Fresh Faves: Batch 82

Admiral Twin

It’s only two weeks since Team Freshnet’s newest member reviewed our Fresh Faves for the first time – yet when we had an unexpected vacancy in the reviewer’s chair this weekend, he promtply volunteered and rolled up his sleeves. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome back broadcaster, journalist and impressario Sam Bonham

It’s only been a few weeks since my last blog post, but Tom asked me to step in and I was only too happy to do so. See below my ramblings on this week’s fresh faves. As before, please excuse any nonsense…


Style is no substitute for substance with this US band of musical brothers. The four members of Admiral Twin are all songwriters, and “craft” is obviously something that runs deep through the veins of their music. Named after a well loved drive-in theatre in their hometown of Tulsa, Admiral Twin formed when all their previous bands split up. Every cloud and all that…

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AMY SIMPSON – Homemade Rocket

If you visit Amy Simpson’s website there’s a great live version of this tune recorded at North Gate Studios in Banbury where she’s based. This tune is good, and at such a tender age, Amy Simpson should hopefully be developing her sound and her songwriting skills. She has got off to a pretty great start with Homemade Rocket, a song which will presumably form the backbone of her forthcoming debut EP.

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Based in Wales, Jack Barnett has been working in partnership with Arran Strange, putting together a a debut long player. Wistful and melancholic, Dreams took me a few listens to really get into it. The song doesn’t really go anywhere, but maybe it doesn’t need to. It is a beautiful evening to be listening to Jack Barnett! He opens for Dominic Griffin at Undertone in Cardiff this Saturday, Nov 2nd.

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JOSH SAVAGE – Quatre Épines

Josh Savage spent time living in France and this song is the first track from his yet-to-be-released “French EP.” According to Google Translate “Quatre Épines” translates as “Four Thorns” which at the time of writing is a phrase that has no significant meaning to me (I’ve asked my French speaking friends if I’ve missed anything – all comments welcome). Josh has upcoming gigs in Petersfield and Totnes, and comes to Bristol on 2nd December if you happen to be passing (it’s a long way from France)!

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As the myth goes, Branwen the Welsh Princess, was mistreated by her Irish husband. She wanted to escape the wrath of her spouse so she trained a Starling to take a message across to her brother Bran in Wales. He then turned up and rescued her. Based in Cardiff, Kizzy Meriel Crawford did two versions of this song, one in Welsh and one in English. Her Temporary Zone EP is out today, Monday October 28th.

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Manchester knows how it’s done! This is my favourite song of the week. Weird, beautiful, calming, crazy, incensed, wormy (is that a word?) and melodic! Mount Fabric have left a trail of appreciation behind them as they’ve toured. They’ll be playing a hometown gig – opening for Canadian shoegaze band No Joy – at the Night And Day Café a week today, Monday November 4th.

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Sick Of The Six comes from the newly released seven-track EP Southernisms – by Bournemouth band  Not Made In China  – on the legenadary Southampton indie label Sotones Records. “I don’t have the cash to get a taxi back” is the standout lyric for me. Straight out of suburbia, it’s a realisation we’ve all had. Get on your bikes guys!

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THE HIGH WIRE – Under A Spell

Surely psychedelia has to once again become a staple for mainstream audiences, it’s been far too long hasn’t it? The Highwire make a really cool sound. Originally from Canada, The High Wire now reside in London and this month they have released Under A Spell as a standalone single. It’s got a killer chorus – to my ears, good enough for a decent A Playlist. I’ll be listening out for the next release from these guys.

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THE KHANZ – Falling Apart

There is a bit too much blasphemy associated with Australia’s The Khanz for me to take them seriously. But I think that’s what they’re aiming for, life should be a bit of a laugh after all. Falling Apart is a solid four and a half minutes and well worth the time. It builds and breaks neatly where appropriate. I even found myself singing along at the end.

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Based in the capital, The Mouth of Ghosts have obviously seen some of the darker sides of London. Their latest EP You Will Go Again From Me, released independently, is available to stream on their website and treads the line neatly between trip-hop and not-so-trip-hop. I listen to a lot of music like this from the West Country but Alla Seydalieva has the most incredible voice and manages to elevate the music beyond the usual fare.

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FROM TOM: if you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t been selected for our Listening Post you’re welcome to re-submit music to our inbox the following week. However, if you’ve recently been voted as one of our Fresh Faves – or featured on my BBC Introducing Mixtape – please hold back for 2-3 months before submitting a new track. We judge all music sent to our inbox purely by what comes out of the speakers – if artists we already love keep sending great tracks each week, it leaves less room for newcomers who haven’t had a chance yet…

Sam Bonham

Sam Bonham presents and produces BBC Intro in the West. He is Tech Development Manager at Digital Radio UK, a not-for-profit organisation representing the BBC and commercial radio on their digital radio programming. He’s an indie radio producer making programmes for Radio 1, 6 Music n elsewhere. He presents n produces for Amazing Radio. He is a Trustee at Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF), a charity using radio as a tool to give young people a platform to say whatever they want. He also sits on the Board for Resonance FM. Sam is also a musician, performing solo and with the sometime band Let’s Tea Party.


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