Bridie’s New Skin

New Skin by Bridie Jackson & The Arbour

Newcastle-based Bridie Jackson And The Arbour need no introduction to regulars here on Fresh On The Net having become favourites of ours over the past couple of years. This week marks the release of their new 10-track album New Skin. This is the followup to their debut full-length release Bitter Lullabies in 2012, the launch party to which was sold out at The Sage Gateshead.

Collectively the tracks on New Skin provide an intimacy similar to that of a film or the musings of ones mind. The blend of vocal harmonies and space between the strings allow the music to drift like smoke, dancing, drawing us in on a physical and emotional level. This music feels like ancient folklore, promising to bring new meaning to each listen.

Although much more rooted with folk music, there’s a feel to New Skin that is very reminiscent of Yann Tiersen. Its possibly to do with the brooding momentum of the guitar, cello and fiddle and the cinematic feel to this collection of music.

The tracks Prolong and Scarecrow have both been uploaded to Fresh On The Net in recent weeks and both unsurprisingly have caught the interest and love of our listeners. It’s the sort of music that stops you in your tracks, that provides meaning to the deepest feeling that you’d otherwise struggle to find. These are also the two standout tracks for me on the album – the latter (Scarecrow) having been written by another friend of Fresh On The Net – Debt Records founder Louis Barabbas. Bridie Jackson And The Arbour joined Debt Records in 2012 where their debut release was a double A-side of Scarecrow with All You Love Is All You Are.

Bridie Jackson And The Arbour
I’ve played this album countless times driving alone in my car – and also through a large speaker sitting by my log fire in a stone cottage on a windy Northumberland hill. Prolong hasn’t failed to make me well up each time I’ve listened; it speaks to the heart, and of loss. I strongly recommend that folks listen to this album alone – and also at different times of the day. Its an incredibly beautiful and emotional work.

New Skin was recorded at Newcastle’s Blast Studios and produced by legendary Newcastle musician and producer Mick Ross. Released yesterday, it’s available now on CD or as an immediate download from

Debs McCoy

Debs is a painter and photographer as well as a maker of music. She trained at The Kent Institute of Art & Design and Goldsmith's, University of London. She has exhibited extensively in recent years including shows in London, Canada, Japan and San Francisco. She exhibited at The Baltic Centre For Contemporary Arts, Newcastle, alongside Yoko Ono and Fluxus exhibitions in 2008. She has taught on Fine Art undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the UK. Debs used to work as an Art Psychotherapist in the NHS. She now focusses on creating and performing her music and creating visual art, predominantly still and moving image. @TheDebsMcCoy on Twitter


  1. Steve Harris

    Great review, Debs. Just listening now, I notice there’s an impressive range on that album from the delicate ones to some real stompers! I will check it out more when I have some quiet time.

  2. Cheers Steve. Yeah these guys are great – its a truly stunning album and like I say one I reckon to be listened to on your own.

  3. Fabulous 😀

    B&TA’s music is fantastic and I am liking the Boots too!

    Fan of the great Billy Preston Debs? Boots at the ready? 😉

    (Debs on keys for a Fab 5 Collaboration…Thinks!….. Hmmmmm!…..)

    Lovely Lovely Ape Lovely!

    Dan xo B-)

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