Fresh Faves: Batch 81

Alex Highton

This week’s Fresh Faves are reviewed by Steff Lane – stonemason, musician, fond father and longstanding member of Team Freshnet’s moderation squad.

Last weeks Listening Post was yet another strong one with a wide variation of tunes. Honorable mentions to all involved, but these were our readers’ ten favourites…

ALEX HIGHTON – You Don’t Own This Life

Alex Highton is no stranger to Fresh On The Net – this is his fourth appearance in our Fresh Faves since July 2012 and he’s also appeared in Johnno’s Prick’n’Ding, Mar’s Six Degrees and Tom’s BBC Introducing Mixtape. His latest offering is beautifully crafted and performed using just a guitar and vox – which goes to show that’s it’s possible to write a great song with a minimalist approach!

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BAMBI – Reap From The Dying Love

Oh! How I love those guitars! They just seem to float over the vocals resulting in a catchy, punchy tune. Based in London, Bambi have been described as a mix of math-rock, indie and post-punk. This exciting band will be releasing this as their debut single on November 17th via iTunes. Judging by what I’ve heard, it’s sure to do well.

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BLUE SUNDAY – Wicked Ways

Consisting of Jeet from Lancaster with Valentino and Marco from Venice, Blue Sunday can certainly raise your heartbeat with their grunge influenced guitar melodies and thumping drums and bass. They will be playing their final show of 2013 at The Enterprise in London on Friday November 8th. Get there!

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FRETT – Malmö

Frett are a two-man band from Suffolk consisting of Simon Lucas Hughes and Elliott Buckle. A hypnotic and soothing track that conjures up visions of a dream state with its clever use of delay and reverb. More of their skillfully crafted songs are available on iTunes. Their next gig will be in London at The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden a week on Friday, Nov 1st.

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MODERN FACES – Lufthansa

Modern Faces are a band from Dunfermline, Scotland. My research informs me that ‘Lufthansa’ has something to do with airlines – ah well – back to the music! The track is unusual as it starts with a fade-in, building up to a fine tune that would fit perfectly into a futuristic Ennio Morricone spaghetti western movie – much like Muse’s Knights Of Cydonia. Great brass section! I’m also hearing Gene Pitney in there somewhere. Great track guys – it’s out now as a single via their Bandcamp.

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This is the shortest track featured on this week’s Fresh Faves but boy, does it pack a punch. Straight in with a frantic drum beat and lasting a mere 100 seconds, Oh Yeh by Mourning Birds is garage rock at its best. It slapped me in the face and begged me to reach out for the replay button – again and again! The single will be released via iTunes on Monday 25th November by The Preservation Society, with launch gigs at Beacon Court, Gillingham on November 22nd and The Monarch in London on December 5th.

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Beneath the gentle ripples of this song lies a strong undercurrent that just swirls into a sea of loveliness. Nadine Carina‘s vocals and harmonies are pure bliss. She plays a Halloween gig at Kazimier in Liverpool a week on Thursday, October 31st and ‘The Love’ will be released by On the Camper Records on November 18th.

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NUALA HONAN – All Is Not Lost

Australian born and raised – but now based in Bristol – Nuala Honan was recently featured on BBC Introducing In The West and interviewed by our very own Sam Bonham.  Taken from her debut album The Tortoise, ‘All Is Not Lost’ was written for a group of friends that she grew up with. The backing vocals at the end of the track are most of the family and crew that spent their younger days around a cottage called The Holmbush. Ah – sweet nostalgia – sweet vocals – sweet everything. Her album is available on Bandcamp.

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This lady has soul! Residing on the other side of the pond in LA, Tara Priya describes this track as ‘retro’ – which kind of explains its familiar sound – yet it still holds its own as regards to being unique. Raised on the music of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Billie Holiday, Tara is currently recording her debut US/UK full length album in Los Angeles and London.

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TOO MANY T’s – It Ain’t Right

Now, I must confess that hip hop isn’t my usual cup of (erm) T, but after hearing this track I’m right into the swing of it. One of my fav tracks of the week! Too Many T’s – aka South London rappers Leon Rhymes and Ross Standaloft – will be releasing a four-track EP called ‘Beats We Wish We Had’ in November to accompany their biggest UK tour to date.

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FROM TOM: if you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t been selected for our Listening Post you’re welcome to re-submit music to our inbox the following week. However, if you’ve been voted as one of our Fresh Faves, please hold back for 2-3 months before submitting a new track. After all – if artists we already love keep sending great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…


When not creating structures out of individual stone, I spend my time constructing songs out of individual notes. As an added bonus, I was invited by Tom Robinson to be a small cog in the giant wheel that's Fresh On The Net. Welsh is my 1st language and I'm often asked if I think in Welsh and then translate to English - well I have no answer to that - it's just a natural process which is hard to define - like writing a song I suppose! Follow me on Twitter @SteffLane


  1. Well done everyone for the lovely music,fine reviews Steff 🙂

  2. Loobydoobs

    Excellent choice of tracks, all so very different, with interesting reviews from our talented Mr Steff Lane. Most enjoyable. 🙂

  3. Nicely written Steff…..really look forward to reading more of your reviews in the near future.

    I missed voting this weekend on the tracks but have to say I’m quite blown away by the standard of this weeks Fresh Faves…hats off to you all.

    Very pleased to see a return of Alex Highton in the FF and what an exceptional track….made me cry when I first heard it…..who needs more than a guitar and vocals when you have talent like that folks! Pure magic.

    I also really loved Nuala Honan’s track…stunning silky vocals….lovely storytelling and pure dreaminess…kind of reminds me of early KT Tunstall’s acoustic ‘stuff’ – hats off lady.

    In fact hats off to everyone this week….blinding tracks..really enjoyed listening to them all.
    Debs x

  4. Great review Steff! Sadly I missed this week’s Listening Post, but listening to this Fresh Faves selection it is patently obvious this was another vintage week bursting with amazing original fresh music.

    I have to say Nuala Honan’s All is not Lost is one of those infectious songs that penetrate even the hardest of souls, fantastic vocals and those harmonies at the end really elevated this already supreme track to a whole new level. Mourning Birds Oh Yeh! is a magnificent foot-stomping track which definitely begs to be played again and again and again with its retro-punk psychedelic-rock feel. Alex Highton’s You Don’t Own This Life is a powerful yet simple song which Alex delivers masterfully and effortlessly.. the highlight of this great selection. Can’t wait for the next batch! Thank you Fresh on the Net team!

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