Fresh List #1

Hi everyone As part of a new feature,Fresh On The Net team members are sharing Spotify playlists with you of music that feeds their souls,warms their cockles & lift their spirits or purely music they think is worth sharing. For starters,check out Johnno Casson's Part 1 of artists who have interviewed for the regular Fresh On The Net feature 'Prick and Ding' Tracklist Animal Noise…

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This week: TOM ROSENTHAL Tom Rosenthal is a singer/songwriter from London Town who makes lovely new world folk music. I first came across Tom Rosenthal after a tip off from a friend (thanks Lewis) a couple of weeks ago. My late night slumber was perfectly soothed by his melancholy song ‘The Depressed Milkman’ so I wrote a little FOTN piece about it here. Tom’s sound has been described…

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Tom Rosenthal

You don't need to shout to be heard. I have just heard this song by a singer/songwriter called Tom Rosenthal that is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity. The tune is called 'The Depressed Milkman' and I played it after seeing that a family friend Lewis Greenham had played it on Soundcloud earlier tonight (thanks Lewis). I played it unsure of what I was going to…

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