Fresh Faves: 30th April 2012

“I’m homeless… I’m penniless… and I’m hungry for success” voted lyric of this week’s Listening Post favourites by, well, me! Donna Fullman opens her gorgeous track Restlessness with this line that I reckon speaks for us all. Click the Read More link se see & hear all 12 tracks in alphabetical order. Here we go….


Admittedly when listening to tracks sung by dudes, I have to retune my ears as I spend all day listening to tracks sung by gals. It means I’m overly critical when it comes to the fellas and Cole Stacey and Joseph O’Keefe have chosen to cover this track by one of my all time favourites, Neil-Is-God-Young. It’s a lovely arrangement, however, I can only hear one version of this in my head – sorry chaps. But hey, The People voted it into our top 12 tracks so it’s all good! Soundcloud.

DONNA FULLMAN – Restlessness

Donna Fullman is fast becoming a favourite of us all here at The Other Woman. The voice puts me in mind of Sukie Smith, who performs as Madam, and the similarity doesn’t stop there: beautiful arrangements, class musicianship and to top it all off some utterly compelling songs. It’s not twee, it’s not dark, it’s folk music – pure and simple. Lovely. Soundcloud.

FICTION FACTION – Nina’s Different

Right, excuse me while I retune my ears! This kind of jangly indie pop does my head in. Quirky guitar riff, banging drums, another couple of guitars, synths, shouty chorus… but you know what, Glasgow’s Fiction Faction have won me over. I like the way it goes on and on at the end, like indie-rave or something. They wear their influences on their sleeve – The Cure, Bunnymen, New Order I’m guessing – and that’s no bad thing when it works. You could lazily box them in with White Lies, but it sounds like this band are having way more fun. Soundcloud.

FOLD – Mr President, We’re in Trouble (feat. Jimmy Carter)

How very nineties. Actually maybe more early noughties as it’s put me in mind straight away of The Avalanches. Remember how everyone LOVED The Avalanches?! An atmospheric score with a sample that’s been mucked around with. However *hoists self up onto soap box* social activist Seth Mowshowitz mixes beats with humanitarian speeches such as this one by Allman Brothers-loving American president Jimmy Carter, to highlight just what a huge steaming pile of cr*p western society has got itself into: ‘We have learned that piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no confidence or purpose… Mr President we’re in trouble’. All proceeds from this track go to The Occupy Movement, ‘nuff said! Soundcloud.

KAZ SIMMONS – The Dandelion Song

All-eyes-on-the-reviewer-who-promotes-women-in-music… erm, I didn’t vote for this. The Listening Post is ALL about what you like and I’m trying to leave my politics at the door. I like the song, but personally this kind of classically inflected pop doesn’t work for me. But I hear why The People voted it in: I hear some lovely influences – first and foremost The Divine Comedy – great musicianship, and girl, that’s a lovely voice singing a catchy chorus. What more do you need? Soundcloud.

LAMB – Butterfly Effect (SEQUEL’s Honey Bee Waltz mix)

What’s not to like about this remix? Manchester duo Lamb (producer Andy Barlow and singer songwriter Lou Rhodes) offered out the track Butterfly Effect from their latest ‘reunion’ album, 5, for remix and Newcastle producer Sequel has done a fine job – taking a dark, trip hoppy track and turning it moody, cinematic and even darker. Nicely done. Soundcloud.


Oh yes, I really really like this one. Signe G. and Vesa Haapanen from Copenhagen and Helsinki respectively make up the core of Leaving Atlantis – which they call progressive, electroacoustic pop. Lovely strong vocal, atmospheric production and ultimately a big, big tune! Soundcloud.


Louise Quinn fronts Glasgow group A Band Called Quinn, but for a special EP she’s teaming up with that there Kid Loco, a super cool producer and DJ from Paris. Louise has appeared on his records in the past, and it seems he’s returning the favour. How can you not like this? It’s a rollicking, messy rocker of a tune which frankly, puts a silly smile on my face as I sing-along… ‘Oh Jackie.. Oh Oh Jackie…’ altogether now! Soundcloud.

MAISIE-MAE – The Plight

Young person’s musical reference: a girl version of Frank Turner. I’m not a fan of Frank Turner. I know everyone loves him and he’s this punk-folk troubadour (poke?) but something about his style makes me cringe. Maisie-Mae on the other hand, has a pure unaffected lovely voice and this is a tidy little song which deserves as much attention as Frank T has ever garnered. Next stop, Wembley! Soundcloud.

POCKETBOOKS – Sound Of The Carnival

Yes, yes, yes. Lovely. I also love the fact that on their Facebook page they’ve posted about a gig and said, ‘Come to this or be a big square!’ Whimsical, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, set to a whirling indie pop backing track. Also, arguably the first time ‘GPS’ has been name-checked in a pop song? Discuss. Soundcloud.

SAUL ASHBY – Debutantes

Jangle… jangle… ‘oh-oh’s’… on my third listen I quite like the blend of hip east London musical quirks with a fifties rock-a-billy sensibility. This song also moves all over the place, there are about three songs in one, which is cool. There’s an infectious energy to Saul Ashby’s Debutantes, I’d be quite happy to pay over the odds for a lager and catch him live at some dingy dive in Dalston. Also, those ‘oh-oh’s’ will stick in your head for hours! Website.


Banjos, boy-girl group harmonies, lovely melodies, wholesome music for wholesome people with big beards. Listening to this again, I think it’s one of the best of the favourites picked this week. Shortest review for the shortest track! 🙂 Soundcloud.


Ruth Barnes
Ruth Barnes

Ruth Barnes

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  1. Fold are fantastic – Love it..

  2. Hi Ruth, thanks so much for including the Pocketbooks song. We’ve made it embeddable on Soundcloud now – apologies that it wasn’t before!

  3. Jay

    Cracking reviews! The music on here is getting stronger and stronger,full credit to the whole of the fresh on the net team!

  4. mark

    Thanks for the kind words guys. It means a lot that people like what we are doing. All the best, Mark, The Self Help Group.x.

  5. A huge thanks to all who voted for us, to Ruth for the review – telling it like it is 🙂 – and to Tom & Team Freshnet for helping out so many independent musicians. It means a lot to all of us. Cheers, Seth, Fold

  6. Andrea

    I didn’t realise that there were covers on the Listening Post. (Sorry, I just don’t know Neil Young songs so didn’t realise). I thought I was rating the song as well as the performance. Is there any way of letting us know before we listen?

  7. Fiction Faction

    Thanks so much to Ruth, Tom and the gang. A really good platform for new bands to get heard, cheers guys 🙂

  8. Tom

    @Andrea It didn’t register with me either that Light A Candle was a recent Neil Young song – and I agree that basically The Listening Post should be about supporting quality original songwriting. Nobody pointed it out at the time so it slipped through – and Cole & Joseph have done a great job on the track. But in future folks if you spot a cover version in the Listening Post, please flag it up to us… Thanks!

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