How to Submit Your Music

When our inbox is open, go to the Send Us A Track page – there will be a link on the homepage. You won’t be able to submit a track when the inbox is closed.

You will see this form:

Screenshot showing Artist, Track Name, and Soundcloud URL fields

Enter the required information:

  • Artist Name
  • Track Name
  • SoundCloud Track URL

The URL must be a public link to a SoundCloud track that is embeddable (they are by default). You can get the URL by clicking the Share button on the track’s Soundcloud page.

Once submitted, you’ll see the track and how its name will appear in the Listening Post if it goes through. If you need to change anything, click Remove Submission and submit again with the corrected information.

Screenshot showing the completed submission and Remove button

We will accept one track per week. If you submit another track in the same week, that will replace the track you submitted previously.

Do not make your track private after submitting it, or we won’t be able to see it or add it to the playlists we create as part of the Listening Post.

When the inbox reopens the following week, you will be able to submit another track, but we won’t accept tracks we’ve received before. Our moderators listen to every track each week, so you can be sure it was heard.

If your track was included in our Fresh Faves or featured on the BBC Introducing Mixtape, please wait three months before submitting another to give other artists a chance. If you submit too soon, we will remove your track from the final batch, and you will be able submit it again in future.

UK artists still need to upload their track to BBC Introducing for Tom to be able to include it on the BBC Introducing Mixtape and play it on BBC Radio 6 Music.

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