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These Fresh Faves were picked by our readers over the weekend as usual and are reviewed by Team Freshnet’s Nico Franks. You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.

COLEY GARRATT – English Gothic

British Americana, if that’s not too much of an oxymoron, is Coley Garratt‘s specialty and this track, as our friend The Vanished Dutchguy pointed out on the Listening Post, shows off the London-based singer songwriter’s expertly flowing guitar-playing. Lucky enough for those of us in London, Coley’s got a gig at The Gladstone Arms, backed by a full band, on May 4.

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ECHOIC – This Roof

There’s something of Radiohead – circa Hail To the Thief – about This Roof by Echoic. Particularly its spiraling guitar riff, which climbs and climbs until the songs conclusion, when lead singer Otto Nuoranne asks us to “come jump off this roof with me / and fly away.” We have lift off…

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LOST WINTER – Footsteps In The Sand

There’s always room for a decent slab of electro-indie-pop in the charts, which means Huddersfield -based Lost Winter could be onto a winner here, especially with Charlotte Francis’ propulsive vocals in tow. They’ve just released a six-track EP, timely titled ‘Spring’, which can be downloaded here.

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MARTIN CASE – We Go (la La La La La La)

Some of you may already be familiar with Martin Case following his recent induction into FOTN’s Prick n Ding section. For the uninitiated, Martin is a musician, writer, producer and tutor based in London, with an ear for summery beats and a catchy tune. Using samples from here, there and everywhere, Martin concocts a breezy sound all his own that’ll be buzzing around your head long after the song is over.

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OOK & THE ELEPHANT – Take Off All Your Clothes

By their own admission, “biscuits and a fear of treble” are what fuel Ook & the Elephant, a Bolton-based four-piece with an organic, stripped-down sound – who featured recently on Tom’s BBC Introducing Mixtape. This track, a cheery ode to spontaneity, is taken from their forthcoming EP, Find Yourself Gone, which is released June 29.

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OWEN DUFF – The Resurrection

All the evidence we have suggests that Owen Duff, who describes himself as a “singer-songwriter adrift in East London,” had a lonely Easter Sunday a few weeks back. “I think there’s something wrong with me / but I can’t name it,” sings Duff, in hushed tones, against a lush tapestry of different sounds.

On our Listening Post Barney from Songeist perhaps put it best: “This sounds like a guy sat behind a microphone using what he has to get his music across without any commercial considerations blocking his art. Quirky, British, bonkers and totally compelling.”

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POSH APE – The Westbury Wey

Visit any British high-street on a Friday night around chucking out time and Posh Ape‘s lyrics in The Westbury Wey are certain to resonate: “Vodka shots, out on the pull / girls united by no rules.” However, although the scene may be familiar, the soundtrack Posh Ape provide is startlingly different: trippy, psychedelic guitar licks and unexpected sax solos give the debauched scene a heavy, surreal feel, much like stumbling through town after one too many, and combining to create something completely disorientating.

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RORY WYNNE – Post Party Confusion

Spirited northern upstart Rory Wynne first caught our attention here at FOTN last August with his brilliant Heart of Stone. This new track finds fourteen year old Rory the morning after the night before, nursing a pair of black eyes and a hangover from hell.

Accompanied by a riff that sounds like a car alarm being fed through a dodgy amp, ‘Post Party Confusion’ brings back memories of early Arctic Monkeys demos. And, after taking the most votes this week, Rory looks to have struck a chord with the FOTN faithful as well. I can almost see a certain Jake B looking nervously over his shoulder…

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SLK – Call

SLK‘s star is rising at the moment and it’s not hard to see why. Beginning mellow enough, ‘Call’ soon bursts into life with the throb of a distorted keyboard note, unleashing massive vocals and powerful electro drums. Huw Stephens will be playing it on Radio 1 and Tom’s 6 Music show this Saturday, and if you liove near London you can catch SLK (pronounced “Silk”) at underground Dalston haunt Birthdays for the launch of her debut EP ‘Form’ on June 17. Then you can tell all your mates you saw her first.

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YESYOU – Even When

YesYou are an Australian DJ/producer duo who deal in bouncy, uplifting, house beats and have an extensive contact list, having previously secured the likes of Jordan Rakei and Marcus Azon to lend their voice to their tracks. Here, they’ve recruited Brisbane-based Noah Slee, a man with a voice as rich and smooth as a posh coffee.

The pair don’t have any tour dates on their website at the moment, but, knowing how much those Aussies love to travel, it shouldn’t be too long until YesYou are setting up their decks at a venue near you.

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Even When by YesYou ft Noah Slee
PS from TR: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Listening Post you’re welcome to re-submit it another week. If your music has appeared on the Listening Post but not in our Fresh Faves, feel free to send us an even stronger track another week.

But if we’ve recently featured you in our Fresh Faves – or on my BBC Introducing Mixtape – please wait three months before sending us another track, so we have space to help other deserving artists… For more info see Robinson Has A Good Old Moan.

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  1. I’m 14 but cheers

  2. My mistake – sorry Rory! I’ve made the change now.

  3. Thanks Nico, don’t suppose you’d take a run at pigeon-holing us would you? (Ook and The Elephant) How could we concisely descibe our sound?

  4. Thanks for your kind words Nico 🙂

    The band were delighted to be included in the Listening post so this is a special moment for us indeed! Thank you to the freshonthenet community and visitors who voted for us and others, this, and all weeks.
    More that that though, I am made up (and not at all surprised ) to see the truly accomplished track that is SLK’s ‘Call’ and the amazing Dr Wynne of music in the ‘Fresh Faves’ mix with us 🙂 Imo: Rory could front the Arctic’s on current attainment alone and use Mr bug under foot as an effects pedal 😉 No offence Jake! 😀

    Honesty with ‘Ape Love’ as usual!

    Dan xo B-)

  5. Thank you… I’m very proud to be on this list…

  6. Props for using my quote Nico!

    Four of the five I voted for got through this week. One day I’ll get five on five. 😉

    Congratulations to all those that were chosen.

  7. Hi Nico,

    Thanks for your kind words about our track.

    We’d also like to send out a really big ‘thank you’ to Team Freshnet for including our track and a huge ‘thank you’ to the people who voted for us.

    It was amazing to be included in the Listening Post with such an amazing line up of bands.

    Thanks again everyone.

    Rich-Lost Winter

  8. Charlotte - Lost Winter

    Hi Nico,

    I’ll second everything Rich said! Thank you for your lovely review of our track. What an honour to be included on this week’s Fresh Faves!!

    Thanks also to all who voted for us and to those who continue to support us! Congrats to all those who not only made the final 10, but to all those shortlisted for the voting.

    Independent music has never been better!! Keep at it everyone!! 🙂

  9. Very happy to be included in this list – thank you!

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