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BLANK MAPS – Just Call

Taken from this Newcastle band’s new EP released on August 13th on sterling North East indie Tiny Lights Recordings, Just Call sees Thom, Ben, Jake and Nick really come into their own. There’s that steady driving hip shaking drum beat, tinkly guitars and synths (Maybe that’s a keytar. I want to see more keytars!) and then the vocal knits into the track without a dropped stitch in sight. There aren’t enough knitting analogies in music! The future is bright for this lot.


There’s a few people I could dedicate this little ditty too. Taken from their EP Swamp Box, it’s a dirty blend of New Orleans style blues with a heavy riff that pounds it’s way through the track. It’s a relief to get a strong offering from a rock band, guitar music is few and far between these days as the blogs fall over themselves to post the latest husband-and-wife-synth-duo. Where’s the rock ‘n roll?! Oh! Here it is!


A team effort over a year or two, this band make music about ‘What ever makes us smile, cry, laugh, die!’. The brainchild of Ben Philcox and Mat Cook it’s shoegaze for a walk on a rainy, gusty Devon beach on a summer morning. You know, it’s beautiful but it’s flippin’ freezing and you’re thinking, ‘It’s the middle of JULY!’ Thankfully, this would pull you back from hurling yourself off a cliff, pull your hood up and watch the sun break through the clouds, it’s allll good.


There’s something of an Antony Hegarty trill about the vocal on this track. Layered behind a wall of reverb, it’s almost like the singer is singing the vocals from another room to where the music is being recorded. The band are recording and releasing a new track every fortnight throughout this summer, this one is yours to own soon. It’s ambitious, but one to ensure the creative juices keep flowing. It’s moody. Get involved.

LET’S AWAY – You & I

From Sunderland and live buddies with fellow post votees Blank Maps, there’s plenty of love for this band online already. Everyone very complimentary, and deservedly so, but no one knowing much more than we do about the outfit. There are two fellas in white shirts on the Facebook page, I’m assuming this rather lovely blend of cinematic, summery guitar, cymbal swirls and piano comes courtesy of them. More details please!

PETER & KERRY – I Don’t Know

Sometimes you get a song on the Listening Post that you barely listen to a whole minute of. You just vote for it there and then. Comments like ‘killer song… great video… hit written all over it…’ accompanied punts for Peter & Kerry and I couldn’t have said it better myself. The two solo artists spent a few days in a recording studio last summer, what they call a ‘whimsical experiment’, the resulting EP Clothes, Friends, Photos was an underground hit and now their debut album La Trimouille will no doubt catapult them into the mainstream. Simple, yet beautifully crafted pop.


Soundcloud comment numero uno: ‘Nice one youths, this is banging.’ What more is there to say? Punk punk punk they say on their Facebook page and this London band are doing just that. A great quote from the band says, “why can’t you be the Ramones and Steve Reich?” in much the same way Kurt Cobain once asked “why can’t you be Black Sabbath and the Beatles?” Nuff said!

STRAYLINGS – Carver’s Kicks

This is SO good. Master balladeers Dana Zeera and Oliver Drake make off kilter rock that pumps along not giving you much time to catch a breath. But who needs to breathe anyway?! I imagine this band kick mega-butt live. See you down the front.


So, NOT a four piece from my old stomping ground South Africa, but four lads from Bristol! Sorry chaps. Thomas, Phil, Martin and Alex are promising to rewrite the usual definition of ‘indie pop’ and are doing just that. Release the Hounds their EP is out now and things are going well: national tour, national airplay, Glastonbury, rave reviews from all over. PS, don’t google ‘centrefolds’…

THE MINX – No Friends

Influenced by ‘cats’ and from Manchester there’s an infectious party beat happening on this their debut single, keeping them firmly head and shoulders above their contemporaries. I love the double organ action on this, married with that eye-popping vocal and a catchy chorus it’s a favourite already.


Disclaimer! I’m already a mah-hoosive fan of The Voyeurist. Sarah and Rusty were guests on my Sunday evening Amazing Radio show a few months ago. Sarah Nag is SUCH a great frontwoman, all big dark hair everywhere and *gasp* she can SING. It’s a vocal I’d recognise anywhere and teamed with Rusty noodling on synths, drums, whatever they’ve got going on, it’s a beautiful relationship.

FROM TOM: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks they’re likely to get onto the Listening Post, but that means less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…

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    Thanks to Fresh Net and everyone who voted for us this week with our track ‘Alright’, Just to clear something up….No idea where you got the South Africa reference from! Big up Bristol!!!!

  2. Hahaha Centrefolds APOLOGIES! I’ll change it. I thought it was too good to be a band from Pretoria! You need to get them to change their name 😉 Ruthx

  3. Awesome, thanks to the team for featuring us, we’re honoured!

    I particularly liked Blank Maps, The Minx and Straylings though the standard was high all over.

    John, CFTP

  4. Much love… thanks guys <3 -TV

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