Jim’s Pick ‘n’ Mix #3

This latest Pick ‘n’ Mix is another eclectic selection of tracks. Some are from artists who have submitted tracks to the Listening Post, but there are also others who may not be FOTN regulars but I’ve come across them while exploring the interweb for great new artists and their music. In all cases though, it’s the quality of the music that stands out, which this time takes us from raw indie to soulful RnB via numerous pit stops.

Photo: Geraint Rhys

Rory received a huge number of votes in a recent Listening Post to make the Fresh Faves. Not bad for a 14-year old eh! That wasn’t his debut track either, as I came across Scared last year, and its raw indie sound certainly doesn’t mask the excellent melody and lyrics. A quality songwriter who belies his youth.
Website | Soundcloud

With powerful drums, hypnotic guitar work, and effortless vocals, there’s an anthemic and catchy feel to this superb track from High Wycombe band As Elephants Are, and yet Souls is only a supporting song on their current 4-track EP Hand Prints! Further investigation recommended.
Website | Soundcloud

BANKOLE – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
This joyously soulful RnB track is described as a song about “seeing someone you like and you’re not able to get them out of your mind”. It’s also a track that you’re unlikely to get out of your mind too. It kicks off with a quite wonderful piano intro, and is soon joined by the smooth vocals of Bankole, who is the artist formally known as Seun Ayo; a singer – songwriter from London.
Website | Soundcloud

BE LIKE PABLO – Julianne
The band’s own description of themselves sums things up perfectly, and far better than I could, as they say they are “For fans of Weezer, The Cars, Fountains of Wayne, and Silver Sun, Be Like Pablo are a noisy powerpop band from quiet, rural Scotland, who make catchy pop songs with girl/boy harmonies”.

Previously more recognisable for their repertoire of dance and mellow instrumental electro tracks, New Year comes from Lost Winter’s recent Spring EP, which again showcases the elegant keyboard skills of Richard Westwood but adds the tender and heart-warming vocals of singer Charlotte Francis. A quite perfect combination.
Website | Soundcloud

GERAINT RHYS – Think Again
Playing what he describes as “political pop”, Geraint Rhys is a bi-lingual singer-songwriter from south Wales. Think Again is an energetic track that could also be described as folk rock in a similar style as Frank Turner. Thankfully the lyrics are sung in English though, or I wouldn’t understand a word of them!

This is a delightful folk pop tune from Watford based Starseedz, who are husband and wife duo Jon and Catrine. With harmonious vocals and an earwormingly catchy chorus, there’s nothing dumb about it. This song will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time.
Website | Soundcloud

AIRPORT 85 – Nightvision
Airport 85 are another band who featured recently on the Listening Post, and received enough votes to make the Fresh Faves, and in their own words they are a band whose songs are, about “nightmares, ghosts, childhood, love, space, flying, and scratchy old movies”, while they’re best listened to “when you’re cruising at 35,000 feet or drinking whisky in the bath”.
Their bio doesn’t say much about them though, except that they are from London. Nightmares and whiskey will do for now though as their energetic electro-indie-rock certainly entertains.
Website | soundcloud


Jim Craigen

I’m a St. Albans based music enthusiast and relatively tall person. I’ve a fairly eclectic taste, but exploring new music from independent and emerging artists is something I especially enjoy, which is how I came across Fresh on the Net in the first place. Additionally I'm a keen consumer of radio and vinyl, and am in charge of beards (& music) at Alternative Friday. I can also be found sharing more impressive new music on Twitter, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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