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The joy of being a Fresh On The Net moderator is when all the uploaded content from around the world comes in, you never know what you are going to hear next. We listen to hundreds of tracks a week and one of the bands that has stood out for me was Sinnober, a Danish / British trio based in both London and Bath.

The band was originally formed as a duo by husband and wife Sebastian and Natalie and went under the name Adam and Eve before Mike Griffiths joined as drummer to make Sinnober, as Seb noted “Mike’s drumming plays a big part in our sound. It was also important to us to have a drummer in the band who can sing.”

They have been spotlighted for Burberry Acoustic, the fashion label’s pick of acoustic talent that has pushed other acts like Jake Bugg and Roo Panes into the spotlight.

Their eponymous album released in January this year comprises of ten tracks of folk guitar and vocals, layered with blues keys and drums. The album starts with the upbeat track Fool (To Be Your Lover) and the LP continues throughout with beautiful harmonies from Seb and Natalie.

The stand-out track for me was Bernadette, So You Know, with lyrics so beautiful I couldn’t stop singing them all day. To me it’s an extended love letter with the illustrations of weather and romantic frustrations noted. Starting with Rhodes keys, bass and sleek lounge drums it jumps into chorus that’s hard to forget. The LP is all the more remarkable for being Sebastian Brice’s first album production and mostly recorded at his home studio.

On the writing of the album Seb explained “We had sessions all over the place: LA, London to the Isle of Mull.” Tracks one to nine are co-written by Brice, Brice and the multi-talented Davey Ray Moor. The album was mastered by Stuart Bruce who has the credit of mastering the Lana Del Rey single, Video Games.

With a set of live dates and videos under their belt they are busy recording the follow up album.

Bandcamp | YouTube | SoundCloud

Sinnober are:
Sebastian Brice (vocals and guitar)
Natalie Brice (vocals and bass)
Mike Griffiths (vocals and drums)


Notable Track:
Bernadette, So You Know

Bernadette, So You Know was previously voted into our Fresh Faves by Fresh On The Net listeners and reviewed in Fresh Faves: Batch 151.


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  1. Another wonderful review Robjn! I really liked the reference to the love letter and romantic frustrations.
    Debs x

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