Eclectic Picks: Batch 500

Every week Signal Committee present an Eclectic Picks playlist. All tracks are selected from the full inbox of 200 tracks that are submitted each week to Fresh On The Net. This week all the credit goes to our special guest curator, Funky Pythons.


Our playlists are orientated to the alternative music fan. Lyrics are not essential, abstract ideas are embraced and the fusing of different genres is encouraged. If you used to write band names on your pencil case at school, you’ll probably like our playlists.


Funky Pythons first caught our ears back in batch 464 with his post-punk track, D-Madness aka Halloween. Since then we noticed that Funky Pythons has been a keen supporter of Freshonthenet… so we figured, why not channel all that energy to produce the latest offering of the Eclectic Picks?


  1. BARRELHAUS – Kerfuffle Shuffle
  2. MARY LOVETT – Tambor
  3. THE LOVEDOGS – Where do we go from here
  4. TREVAS – Outbound
  5. SVERRE – Hei Søta Heggkvist
  7. DEVYN ANTHONY – Rich Lee
  9. ASTRAKAN- Come back to me
  10. MISERY PRIZE – How long must we go on like this?
  11. FAST TRAINS – Ha Ha, I Love you
  12. PICTURE THE SCENE – First one in … Last to leave
  13. PHILBUS – Orbiting the sun
  14. SUMMER NIGHT AIR – These Hearts
  15. CERAMIC – Kitchen
  16. B OF BRIZ – Forgotten Melody


First of all, it has been a great honour and a major excitement to participate as guest curator for Fresh on the Net Signal Committee Eclectic playlist. Clarification alert. I will attempt to write a succinct review of the songs I chose for Batch 500, but please notice I am not a music expert, blogger or professional journalist. I am one of you, a crazy musician producing my own music and enjoying the music that other Locos like me produce. So, my approach is simple and straight to the point. I will attempt to describe how your music made me feel. So, let the show begin.

BarrelHaus-Kerfuffle Shuffle

Wild West vibes with a modern touch. Very nice vocals. Very nice changes that make the track more authentic. The chorus evokes something from my teenage years, but I can’t find it! Great end.

Mary Lovett Music – Tambor

Beautiful voice with amazing choruses. The beat and synth work integrates seamlessly with the voice. It gives me the vibes of Bel Canto, a Norwegian band I really liked in the 90s and the Cocteau twins. Prepare to be transported to a cloud of dreams and freedom.

The LoveDogs – Where do we go from here

Great track. Atmospheric but upbeat at the same time. Elements of Shoegaze are very well fused with electronica. Love the bass lines.

Trevas- Outbound

Is it Faithless? The chemical brothers? No, It’s Trevas! A Trance techno track that made me close my eyes and dance from beginning to end.

Sverre- Hei Søta Heggkvist

One word describes this track. Sincere. So, original. Sverre is not pretending to be; it just is. The track makes it obvious to me that it comes from the artist’s own existence. Synth work, melody and voice co-exist in a very original way. Excellent.

Spoonfingers- Woap

Talking about original tracks. This track is just fantastic. It transported me to the Efteling (theme park in the Netherlands), which is intended as a compliment as the Efteling was one of the first theme parks in Europe. It is said that Walt Disney took inspiration from the Efteling. The track transports you to an alternative world. Check it…Now!

Devyn Anthony- Rich Lee

Do you remember Roger Rabbit’s film? Do you remember The Aristocats? Listening to this jazzy track, I found myself inside a cartoon movie, hanging out with musician cats and dancing to their rhythm. Smooth.

The March Afternoons- London I & II

Cuban rhythms fused with melodic voice harmonies. Eclectic? Hell yeah! Wait for the changes. Most importantly, it’s beautiful.

Astrakan- Come back to me

Bass driven song. Very jazzy. Now, I am walking and observing people on the streets of a cyberpunk film. Obviously, I am wearing sunglasses.

Misery Prize- How long must we go on like this?

Maintaining a cyberpunk anime atmosphere, this track plays so well two different dynamics. The spoken word calls for your attention, then the chorus asks for redemption. Great synth work.

Fast Trains- Ha Ha, I Love you

80’s rock? Genesis? I don’t know! It is just very good. There are great guitars, changes in dynamics, and fantastic voices. Just enjoy it.

Picture the Scene- First one in … Last to leave

Get ready to jump. I can imagine the crowd going wild with this track. If you like Foo Fighters, get ready to be the first one to arrive at a Picture the Scene gig, and be … the last one to leave.

Summer Night Air- These Hearts

Do I smell Drum and Bass? I am a big fan of the genre. Liquid Drum and Bass? Jungle? Who cares! Summer Night Air’s beat and melodies are giving you only one option. Dance!!

Philbus- Orbiting the sun

Please, please, please! Take your time to immerse yourself on this track. It is a very sincere track that requires the listener to leave preconceptions aside and let the track exist. Let the magic reach you.

Ceramic- Kitchen

My work will be forever incomplete and I will never be able to forgive myself if these next two tracks, also selected for the Listening Post, would not be included in the Eclectic Pics Batch 500. As I see it, it is an honour to be considered Eclectic, out there, and very original.

Amazing Track! Post-Punk? I would say yes. Genre, after all, is not important. But the bass, the energy, the changes. So good. So energetic. If you like Squid, Crack Cloud or Shame. You are going to love Ceramic. =

B of Briz – Forgotten Melody

I am thrilled I have the opportunity to write a few lines about this great artist. B of Briz. Original, authentic, personal, mind-blowing, the adjectives could go on and on. Her narrative is soft but powerful. She whispers and shouts at the same time. Is that even possible? Yes, she manages to achieve this. I could repeatedly talk about her lyrics, rhymes, and very original vocals, but ignoring her music would be my failure. Fusion and contrast occur again. Delicate atmospheres and powerful beats …the perfect dish. Better I will leave it to your ears, enjoy this forgotten melody.

Thank you very much, Signal Committee, for the invitation to participate. I had a blast!


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  1. Great to see you picking these Rafael. People may not know you also have a new single out remixed by Pimlican which they could be checking out too. In the meantime, great choices and cool commentaries. 🙂

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