zHappy New Year! We are back on business. I hope you had a nice time during holidays. I see your ears dusty and with spider nets so let’s put them in shape with some good music from our Fresh On The Net bands. Enjoy!


Ruth Stavric  – Deep Dark

Ruth Stavric

Ruth Stavric is a singer-songwriter with an incredible voice and a broken heart. I don’t know the story behind this woman but I read on her words a life committed to help people fighting against 5 letters: Cancer. Cancer is  just a word, but it is the panic on the mind who receives that diagnosis and the families. Nowadays things have changed and Science advance, but it is not enough. Ruth Starvics writes a blog dedicated to get funds for immunotherapy on cancer research. And while she is doing this she writes wonderful songs sang from the very deep of her soul. Ruth Stavric is planning to release an album with all proceeds going to cancer immunotherapy research.

Official | Soundcloud |  YouTube | This is the Facebook page she wants you to follow

Sam Beeton – Red Green and Gold  

Samm Beeton released a new song and video called ‘Red Green and Gold’. This singer-songwriter from Nottingham writes and perform acoustic songs with a clear country influence. Beeton is releasing  a song a month on CD to subscribers of  ‘Record Club’ . Red Green and Gold is included in the Season 2, vol 5.

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Joe Innes & The Cavalcade – Sweetheart Revolution I

Joe Innes & The Cavalcade are a garage folk band based in London. After some years playing in different venues and supporting artists like Caitlin Rose, Sea of Bees, Alessi’s Ark and She Keeps Bees, Joe Innes formed his band in 2011 and released their first album “The Frighteners”. “Sweetheart Revolution I” is just a gem included in this album, a work with a hard folk base and a noise garage sound. You can stream The Frighteners at their Soundcloud page here.

Official | Soundcloud |  Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Camp Stag  – Sirens (Free Download)

“Sirens” is the debut single by Stoke-on-Trent band “Camp stag”. The song is divided in two parts, a flat one introducing a repeated sequence of lyrics, risky start, and a second one with an explosion of sound and beats that bring sense to a track that it grows on you already at the second listening. The video is even more risky than the song, but very in from what I lately see in some bands, using unfocused images and figures. Almost a lyric video that match perfectly with the song and the style of the band. Well defined style. And I love the way they risk. Plus they have Tumblr so I can follow them!

Tumblr | BandcampSoundcloud |  Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


The Watermelons  – U.N.I. (Ed Sheeran Cover) 

Music covers. Yes or not? In this case, for me it is a yes. David Kelly from The Watermelons, makes with his version that the original one, by Ed Sheeran, sounds like a laminated hit for teenagers. I nevertheless believe in David words (lyrics), he sounds honest to me. The video atmosphere in his totality is also very realistic. With the mirror in a side, you can even see the cameraman working. A small detail that gives to the record a warm charm.

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Debs McCoy – The Casson Sketches

Debs McCoy, “our Debs” how I call her, is a great composser. I think she has already given us many proofs of this each time we had her with us. But one day, and without thinking too much  she sat down and recorded this for Johnno. I will copy for you the exact text with the story behind these 4 beautiful piano pieces:

Jonno Casson said he really enjoyed my piano sketches & requested a cd’s worth from me so I sat down this afternoon, hit record and began playing. The result are these 4 sketches (in order of being written) – they’re pretty rough as I literally sat and played with no rehearsing or reworking of any sketch – whatever came out is what is captured in each sketch – when it felt like each sketch came to an end I stopped the recording“.

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Bands and artists featured on this article, participation at Fresh On the Net listening posts and Fresh Faves.

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