Thank you once again to everybody who has contributed to the listening post this week, to the artists for their music and you, the listeners, for your ears and thoughts.

CARA WINTER – Butterfly

Butterfly is a live reworking of the title track from Cara Winter’s 2005 debut album. Seven years later there is more maturity in her voice – and the subtle string writing is a welcome addition. Think a bit Carol King, a bit Natalie Merchant and a bit Rickie Lee Jones – in other words there’s lots of heartfelt piano. This kind of keyboard-led vocal performance is a dish best served live I reckon – and you can see a beautifully-shot studio performance of this song – complete with the aforementioned string section – right here on Cara’s YouTube channel.


This is a new one for Fresh On The Net – Smooth Jazz. So if that’s your bag, then tuck into this Toronto based flautist, who was first played by Tom on the radio back in April 2009. Play On is the latest single for the man who will play with Lionel Ritchie. And even if Smooth Jazz ain’t your ticket you should still take a read of his indie friendly advice column. Some useful tips.


I had such delight when I first heard Beirut strumming along on his ukelele to the accompaniment of an Eastern European brass band and accordion. Your Mother has that same feel good vibe, heart stoking chords and driving, buoyant rhythm that has served Beirut and others such as Mumford & Sons so well. There’s a great feel-good video as well here. Look out for their debut album release at the end of this month.

RICHARD SÄNDER – Recover (Ambient Mix)

If you can take the time to find yourself a big bean bag, a packet of fags and a cold beer, then sit down and hear this one out. You’ll feel the irritations of everyday life drift effortlessly down the plughole along with your memories of yesterday’s washing up. Hailing from Austria, Richard is probably best known for his work in the Trance genre – having been played all over Austria and Holland – and in this country by the likes of Paul Oakenfold. This track Recover however is a slight departure into more ambient territory.

TESSERA SKIES – Soliloquy of an Astronaut

The perfect title for a beautifully effortless song. The empyrian drums cycle freely whilst harmonies accumulate and wane around the astronaut’s anthemic lullaby. Wouldn’t be out of place in a Bella Union line up, especially with Teen Dream era Beach House and Lanterns on the Lake. This appears to be their only recording and with no website or anything much on their facebook page I can only assume Tessera Skies are fresh out of the starting blocks and I eagerly await what might come next.


Guitar driven, melodic with an epic quiff, this is music that will appeal to fans of Biffy Clyro and Editors. Everything is the second track on their debut longplayer Decades Dance (out on Ordered Records) So if you’re liking what you hear above, why not check out the whole album on Spotify – while if you feel like a little acoustic rooftop euphoria, their session for those discerning folks over at Noize Makes Enemies.

THE MAGINOT BAND – Slow Down Sundial

Having already scored a ‘new band of the day’ tip on John Robb’s Louder Than War blog, the Maginot Band are starting to make some waves with this summer offering. They are not exactly forthcoming with information on any of their sites (i.e. there’s none whatsoever, anywhere) so they might want to check out this FOTN post on the subject. But if you’re looking for some reference points, think early Midlake mixed with The Coral gone prog in a 60s retro haze. Look out for the new EP in September.


I have to come clean and say I had to really work hard to get beyond these opening lyrics. However a neat little guitar riff and some heartfelt melodies brought me back in – and anyhow, hats off to anybody who has the balls to write and record some songs and put them out there into the public for inspection. It sounds like early days but everybody has to start somewhere and I’d be interested to hear  Vincent ‘borrow’ some production and recording ideas from Elliott Smith. Another of Mr Burke’s tunes currently features on the latest BBC Introducing Mixtape.


David Lynch seems to get everywhere these days – recordings, films, designing champagne bottles, paintings and now band names. This song is due for release in September and is a little slice of Goth Rock Pop clad in a pair of cherry red DMs. It brought to mind a more punky version of Evanescence with a healthy dash of Veruca Salt. Back when Fresh On The Net was a radio show, Caz Hellbent and Jez Leather were regularly on the programme in their previous duo incarnation as Molloy. The launch party for this single is in Archway, North London on September 22nd at Dusk Till Dawn.

Al Mobbs

FROM TOM: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks they’re likely to get onto the Listening Post, but that means less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…


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  1. Richard Sänder

    Thank u for The great Review & Who has been voted for “The German-Austrian guy” :).Respect & God Bless u! Take Care,

    Richard Sänder H.

  2. Ahem, yes. Sorry about the lack of info – situation now remedied! For bio and further info, the short version:

    and the slightly longer one (which did have a bio up previously, and which we also helpfully forgot to provide a link to…):

    Thanks for including us!

  3. Tom

    The Maginot Band
    Ladeez’n’Gennlemen we can now bring you: The Maginot Band Biog

    “The Maginot Band are a 6 piece who write music best described as indie organ pop psychedelia. Influenced by cold nights and hot fires The Maginot Band write their music in a cottage on the northern edge of Arctic Caithnesian Scotland with the help of lassie’s sheepdog brother. They released their first single, ‘Slow Down Sundial’ in July 2012, with the EP ‘Peace and Quiet’ set to follow in September.”

    Seriously, thanks very much guys – that’s exactly what’s needed. It’s always a big help to have a few basic facts about each artist when writing up the tracklistings for the Introducing Mixtape. Hoping to feature Slow Down Sundial in a few weeks’ time…

    Meantime I did find these two excellent advice links this morning:

    1) From Johnno’s mate Toby Rogers: A Musician’s Guide To Twitter
    2) A guide to self-promotion for bands via A New Band A Day

  4. Thanks everyone for your votes, and for the nice write-up, Tom. Definitely going to submit again in 6 weeks as suggested, and vote in the meantime. 🙂

  5. Loz

    Another fine batch of songs – all present and correct 😉

  6. Many thanks for the votes guys, really grateful! And thank you for the lovely write up Tom! Hope people enjoy the track! Cx

  7. Al

    Hi Sherrie, yes WordPress does have a WYSIWYG editor. There are lots of different blog platforms and WordPress .com or .org is pretty versatile. Some more info here:

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