Team Freshnet’s live pick for this weekend in Manchester

It’s been a few weeks since my last recommended gig, but I think I’ve found a little cracker taking place at Manchester’s bijou backroom establishment The Castle Hotel. Yet again it’s another band I only discovered last week called Husky.

Husky are a four piece band from Melbourne, Australia and are playing a handful of shows in the UK. One thing that makes this gig even better is the fact that local promoters Music In Beta are behind it. Not only do Beta find great little bands from around the world to put on, they also allow anyone ‘liking’ them on Facebook to gain free entry to their shows. Result!

Anyway here’s a nice video to Husky’s single ‘History’s Door’ from earlier this year followed by the band’s biog.

George Orwell said that writing should be transparent – like a clear window pane,” says Husky Gawenda, frontman of four-piece band Husky from Melbourne, Australia. Gawenda feels the same way about music. “You shouldn’t notice the music or the art of it; you’re just transported to another place.” Husky the band includes folk-inspired Husky Gawenda on vocals and guitar, Gideon Preiss on vocals and keys, Evan Tweedie on vocals and bass, and Luke Collins on drums and percussion. Even though they have varied musical backgrounds, a love for classic pop (Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, The Doors and The Beach Boys), rich harmonies, and artful songwriting is the common thread that draws them together.

After winning Triple J Unearthed, the band continues to reach new heights, winning hearts with every sold-out show around the country. Recent performance highlights include supporting Devandra Banhart, Noah and the Whale, Kimbra, Jinja Safari and Gotye. On 21 October, the band’s anticipated debut album Forever So will be released.

To bring Forever So to life, Gawenda and Preiss pulled together all the old recording gear they could get their hands on and set up in a bungalow at the back of Gawenda’s house. “The backyard was overgrown with weeds and wild mint and the bungalow was full of junk,” Preiss says. “We spent all night watching videos online about how to sound-treat rooms. We partitioned off parts of the house where we recorded the vocals and instruments.”

After months of crafting songs, they headed to LA to bunker down with Noah Georgeson (Devandra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and The Strokes) at House of Blues Studios to mix the album. “Mixing in LA with Noah was an amazing experience,” Preiss says. “The recording had been such a labour of love, and we had grown so attached to the songs, it was difficult to imagine handing them over to someone else to mix them. But Noah’s sensibility and musicality really complimented the songs.”

The result is a lush collection of songs that echo the classics they grew up with, full of haunting lyrics, rolling rhythms and delicate layers of sound. For Gawenda, when it comes to writing, a song can appear from anywhere. “Generally something comes to me out of the blue – a line, a melody, a chord progression.” he says. In terms of lyrics, a kind of ghostliness imbues the poetry of the songs. “Forever So recalls times gone by, dreams, and people who are no longer in your life but still exist in your memory.”

Husky play Manchester’s Castle Hotel on Sunday the 9th of September.

Simon Poole

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  1. I’m off to this. Found them on Spotify a couple of months ago then discovered they were playing. Actually bought tickets as didn’t want to miss it.

    Everyone should pay attention to their Forever So album, it’s excellent.

  2. Hey, just been listening to Husky and i wanted to get in contact with them about featuring on a site for unsigned musicians and bands to sell and promote their tracks, just wondered if you had a contact or even their twitter as i couldn’t find it. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Georgia,
    here is the contact page on there website…
    and Twitter…

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