Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ ze Sheraf Orkestär

Before we recently played the above track “Panzoni Pasta” by  oddball French outfit VLADIMIR BOZAR ‘N’ ZE SHERAF ORKESTÄR the BBC compliance department asked us to find out what the words actually meant, and Pedral kindly replied as follows:

OK, so the lyrics are very stupide! Sorry in advance! It’s about suicide and pasta:)
I just don’t really like plaintive people…and it’s cynical and comic:)
Panzani is a label of Pasta in France and i made a diversion: PANZONI Pasta

The begining is
“Si tu n’as pas le moral pense à tes amis et si tu n’as pas d’amis t’as qu’à te faire HARAKIRI
(if you feel bad, think to your friends and if you don’t have friends you can kill yourself)”

Banzaï sepuku yori panzoni pasta o taberu no de yoku naru
(it’s in Japanese and it’s mean “Instead of suicide you just eat Panzoni Pasta and you will feel better”)
“Ma vie est affreuse, ma vie est affreuse…(Ma life is horrible, my life is horrible)”

“T’as qu’à pleurer, Si t’as de la peine et si ça ne va pas vraiment mieux
(just cry, and if you fell sad and it’s not going better and better)
une dépression, si elle ne freine: 10 pillules rouges, 2 pillules bleus
(a depression(bad moral), if it’s not stoping, 10 red pills, 2 blue pills
T’as qu’à te pendre ou te couper les veines, un pistolet oui, je peux te vendre sans problème
(you can hang you or cut your veins, a gun, i can sell you easily)
Une fuite de gaz, une petite corde, un beau saut de l’ange de la falaise
(a gas leak, a little string, a beautifull swan dive from the cliff)”

Ma corde est trop courte, je ne peux l’attacher à cette belle poutre que je n’ voudrais pas abîmer
(My string is to short, i can not attach it to this beautiful beam i won’t like to damage)


La vie est belle mais quand des fois, j’ai envie de mourir, je me fais des pâtes des pâtes
(Life is wonderfull but when sometime i want to die, i just cook some pasta some pasta yes but only Panzoni!)
oui mais des Panzoni
Tu aimes les Panzoni? oui, oui, oui
(you like Panzoni? yes, yes)
C’est que tu aimes la vie! ohhhh
(that’s because you love life)

Pensez à bien les rincer, à égouter
(think to rinse it, to sewer)

Le plus difficile, c’est la sauce
(the hardest is sauce)
Les ingrédients à choisir
(ingredients to choose)
Savoir y mettre la bonne doseeeeee / t’avise plus de chanter R’n’B
(just have the perfect dosage/don’t sing RnB anymoreeeeeee)

Pâtes au pistou, à la carbo, j’men fous
(pesto pasta, carbonara pasta, i don’t care)
Pâtes au pétrôle, à la bolo, au sel, au beurre doux
(petrole pasta, bolognese, salt, sweet butter )
Pâtes à la merde ou patatra, ça va!
(shit pasta or Patatra, it’ great)
J’ai besoin d’aide!Tu le vois
(i just need help)
Cours vite m’acheter des pâtes Panzoni
(please just run to buy me some pasta)
(punk yaourt)
Life is long, is so precious, so nice
just cook some pasta, n’oublie pas l’aîe
(don’t forget the garilic)
So now we know !

Tom Robinson

London-based broadcaster & songwriter, born 1950. His best known songs are 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Glad To Be Gay and War Baby; he has also co-written songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Dan Hartman and Manu Katché. Read More...


  1. jerry goldman nyc

    absolutely brilliant

  2. Sung

    Ja, sehr lustig.
    so pretty. I’ll have to eat Panzoni pasta a lot.. tomorrow 🙂
    Thanks for the information about the lyrics.

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