The K-POP Takeover with Sumin


Scrolling through Spotify sometimes, and I mean SOMETIMES! you come across a few gems and Korean K-pop singer/producer Sumin is one of those shiny cool gems.

With her debut album Your Home released in August and thousands of streams across YouTube and Spotify, Sumin is well on her way to becoming the next breakout superstar from the K-pop scene and she was gracious enough to grant me an interview.

JF: First and foremost I want to start off by saying your track Sparkling is nothing short of amazing, and the visuals are just as good. Your style of music is reminiscent of 90s R&B and soul. Growing up in South Korea who were some of the artist you were inspired by?

SM: I was inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince, Quincy Jones, Earth, Wind & Fire, Toto, and Pomrad.

JF: How old was you when you decided that music would be your career path, and what happened in that moment that made you stick to that decision?

SM: Since I was little, my mom has been the head teacher of piano academy.  So I have been exposed to music since I was young, I knew I would do music in some way.

JF: Your style of music is very different to the K-pop we are use to hearing in this part of the world, how would you describe your music?

SM: I always think I’m in a K-pop scene, and I try to love and embrace music all over the world. I also like music with an atmosphere of the times. And if any energy feels powerful, I quickly fall in love with it. After all, I am an artist with lots of love.

JF: While I was snooping through your Instagram (as I do) it came to my attention that you are also a producer. There seems to be a real shortage of female producers in the industry; how important is it for you as an artist to produce your own music?

SM: As you said, there are far more male producers than female producers. I hope there will be more female producers in the future. I think it will be very interesting. Creating my music is a great blessing and joy. I think it’s like my own child. Joy is very important emotion that makes life feel rewarding.

JF: What software do you use and what is one of your favourite synthesisers?

SM: I am using Logic and my favourite synthesiser is Motif XF.

JF: Scrolling through your Spotify page I noticed that your song feature game in the last year has been very consistent. Who are some of your favourite artist in Korea at the moment?

SM: My favorite Korean artists are Jinbo, Sultan of the Disco, Viann, Balming Tiger, Hoody, PEJAY, and Xin Seha.

JF: What are your thoughts on the current state of K-pop?

SM: I find this phenomenon very interesting now. Because I’m being helped with that and It brings me a mind that can challenge me more. I think it’s great. Furthermore, I think there are so many great artists in Korea that I hope they will be active all over the world. Viann, Xin Seha, and PEJAY are great artists who can do it.

JF: Your debut album Your Home was released 10/08/2018, congratulations!!! Talk us through the process?

SM: Your Home = Your Home = and Love. Under the theme of Love I tried to capture various aspects of this topic.

JF: What is your favourite track from the project and why?

SM: I find the third track I Hate You interesting. Because this song has very addictive lyrics and melody, and instead of expressing sad feelings for a parting lover, I think the sadness was expressed most interestingly in the world.

JF: What does Sumin do when she’s not in the studio or performing?

SM: I like to go to LP Bar near my house and listen to music, and I also like to look up videos of drummers on YouTube. And I also look for live videos of Michael Jackson that I love!!!

JF: If you came across a magic stone that granted you three wishes, what would they be, and why?

SM: The first is, I still love myself, but I want to have a heart to love more. Because I want to share my love when my beloved family and friends are often sad by something. Secondly, I hope everyone, including me, has the ability to understand each other’s feelings. Because these days I think the current world is becoming increasingly tense, cold and personal. Third, I hope that the artists I respect will be active for a long time. Every time I experience their work, I am greatly influenced, and the impact is an important part of me that has been there.

JF: If you had the ability to go on tour with three other bands or artist (dead or alive) who would you choose?

SM: It would be with Michael Jackson, Prince, and Quincy Jones.

JF: Is there any final words you would like to say to all your fans here in the uk with and our listeners at Fresh On The Net?

SM: Hey, You guys!!!! Thank you for checking my interview! I am trying to do music that encompasses all genres. To do that, I will have to experience more music all over the world, and among them, I am very interested in the music market of UK. So I really hope there will be a day when I can do fun performances, work and so on in England. If you have singers, producers, or companies who like or are interested in my music, contact me anytime!

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  1. First off, wow Josh, what a great coup to get an interview like this. And secondly, great interview and exciting to see a young Korean artist who is looking to some of the giants of Pop history – Jacko, Prince & Quincy etc. – for inspiration. You’ve really brought some fascinating artists to our attention over the past few weeks. 🙂

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