Send Us A Track

Send Us A Track
If you have a great new tune, we’d love to hear it.
Any artist is welcome to send us one track each week, and we guarantee our entire team will listen to it. We open our inbox on Monday morning and close it when we’ve received 200 tracks, or by Wednesday evening, whichever is sooner.

If our moderators adore your tune, we’ll feature it on our “Listening Post” that weekend – where our readers will pick their own personal favourites. The most popular tracks then get reviewed in our Fresh Faves the following week.

Our inbox is currently closed for submissions.

For further help, see How To Submit Your Music.


  1. For airplay tracks MUST also be uploaded to BBC Introducing (see below for more information about that).
  2. You can send one track per week, and we will listen. We will not accept a track more than once (including remixes and the like) — the whole team will have definitely heard it, send a new track instead.
  3. If we feature you on our Fresh Faves or the BBC Introducing Mixtape, please wait three months before sending another track. We will exclude tracks sent in the meantime, and you will be able to submit them again in future.
  4. We can only accept public tracks. Don’t make your track private after submitting it, or we won’t be able to include it in the playlists we present to the public and use to moderate — nobody will be able to see or hear it.
  5. We also can’t accept Soundcloud Go tracks, where non-subscribers can only hear a 30-second preview. These will be removed, but you will be able to resubmit a full version in future.
  6. Our moderating team and readership is international, so make sure the tracks you submit are available worldwide too.
  7. If your track reaches our Fresh Faves, we’ll link to your web site and socials. Please put the links in your Soundcloud profile to help us find them, along with a bio, so we can tell people more about you.

Our Listening Post offers artists the chance to find out what complete strangers think of their music, but it doesn’t affect your chances of radio airplay one way or the other. So if we feature your track on the Listening Post, please DON’T tell friends or fans about it. We can always tell when new people turn up and start voting for one particular artist, and instantly disqualify those artists, just to keep things fair for everyone else.

Separately from the above, all tracks submitted here by UK artists will be considered by Tom Robinson for the BBC Introducing Mixtape radio show. BBC Introducing shows can only play music from the Introducing Uploader, and only artists with a UK postcode can upload there. For UK and US airplay we’d recommend uploading your music to Amazing Radio.

We listen to 150-200 tracks every week and don’t have time to give individual feedback. However, some of our moderators may occasionally leave comments and encouragement on a track they personally find interesting.

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