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Earlier today (3 May 2013) at Liverpool Sound City, I chaired a discussion panel on funding options for musicians and songwriters entitled Money And How To Get It. It featured Joe Frankland from Generator, Laura Whitticase from the PRS For Music Foundation and our very own Chris Bye wearing his hat as an employee of Arts Council England. At the end of the discussion we promised delgates that we would post links to the  panel’s most recommended options for funding applications.

Chris Bye, Laura Whitticase and Joe Frankland

Joe and Chris have jointly sent a first instalment: “Here’s a list of funding sources with the caveat that artists should research first…not every fund is suitable or every artist. If you can’t find any links we can send them when not on phones. We’ve not included various business grants but could if you need.

* Arts Council England:
the majority of bands/songwriters will want Grants for the Arts
* PRS for Music Foundation which breaks down into:
Core Funding – this incorporates Funding for Organisations & Groups and Funding for Individuals
Music Industry Talent Development Fund – a new programme to give grants of between £5k and £15k to bands and solo artists to develop their careers
British Music Abroad – the UK’s music export funding programme supporting artists for international showcasing
Women Make Music – supporting women music creator, composers and performers to make their mark
Jazz Promoters Awards – grants of between £500 – £2000 are available to support new and established small-scale jazz promoters from across the UK
* Musicians Benevolent Fund
*Youth Music
* Ideas Tap
* Sky Arts Futures Fund
* BBC Performing Arts Fund
* Paul Hamlyn Foundation
* Red Bull Music Academy

And specifically for East Anglia:

We hope to add a few further suggestions from Laura – and possibly also from Joe and Chris – in due course.

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    Thanks for the addition of that photo Tom… A bit of blurb on funding to follow from me in the near future.

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    We finally got round to reblogging this on the Tipping Point, we’ve added the North East specific ‘Community Fund’ and of course used the same photo.

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