The Wonderfully Strange Kadhja Bonet

Kadjha Bonet

With this being my two-month anniversary with the Fresh On The Net team, and currently being on a month’s break from hearing all weekly bangers that are sent in by amazing up and coming artist and bands, I had to jump at the chance of interviewing one of my favourite artists currently! THE WONDERFULLY STRANGE KADHJA BONET.

Kadhja Bonet is a musician/singer from Los Angeles, California. She is a multi-instrumentalist who produces all her own music.

Kadhja’s music is somewhat a reflection of her persona, very mysterious and inter-dimensional. Her music has feelings and emotions that’s slightly reminiscent of Kate Bush, but with a real 70’s funk vibe appearing every now and then.

It’s very hard to put into words, the most fitting comparison I can say is “WOW THIS IS AMAZING”

Childqueen is her second LP released on June 8th 2018 through Fat Possum Records.

Kadhja describes herself as “Uncomfortably strange / painfully normal resident imposter”. I have never been one for the conventional type of interview, and I knew that this one would be beautifully awkward. Awkwardness is my go-to emotion…

Greetings Kadhja. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me for our listeners at Fresh On The Net. Searching through the wide web I can see you’re a bit of a mystery when it comes to interviews so I am truly grateful.

JF: I was slightly shocked when I came across one of your Instagram monikers “extraterrestrial hater” as I consider myself a human child of the Pleiades and your music resonates deep within me, as if you are channeling multiple inter-dimensional forces. How would you describe the energy and aura of your sounds, and are you a believer? 

KB: I believe it’s the journalists job to describe the sound.

JF: In Second Wind, the 9th track on your masterpiece Childqueen, you said a line that sent shockwaves down me: “Everybody’s got a second wind” it sounds like a rediscovery of self and dealing with doubt. Where was you when you wrote Second Wind, and what was the atmosphere like in the studio when it was being recorded?

KB: By myself in a sublet. It was recorded in one day in an apartment. It was noisy outside.

JF: Your mixdowns sound very warm and soothing, as if they’re being dubbed on to reel-to-reel. What software do you use to produce?

KB: Pro Tools.

JF: If you was to manufacture your own range of acoustic guitars, what would you call them and why?

KB: They’d be electric.

JF: The 5th track Thoughts Around Tea off the Childqueen album is only 2:13 but one of my favourites. I love the subtle 808 drum kit you used, can you tell us the production techniques behind this gem?

KB: No technique.

JF: It seems as if there is no light whatsoever being shed on female music producers in the industry, what advice would you give to all the producer Goddesses out there who maybe reading this interview?

KB: I don’t believe in advice.

JF: What does Kadhja Bonet do when she is not writing songs or in the studio?

KB: Lazy AF

JF: If you stumbled across a machine that allows you to bend time-and-space, but you can only choose between travelling to the past or to the future, which one would you choose? And what year would you travel too and why?

KB: Well if it’s spacetime I’d have them send me home where I belong. Where my emotions make sense to my community and humour is always high.

JF: As you can probably tell by now I am no journalist but I have a desire to share artist that I think are amazing, and the world should hear. Even though more than likely you probably get asked this question a thousand time a week: who are your musical influences? And just to change that stale question up a bit, if you could use that same “Time-and-space bending” machine, whose studio session would you teleport too and observe?

KB: Prince duh.

JF: My brother is your biggest supporter and the person who put me on to your music, I asked him what question would you like me to ask Kadhja for you? He replies “ASK HER WHAT PLANET IS SHE FROM, WHAT IS IT LIKE, AND HAS SHE ADJUSTED TO BEING A HUMAN”. What planet are your from? What is it like? And have you adjusted to being a human?

KB: I was born drifting between planets, on a ship known as Aurulost-31. We are a people who have been drifting so long our origins are akin to myths. We are forever searchers, and although our connection is deep, we are spread wide in search of a new home that can accept and celebrate our emotional depth. Coming of age is a bittersweet time. It means we must leave the community and fulfil our duty to find a forever home.

Kadjha Bonet

Thanks again Kadhja for taking time out of your day to speak with me and our listeners here @ Fresh On The Net, and we wish you even more success on your journey.



JFlames aka “J-Flames” & “Jay Flames” is a multi genre music producer/DJ/Artist from South East London. Read more about JFlames here.


  1. What a great coup Josh. Well done and great questions (including Reuben’s of course). Maybe we should be trying to get you to join the Angry Baby team with your ability to land cool interviews! 🙂 Really good piece of work and thoroughly enjoyable to read.

  2. Sue

    Thanks for sharing your interview and favourite artist Josh, I always love to hear stories from the artists – and you have introduced me to some great new music.

  3. I love the questions rather more than the answers, it resembles playing football with a best midfield playing a deep pass, sending a quality cross is making the scoring forwards to look like gods. Such an attractive move. Hey! 🙂

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