Fresh Faves: Batch 30

Another week, another Fresh Faves! As I’m settling into my new late night/early morning routine at work, and have just emerged from the crypt having got home at 3am this morning, I am personally hoping that you’ve selected something relaxing to ease me into my Monday (before I head back in for Fashion Week madness and another shift!)

CORONER FOR THE POLICE – Rubies & Diamonds

The Manchester Blues-Rock quartet certainly started off this song in a way which made me think ‘oh great, a delightfully soulful, relaxing first song – JUST what I wanted!’. But then, the already interesting riff got heavier, and (using the band’s own lingo) meatier. I guess that’s what they call a rude (yet thoroughly pleasant and definitely Rock’N’Roll) awakening!

FIFTEEN DAYS – Nothin’ More

Ah! That’s more like it! A beautifully whispery vocal, soft percussion, the pangs of an acoustic guitar…Fifteen Days recently released debut EP ‘These Ghosts’, from which this song is taken. The London band certainly suit my mood at the time of writing; their music has a stripped back quality which allows the talent of each member to shine through uninterrupted. Good choice, people!


Harry Keyworth is a singer songwriter from West Wales who has previously appeared on BBC Introducing Wales. My research also tells me that he played at the 40th anniversary of the Old Grey Whistle Test. This does not surprise me in the least. If this song is anything to go by, he is extraordinarily talented. A world class vocal (slightly reminiscent in parts of Wild Beasts meets Jose Gonzalez) sits over nice production, and the song seems as though it wouldn’t be out of place on a national radio playlist.

GREAT PAGANS – Teenage Silhouettes
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Brighton’s Great Pagans have produced an impressive, traditional Indie-Rock track here. It’s released on October 8th on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records. It does admittedly remind me of a cross between Joy Division, REM and The Vaccines upon first listen, but the middle, meatier sections do display the band’s unique interpretation of a very prolific genre. I imagine that electric guitar/drum combo would sound great live.

INK – Ink Goes On

It’s a free download! Just thought I’d write this first – it’s important info! Secondly, does it not feel like an advertising agency should snap this up? There’s something commercial-isable about it (I hope the band aren’t offended by this, I mean it as a compliment!). It’s a thoroughly pleasant song, with a few quirky sound effects to keep it interesting.


I think I lucked out this week – your choices in general seem to really suit my temperament! This song by Jazz Morley is no exception. I am a sucker for backing strings and soulful vocals – and this song features both. Dorset born Jazz is also my age. Her career already seems to have featured a few highs, including being selected to perform at the Olympic and Paralympic games. She’s touring extensively if you fancy hearing this live; more info on her Soundcloud page.


Released on Vibesville Records, this does feature some cheeky/interesting lyrics. I have to agree with our head honco TR, who has been quoted by the artist as describing his vocal styling as ‘distinctive and appealing’. The acoustic folksie number, by the York artist, is well worth a listen.


I really like this song. The message in it is jovial and uplifting, and the composition is reminiscent in parts of classic Beach Boys and even a little bit of Graham Coxon. I’m also a sucker for a band blurb, particularly when the Carlisle band write that they formed the band by ‘drinking gin, eating Haribo, and writing’.


I’m quite intrigued by the fact that the duo wrote this song ‘entirely by email’. Anthony Grantham has produced a lovely, charming, and pleasantly simple pop track. I imagine that’s quite difficult to do ‘entirely by email’. Again, there’s something about this track that I could imagine on an advert. Maybe I’m doing the wrong job…


The South London pop band are obviously adept at writing a catchy tune that will stay with you.
With ska influences and a female vocal reminiscent of Lily Allen, this track is utterly charming. Previous gigs have included supporting Razorlight, and more information on live performances can be found on the band’s Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

So, that’s your lot for this week. Thanks again to everyone who submitted tracks; it seems that for the most part, we were all in the mood for something light, fun, summery and pop-influenced. I think you should give all these tracks a play on Soundlcoud; let’s hang on to the Summer for as long as possible!

Emma Segal
Emma Segal

FROM TOM: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks they’re likely to get onto the Listening Post, but that means less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…

Emma Segal

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