIG VIBES! This certainly does provide the energy it promises right from the start. Punchy synths are underpinned by uptempo drums and bass and make you seriously want to dance.

Sean at the Hotel – I Don’t Want To Listen

This track is so rogue but in THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. Me and my housemate had a slightly manic dance to it and it was so much fun. Such creative writing and production. Would recommend finding a friend to enjoy this with, it will bring a smile to your faces. I hesitate to describe this too much – JUST GO AND LISTEN! DO IT!


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  1. Wow thank you so much for for the kind words on ‘Cherry Stone’! That really means a lot, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🤠🫶

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