BIRDEATSBABY – Anchor: a perfect song from my favourite emerging band.

Encounter those rare moments you come across a song that is just perfect and you can’t help but have it on repeat? This happened to me today when I got an email from Birdeatsbaby‘s mailing list saying that their video for their new single ‘Anchor’ is available to watch on YouTube today. I had already heard the song as it is on their latest album ‘Feast of Hammers’ which was released in February but having the visuals in front of me added a profound dimension to the song and made me listen to it about 20 times today and counting. I previously thought it was a brilliant song, but now this is my favourite song of theirs.

Just brilliant:

Mishkin Mullally, front lady and songstress for the band is my favourite emerging songwriter… From the first time I heard her music I’ve maintained the same level of confidence and desire to evangelise people to see and hear that her songwriting is as good as Matt Bellamy’s from Muse and to love it just as much. I’m not alone in thinking this as Tom Robinson recently pulled her into the BBC 6 Music studios to talk about the band’s latest album.

‘Anchor’ is available for download at any price you want.
The album it is on, ‘Feast of Hammers’ is available in plastic form here.




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  1. I love this band! Especially the video where they’re in the forest bashing people’s heads in. Thanks for posting Mass!

  2. Massimo Zeppetelli

    Ah yes! That’s the video for Feast of Hammers – great track!!

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