JFlames aka “J-Flames” & “Jay Flames” is a multi genre music producer / DJ / Artist from South East London.

Raised in a musical household with a dad who was a drummer in a reggae band and a mother who was a singer in her own right, JFlames was exposed to digital music from a early age. The first software he used to create Music was Creator on the Atari computer at the age of 7.

Growing up, JFlames was exposed to many different forms of music by cable channels such as The Box and MTV, which lead to him having a love and passion for early 90s rock bands such as Nirvana and Korn. With this being the case, and being raised in a household where reggae music was the main genre, a fusion of genres started to become more relevant in his productions by the time he entered secondary school.

A frequent collaborator with his brother/artist Ruinz Ason, together they have release over 5 EPs and albums, as well as touring Europe throughout 2016 and 2017.

JFlames started his music career as a pirate radio station DJ in 2004, primarily playing Grime music and UK underground street rap music.

As of 2018 JFlames has worked with and produced for multiple UK artists, as well handling production on a joint project with Ruinz Ason which is set to be released by Sony ATV 2018 summer. He has had radio support and play by: BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music, Capital XTRA, Represent FM, Radar Radio, plus many others.

JFlames is very passionate about listening and giving new music a chance, he is always searching the web to find the latest sounds and the best up-and-coming artists.


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