SIX DEGREES – #13 & 1/2


Welcome to Six Degrees #13 and ½. Yes, I am superstitious, and I was feeling uncomfortable with the edition 13 of this section 🙂

This week our 6 bands (and ½) are: Avec Sans, The Epstein, Chasbozelena, Deco Pilot, Richard Smith and The Low Countries. Enjoy!



Electro dance London duo Avec Sans, releases their new single Hold On.

The video, directed by Sing J Lee, plays with partial shadows and contrasted images over the faces and silhouettes of Alice Fox and Jack St, the two members of this music project. The effect, remarking the geometric hair cut of the singer and combined by the view of Jack St at the keyboard is reinforcing the image of the band. This new single is as catchy and danceable as their previous releases and it is keeping our attention over their work and their music career.

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THE EPSTEIN – Calling Out Your Name

One of the ideas that we were discussing when Johnno, Tom and me we made this section was about bringing to our readers a closer view of the bands that are featured at Fresh On The Net. We listen to the works that arrive to our listening posts but we don’t know too much about the people that are behind these music projects.

Featuring music videos and live session, we have an opportunity to know a little bit more about all the bands, especially when, like this one, videos are based on backstage images and footages, showing the private moments of the bands. This video was recorded while the band was on tour in Holland last November. The video is well edited and it captures the happiness and hope of this epic song.

The Epstein are a 5-pieces folk pop band from Oxford signed to Zawinul Records / PIAS. You can stream a live version of the song at Soundcloud here

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Chasbo Zelena describes himself as a “busker who has just returned to the UK after four years of living in a shed in Slovakia”. It sounds like difficult circumstances, and maybe this is the clue of the work of this amazing and mysterious musician. His music sounds like full of experiences and with a world of influences. Although this song is so rich and exotic that I would even say that instead of a shed in Slovakia, Chasbo Zelena past his last 4 years under the shade of a Pacific island talking with the alive ghost of Elvis.

This piece is an authentic gem that transmits a lot of feelings. Hope you “make her yours”, Chasbo. I am going to make your song mine.

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DECO PILOT – You know What I’m Looking For 

“You know What I’m Looking For” (watch video) was featured in our listening post this week and I would like to retake it again for all of us. Starting with an indie rock touch, this release by Deco Pilot cached my attention by the contrast of the chorus fitting that electronic instrumentation and dancing sounds. It is that kind of songs that grows on you after a couple of listening, as it is really catchy and have not big pretensions, what makes things simple and you like to replay it again.

Synth-pop quartet Deco Pilot met in Liverpool at the Paul McCartney’s music school and then founded their music project in London. The band names influences of late 2000s revival electro pop music and bands as The Killers, The Bravery, U2 and Zoé; and shared stage with bands like The Milk and The Futureheads.

Deco Pilot have been nominated by Bandcamp as one of best new upcoming bands of 2013.

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RICHARD SMITH – Wishing Well acoustic

Maybe you remember Richard Smith by his song “Your Ghost” (Fresh Faves 56) or the recent “The Water” (Listening Post 66). In this live video, Smith is performing “Wishing Will” a melancholic ballad where the voice of this singer-songwriter sounds more comforting than in the studio version. Both records deserves that you stop by and put your attention on his work. Specially if you like this kind of music and you enjoy bands as The National or Interpol, naming some influences

Richard Smith is originally form Washington and is based in Sunderland.

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THE LOW COUNTRIES – Long Story Short

This video is a an authentic gift for all of us. It is not just a sweet and lovely record, it is an incredible gesture of generosity by our very loved band from Lancaster, The Low Countries. As we were saying before, these kind of videos let us to know a little bit more about the people behind each music project. Now, I can understand where their music come from and why it sounds like it does. Thank you for sharing with all of us part of your rehearsal time, and these home-loving and again lovely scenes. Thank you!

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Bands and artists featured on this article. Participation at Fresh On the Net listening posts and Fresh Faves.

  1. AVEC SANS – Hold On. Fresh Faves 39
  2. THE EPSTEIN – Calling Out Your Name. Listening Post 67
  3. CHASBO ZELENA – Sanctus. Listening Post 67
  4. DECO PILOT – You know What I’m Looking For. Listening Post 67
  5. RICHARD SMITH – Wishing Well acoustic. Fresh Faves 56. Listening Post 66.
  6. THE LOW COUNTRIES – Long Story Short. Fresh Faves 16





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