Tanglewood Guitar For Sale

Debs McCoy

Tanglewood TW55NSB for sale
Debs’s guitar: click to zoom image in new window

FreshMod Debs McCoy is selling her Tanglewood TW55NSB electro acoustic guitar – with hard Tanglewood SKB flight case. She bought it brand new 18 months ago – the guitar cost £699 and the case was £122.

The guitar’s in near-mint condition with mahogany back with sitka spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and headstock. Debs is having to sell the guitar and case together at the knockdown price of £450 for a quick sale because of current financial circumstances.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please tweet Debs @TheDebsMcCoy or email her direct via her website.

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  1. Cheers Tom

    Here’s a review of the guitar:


    Also to note, I replaced the strings with medium Elixir strings so it gives it even more of a full bodied & warm tone
    Debs x

  2. Sophie L.

    Hi Debs,

    I’m sorry you’re having to sell your guitar and just want to say I hope you’ll still have a spare one to carry on playing your beautiful songs on x

  3. Hi Sophie,
    Thats lovely, thanks Sophie! Fear not, I have 4 other guitars, and a v.small guitar and a ukelele left…..despite this being the 3rd guitar I’ll have sold in the past couple of months!

    I have a bit of an addiction with guitars. I really love my Tanglewood but to be honest I don’t tend to play it that much…..I tend to play an old Epiphone and a Sigma a lot (a copy of a Martin but a fraction of the cost….and to be honest I can hardly tell the difference in sound after replacing the strings as have played both!)

    Debs x

  4. Sophie L.

    Not exactly guitar deprived then!That’s nice to hear:)

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