Eclectic Picks: Batch 499

Every week Signal Committee present an Eclectic Picks playlist. All tracks are selected from the full inbox of 200 tracks that are submitted each week to Fresh On The Net.


Our playlists are orientated to the alternative music fan. Lyrics are not essential, abstract ideas are embraced and the fusing of different genres is encouraged. If you used to write band names on your pencil case at school, you’ll probably like our playlists.


This week’s special guest curator to open the new season is Arpraxis, who has caught our ears recently with tracks such as Synaptic Tourist Club. Arpraxis has been busy chewing through last week’s inbox, and just as busy producing his own contributions to the independent music scene….

Arpraxis have just released Lost Soul Emporium and G-Tech Revver on Electronic Alliance Records. On the 15th September, look out for FUSOR for some chilled melodic vibes together with PlanetRobot. On the 29th September Tuff City releases with a remix by Stephen Hardaker. Also on the 29th September, a track called Memory Man on the ‘Back to the Oldskool’ compilation dedicated to the root and essence of early dance music that still resonates on dance floors to this day.


  1. LOFOLK – What We Want
  2. RED ANGEL X – Jake Angel Good Loud Hailer U.K
  3. BLOOMS TAXONOMY – Chrysalid
  4. GO VOLTA – Tale of Two Worlds.
  5. SHOLTO- Vampire
  6. ANIMAL OGGY – Why
  7. THEY WAY THINGS ARE – Vinny Pereira
  8. DJ COUNSELLING – Inside a Blue Cube
  9. SIX FOUR TWO ZERO – Fight The Construct
  10. ST3V3L33 – Yet Another Water Gong
  12. MONTAO – Costa Del Mersey
  13. DOM CLARK TRIO – By The River
  14. TOMMY HODGSON – Come In From The Cold
  15. ROSIE H SULLIVAN – Chapters
  16. THE FANTOM MAN – Absorb feat St3b3L33
  18. PIER LIGHTS – Going Away Now
  19. MICHELLE WARD – Down To The River
  20. FRANKIE KNIGHT – Mystic
  21. INFLEXI0N – Latitude
  22. SHINY BRAIN CRAYONS – Noodles For Life
  23. MARLEE – Cynical
  24. PIXIE POST – Inside the Pixie Stomp House (with Nakedverse)
  25. MAXIPOK- Klout


CeCe Click Pits is related to this edition of… but how? Answers on a postcard please. Absolutely honoured to be asked by the incredible Signal Committee to choose a selection of tracks for the Eclectic Picks! Thank you. It’s always a treat to listen to these picks as the music gives me a glimpse into the minds and creativity of the artists. Be it a social commentary, an abstract concept put into music or just a plain banger, it’s always such an enjoyable listen. After listening and making a list, reducing the list, listening again, making a definitive list and then changing it again I have been able to choose my tracks for this edition of the Eclectic Picks. The sheer range and talent of the artists who submitted is awe-inspiring. Your ideas, production and artistry is jaw-dropping. The tracks I have chosen stood out for me as there was a real sense of the music coming straight from the soul, telling a story and comfortably sitting on and beyond the periphery of genre…a real sense of confidence and ease in the music that immediately spoke to me. In no way have I tried to ‘critique’ your incredible music…I’m not qualified to do this. Instead, I wanted to share the joy, feelings and emotions that was thrown front and centre to my senses by your music.

Big shout out to all at FOTN for being such a force for independent music artists and labels who are doing what they love to do…make music – the highest form of art.

Let the proceedings begin.

LoFolk – What We Want

Totally felt wrapped up in a distorted and ‘dubbed-out’ 60s / 70s spider’s web. When the vocal transposes down and further down – twisting and warping its way back to the homestretch I was lost in this music. it’s a win win when a track connects with you at such a level,. Doesn’t happen very often to me anymore. Really looking forward to checking out more of music from LoFolk. Absolute originality. Entirely captivating. Give me more.

Red Angel X – Jake Angel Good Loud Hailer U.K

Compellingly communicated social commentary! I was genuinely interested in these lyrics to understand the ‘world view’ on offer. Something has been done well here, eh? Add to this, a thunderous beat and bass, guitar ear candy dancing left to right and crystal vocals bouncing around, it was a sublime treat for my senses. It’s been on repeat a fair few times. You’re in for a good time when you listen to this.

Blooms Taxonomy – Chrysalid

takes things to the top of Bloom’s pyramid where ‘synthesis’ resides and is totally realised. The sense of depth and space here is vast. Chrysalid quickly delivered the musical imagery I long for. Long, dark crystalline walls in liquid night. Silver sounds whizzing held together by an intense yet warming voice. See if it sparks something similar for you! Blown away by the emotion in this track entirely. Ethereal, dark, moody, enlightening, beautiful. Definitely got onto the the air drums and air piano when listening to this one. Chrysalid: a myriad of musical mirage. Incredible.

Go Volta – Tale of Two Worlds.

When it comes to classic 1991 rave stabs I’m transported to my youth. Mix this with some moody ‘wah wow’ bass stabs and I’m by the speaker. Give me a little bit of ‘Sepultura’ metal and I begin to melt. Really got into the vibe and arrangement of this energy-rich track that held my attention until the end. Looking for something with a bit of oomph? Check out Go Volta.

Sholto – Vampire

There’s that elusive ‘something’ with Vampire, which transported me to being at the cinema watching something by the Cohen Brothers. Hey BBC, need something composed for an upcoming series? Contact Sholto. Sound design, emotional imprinting and story telling doesn’t get much better than this. Step inside and search for your inner Vampire. Sholto is on my listening list…add Sholto to yours.

Animal Oggy – Why

As a huge fan of Better Call Saul, I really enjoyed the tracks used to convey the context or aftermath of both Saul’s actions and inactions. Animal conveys an alluring sense of story and emotion. Tantalising vocals guide evocative melodies. BBC and Netflix, check this out. Incredible production, great use of silence and an all round transporter to another dimension. I’m always in awe of artists whose music draws you in, holds you and then says goodbye. Say ‘hello’ to Animal. Highly recommended. Will be checking out more.

They Way Things Are – Vinny Pereira

When a feel good song with a strong sense of self-affirmation makes you feel…well… good and able to affirm yourself, life just gets that little bit better. A feel good stomper to play everyday. Your perception of me is a reflection of you”…ROCK ON VINNY! No shame in admitting I was bopping and grooving all over the living room, playing air guitar solo. “Just carry on the way you want to” yes Vinny. “I will sort it out” feel the character. I need more music like this. Respect Mr. Vinny Pereira

DJ Counselling – Inside a Blue Cube

What is the Blue Cube? I love to meander in thought about titles that make me stop and think for a while. A prized reaction to what art can set in motion for the unsuspecting listener. Regardless of what the Blue Cube is…I was well and truly inside this thing. Bleeps, pads, jazzed up stabs and riffs with a growing sense of intensity and intrigue. Is it a residual faded memory? A visceral experience? An intellectual curiosity? A paradigm shift confidently challenging the norm? Who knows. I do know that, for me, tracks like this are few and far between. Step into another dimension and let your senses feast. Phenomenal.

Six Four Two Zero Fight – The Construct

Let me know which construct to fight and I’m there…with a pen and music to boot. First heard this track a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. Was thrilled to see it in the inbox selection. So many things to latch on to here. The panned piano on the intro effortlessly glides into the bass line and… lift off. The air drums were back in effect as well as trying to sing in some harmonies. Superb guitars, rhythms, hooks and a vocals that had me locked on, all the way through. Again, this one has been on repeat. I think it’s the really clever subtleties that bring fleeting notions of Pink Floyd, Gary Neumann and retro production to mind alongside genuine originality that makes this one of the many ‘stand outs’ for me on this playlist. Sign up and let’s all fight the construct.

St3v3L33 – Yet Another Water Gong

There’s something most inviting here. Potentially chaotic but not. Instead, warm, precise, sharp, focussed. Primordial soup with conscious intent. Inside the event horizon? Somehow it offers the answers that has been sought, found and lost. An ancient message deciphered by those who can open their mind. From St3v3L33’s mind to yours. Step inside and ask your questions. The full circle of departure and arrival awaits. The answers are here. Out of the park. Turn this up and see what it conjures up for you.

Lee Spreadbury Music – SANEINSANE (El Cami De Sant Rafael)

As a huge fan of the early dance scene from 1988-90 onwards, something here captures a sense of freedom, liberation and utter warmth. Goose bumps all over. What more do you need? I’ve been trying to deconstruct some of my favourite tracks over many years…Neal Howard Indulge for example. My conclusion, lush sounds that are allowed to be themselves but most of all the genius minds behind the sound. Lee Spreadbury Music, you are a musical genius. Your lush pads have soothed my soul. Your chords have got me trying to emulate…but I can’t! Your acid line, your bass line, drums and rhythm are perfection. Would love to know how you how you did this! Utter class and the utmost respect to you.

Tune into this and enter bliss.

Montao – Costa Del Mersey

The intro captures that ‘American Room’ vibe and then lays down the breakbeat. Perfectly captures this September warmth. Enveloped in warmth waves washing, wildlife singing and grooves a plenty. I’ve always been mesmerised by tracks that effortlessly fill up the audio spectrum but still has tons of headspace. A real treat. If you’re up for a smooth groove in your chair, on the dance floor or anywhere, this could well be the antidote for your groove desires…heat optional. Turn it up!

Dom Clark Trio – By The River

Staying with the heat vibe here By The River speaks of freedom and fun. Liberation by the river. Sounds good, no? As our teenagers tastes are broadening to include mumble rap and grime – which is an equal lens of perception and expression. I played them this and it was a winner, we all loved it. ‘By the river…it’s feeling like a festival’. Very cool how this track put a smile upon their faces and ours. Isn’t this one of the things music is supposed to do? Incredible. Thank you Dom Clarke Trio for allowing all the family not to forget the joy and fun music offers…you’ve smashed it. To get such broad appeal, retain originality and be comprehensively enjoyable is a hallmark of class music. Whack up the volume, gather your family, friends and neighbours and enjoy By The River.

Tommy Hodgson – Come In From The Cold

Goodness me. I wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional. What incredible lyrics. What a voice. ‘Slave to a mantra’ Beautiful guitars and arrangement. Maybe it was my mum and dad’s love of Country Music that makes me a sucker for a great story and music that transports me to the studio where the track is being recorded. Serious talent. How do you get your voice to sound like you’re in the room with me? How do you get the guitars to pop up left and right with such a richness of clarity that fills our home with your story? I don’t know. Thank you for your story, we had tears in our eyes. Magic that touches your soul and reminds you you’re alive. This track is going to get rinsed

Rosie H Sullivan – Chapters

Anyone in need of a smile? Fear not, ‘Chapters’ has you covered. What makes a song great? Truth is indeed in the ear of the beholder and perception ultimately decides our ‘truth’. That said, this is stand out track for me. Warm sound…audio spectrum filled up again, beautiful live instruments…the bridge, the chorus, the lyrics, the skin on the kick drum, the arrangement. Seamless. Rosie’s voice is golden and the whole song dangerously addictive. I’ve listened to it about 7 times tonight. ‘Life is indeed for the living’ add this track to your life

The Fantom Man – Absorb feat St3b3L33

Since releasing my own music last year I’ve searched more for new music in the way I had done 20 plus years ago. Both of these artists have amazed me in terms of originality, creativity and an ability to turn off my outside world and exist in pure thought for the duration of their tracks. Where am I? I don’t know, maybe on an 80s film set in Miami floating over Jan Hammer’s synth set up…but in a parallel universe – certainly not in this dimension. I really don’t know. But I LOVE it. Goodness me. The roots of consciousness are indeed exposed. Guys, hats off, this track has just obliterated me. Can’t describe the tribal dance I just did while playing the air electric piano and dub star bass line. Thank you for taking me somewhere I’ve never been. I’ll be back. Forgot the mainframe. This is eclecticism in abundance. An idiosyncratic glimpse into the minds of 2,incredible artists

Rebel Rose Electric Circus – Some Kinda Love

Listening to the entire inbox has rekindled memories of many bands and artists that I haven’t listened to for too long. 3, 2, 1…..lift off! Some Kinda Love has had me riffling through my records looking for The Who, Pierce the Veil, Ned’s Atomic Dustbins and the Chilli Peppers. Always great to be nudged in a direction you love while listening to music of this calibre. The sheer energy and all round MASSIVE sound of ‘Some Kinda Love’ is out of this world. The precision of this track is immense. I want to go to Rebel Rose Electric Circus’ next gig. If you need your cobwebs cleared, need a mini-mosh pit in your home or want to let loose, cranked up this killer track. In my view, after listening to this track 6+ times, I’d opt to go to their gig over the above. This really is electrifying music and a band sounding at the top of their game…who knows? Maybe this is just the beginning.

Pier Lights – Going Away Now

Going Away Now, in the heat of the evening, at the gym after a long day at work boosted the endorphins to where they needed to be…and some more. Totally hooked by the chord progression, arrangement, layering and captivating vocals

Michelle_Ward – Down To The River

Cooling down at the gym, and this plays. Mercy me! Michelle where have you been?! Just read your bio and know where you’ve been now. I cannot wait to hear more. This is beautiful. How often does a song like this come along? Again, it’s the ability for the music to deliver more than just sound. It’s the visuals again…the guitarist bouncing from side to side, the vocalist eyes-closed raising and pushing out her arms. Subtle sprinkling of panned vocals. I need to listen to more new music, more often and step out of the past. Be sure to check out the EP, ‘Directions’ too

Frankie Knight – Mystic

Yes, Yes Yes. So many things to grab you into this track. A journey into the sublime. I was hooked just by the synths are the start. The bass had me dancing on my tip toes. Frankie Knight’s vocals are hypnotic. Top this with beautiful mat-silver sprinklings of analogue synth heaven and that Sax…into another dimension you go. Off the charts. Get your senses involved…turn it up and dance.

Inflexi0n – Latitude

Being an avid TB303 enthusiast who has hugged a speaker or two while the little silver box sings, Soho Music has every element in supreme proportion. It really takes something to fill up the speakers and keep things moving in such a subtle way. Loving those crispy snares and thumping kick. The art of subtlety shines through when the track finishes and you want more. Dance floor egalitarianism – actualised. Watch ya bass bins I’m telling ya!

Shiny Brain Crayons – Noodles For Life

Oodles of noodles and more. Yes please. What a track! Haven’t heard a track that sounds so quintessentially British for a long time. Remember a track called ‘Toast’? Anyhoo, Noodles For Life had me swaying in my chair, superb arrangement and story that takes you away, holds you there and returns you safely spiritually cleansed with a smile on your face. Respect…love this track.

Marlee – Cynical

Anyone say breakbeats and sun-soaked bass lines? Boy this has some heat and energy. Marley’s voice is phenomenal. I’m transporting again ‘it’s 1990 summer time and the music is class…singers sing, songs on the radio are rocking’. It has a timeless quality that should be in the radio now. I reckon it’ll sound just as good in 30 years. Oh yeah, anyone say distorted guitars? On repeat now until the headline at Glastonbury slot next year. Class!

Pixie Post – Inside the Pixie Stomp House (with Nakedverse)

I am already a big fan of this track and was thrilled to see it here. There’s a real sense of tense emotion here. Brace yourself for haunting voices and dark bass lines that’ll get your ready for some ‘bass face’ dance floor manoeuvres. Again, it’s the creativity that shines through to set the its unique tone. You’re in for a sonic treat. Knock on the door and enter The Pixie Stomp House today.

Maxipok – Klout

Check out the spoken words “he said yeah”. In need of something moody and dark to groove to? Look no further. I just loved the dirty distorted break at the start with the spoken samples, twinkles and old skool pads. Class. Great to hear the vocal samples mashed and mangled…something you don’t hear much of at all these days. This added a super layer of intrigue and brought that visual aspect of music to the fore once again. This track makes perfect sense to me. Truly eclectic. Spot on. Respect to Maxipok.


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  1. Great to see Arpraxis making picks!

  2. The Fantom Man

    Thanks for selecting Absorb feat.St3v3L33 . I am truly humbled by the comments in your review!

    A pleasure to take you ‘somewhere you’ve never been’ @arpraxis !

    Thanks again!

  3. Lee Spreadbury

    Thanks so much, what a lovely review! Looking forward to listening to the other artists on this playlist!!


  4. Aw yeah, Cheers Arpraxis|Signal Committee|FOTN!
    Honored to find a place among all these great picks!!

  5. A truly eclectic set of tracks with an excellent commentary. So pleased you picked out Rosie H Sullivan’s song. Couldn’t agree more.

  6. Tommy Hodgson

    Thank you so much for including me, seriously humbling words. I’m looking forward to listening to the other tracks on here now.
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  8. Thank you so much for choosing to put my track on this list! Much appreciated.

  9. Hey, I just saw this. Thanks so much for the inclusion. That’s the first time my music has ever been reviewed, it’s awesome to see that, thanks for the time that was spent putting this together. 🙏🙂

  10. Thank you so much for the kind words! It really means alot to have my first track featured on here where I have discovered so many other great tracks so thank you!

    I will be checking out Arpraxis ASAP!


    Thank you all so much for listening. I’m really chuffed you enjoyed the selection. Incredible artists!

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