Fresh Faves: Batch 72

AKIINE – Sunglassey

Akiine’s hometown is Blueberry Mountains. My geography isn’t that good, but after a little search it turns out it’s in Sweden. From the sound of Sunglassy you could easily imagine that the Blueberry Mountians are on a future colony on some far away planet where everything is just perfect. She’s currently living in London, so let’s hope the doom and gloom of city life doesn’t creep in to her music and taint it. This track is simply divine and i’ll be hitting Akiine’s Soundcloud page to get another fix very soon!

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My immediate thought on hearing this track was that if Tom Waits had never been a smoker then this is what his music could have sounded like. By Toutatis are a four from the town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea who say they are a collection of grizzled folkies. Rebecca is a great track and if this is the future of folk, then you count me in, i may even go for the grizzled folky look.

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COLEY GARRATT – Rainbow On The Ground

Coley Garratt’s self titled album recently got a very respectable 8 out 10 on the Americana-UK website and easy to see why if all the other tracks on there as subtly understated as Rainbow On The Ground. He’s London based but his influences are worn clearly on his sleeve, but the sleeve has a very English cuff.

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Well what can i tell you about Forever Kings? The answer is very short as all it says on their Facebook page is.. ‘Bryn, Dewi, Huw, Leon, Gav’. Apart from that the track Hope is well crafted and i’m sure if they cranked up the tempo the vocals and sound would give a great kick up the backside to anyone listening.

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What a voice Jake Downs has, it’s borderline Antony Hegarty from Antony and the Johnsons, and we all know what a great voice that is. Jake is not only a talented singer but to throw in the fact that he’s also a multi instrumentalist, it gives the whole shebang an added level of greatness. The orchestral arrangement in Crave is just a pleasure to listen to. The single Crave is out on the 19th of August.

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Well here we go again with another highly talented multi instrumentalist. Laurence Made Me Cry is Cardiff’s Jo Whitby. Jo is no stranger to the FOTN listening post as she has made the final cut in the past too. Last To Know brings a comfortable melancholy to the fore with her stunning and subtle vocals. I must also mention that she lists FOTN’s very own Johnno Casson as one of the artists she likes.

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Sophie Morgan is a young talent from Widnes that seems to live and breathe music. She’s much more than just an accomplished singer and songwriter, as she can play piano, drums and also the guitar. Her first ever recording session was at the age of nine and has recently been recording a bunch of her own songs at Faktory Studios in Chester and has The Verve’s bass player Simon Jones as a mentor. Not a bad start at all eh.

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SUNTRAPP – All The Seas

Suntrapp seems to be a very new act, as they/he only has one track up on Soundcloud. Although very new, it would appear All The Seas is garnering a nice bit of popularity, not only has the track been chosen by the FOTN listeners, but Suntrapp have also just been picked up on by BBC Newcastle’s Introducing show by having them/he in for a live session just last week. So far Suntrapp are unsigned, but i’m pretty damn sure it won’t be long until someone is chasing a signature.

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Who is The Looking Rough? Whos knows, but if the picture included with this track is anything to go by he’s a dapper looking chap, if you choose to think it’s the photo on the Facebook page, then he’s not a bloke and not looking that dapper. The track Looking Rough is instantly catchy and had me swaying along with the retro vocoder sound. Separately all the parts to this track seem quite simple, but once added together give an air of quality. C’mon The Looking Rough, reveal yourself please.

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UNKLE BOB – Brother

Brother is the lead track taken from the Edinburgh based Uncle Bob’s soon to be released EP Songs For Others due out on the 19th of August via Just Me Records and is also available as a free download from Soundcloud. Uncle Bob AKA Rick Webster lists The Smiths as one of the artists he likes and this comes through in this track, a track that i’m sure the Mozzer himself would be quite happy with. Uncle Bob have been around for a while now and have had some good write ups in the past, let’s just hope now they are back together after a hiatus that the plaudits pick them back up again.

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ARTISTS: if you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks please hold back for 6-8 weeks before sending us another one. After all if you keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…

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  1. Nicely written Mr P 😉

  2. Great music,great reviews Simon and thanks for the mention.
    As soon as I heard The Looking Rough,I knew who it was(or at least I think so) but I’ll let you all keep guessing as a bit of mystery in our lives can be fun fun fun

  3. Cheers Debs and Johnno.
    No chance of getting The Looking Rough for my Who Are Ya feature on Silent Radio then Johnno? Even Kendo Nagasaki was unmasked eventually!

  4. I can try to get an interview if the mask stays on

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